Ghosts Of Our Forest, African Tribe Documentary

An African Tribe Documentary By Daniel Roher

Ghosts Of Our Forest, is an African Tribe Documentary directed by Daniel Roher. Ghosts Of Our Forest, is a 2017 Official Selection of the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. This African Tribe Documentary was also nominated for the Best Cinematography Award. First of all, this film introduces the viewer to the musical and culturally rich, Batwa tribe. Furthermore, the personalities of the people in film touched and inspired our judges.

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Review: Ghosts Of Our Forest

I was touched by the story about an African tribe that lost their home overnight. Furthermore, I feel the way they are trying to survive in today's world is heartbreaking. When I watch this African Tribe Documentary Film, I really feel for the children in this story. It makes me wonder how their lives will be in the future. The film features vivid images, great music and a story by Daniel Roher. The film unfolds in an hour, but it feels like fifteen minutes to me.



Synopsis: Ghosts Of Our Forest

First of all, in 1992, pressure from international conservation groups to protect the great forests of Uganda mounted. As a result, the indigenous Batwa tribe was forcefully removed from their ancestral home by the Ugandan government. Probably, one of the most ecologically diverse places on earth. Most noteworthy, the Bwindi impenetrable forest nurtured the Batwa. Therefore, in turn, the tribe worshiped all that it gave them. Finally, upon eviction, the Batwa received nothing in the way of compensation. Even more, without support this African Tribe Documentary Film illustrates why they are struggling.



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