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Self Distribution Options For Film And Video

What is SVOD? (Subscription Video On Demand) The main things to keep in mind when monetizing your video content via SVOD are: Tailor your...

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2009

Our 1st Comedy Film Festival Event In Houston, Texas The 1st edition of the Houston Comedy Film Festival took place on February 10, 2009 at Alamo...

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2010

Our 2nd Comedy Film Festival Event In Houston, Texas  

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2011

Our 3rd Comedy Film Festival Event In Houston, Texas  
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Are you new to the Film Festival submission process?

Film Festival Circuit events have reviewed over 5,000+ submissions since 2008. Our judges see issues repeated daily that weaken the presentation of films, videos and screenplays during the evaluation process. The Film Festival Submitter’s Handbook was written to help filmmakers and screenwriters build a successful strategy and avoid common costly mistakes when submitting to Film Festivals.

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