What Is The Austin After Dark Film Festival?

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline Saturday September 14, 9:30 P.M in Austin, Texas. This event will focus on films that are created for a mature audience. Enjoy a great slate of films in large cushioned seating, a massive theater screen, with access to 50 beers on tap and full restaurant while you watch films. Austin is a great independent film town and this event will be a lot of fun as well as a great opportunity to network with filmmakers and screenwriters.

The Austin After Dark Film Festival On FilmFreeway

Wanted! The Best Films And Screenplays For Mature Audiences

Do you have a film that you are submitting to festivals, that contains content that may be more appropriate for a mature audience? Have you written a screenplay with a darker sense of humor, dramatic sequences, scary situations, evil villains, creepy concepts or dark futuristic science fiction? Our judges can't wait to watch your films and read your stories. Please read our Film Festival Judging Guides if you'd like to understand our how we rate and select films. You can submit to the Austin After Dark Film Festival on our portals at FilmFreeway, Festhome and Withoutabox.

Austin After Dark Film Festival On WithoutaboxAustin After Dark Film Festival Submission Categories

  1. Action Film
  2. Animated Film
  3. Comedy Film
  4. Dark Comedy Film
  5. Documentary Film
  6. Drama Film
  7. Experimental Film
  8. Horror Film
  9. Horror Comedy Film
  10. Music Video
  11. Science Fiction Film
  12. Short Film
  13. TV or Web Series Episode
  14. Comedy Screenplay
  15. Dark Comedy Screenplay
  16. Drama Screenplay
  17. Horror Screenplay
  18. Science Fiction Screenplay