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The Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019 is coming soon!

The Austin After Dark Film Festival event will take place September 14-15, 2019 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline in Austin, Texas. 6+ hours of independent Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama and Dark Comedy films for a mature audience will screen in two separate sessions. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite. Every dollar in  ticket sales, helps to support the venue rental fees for this event. Your ticket purchase also gives local and international filmmakers an opportunity to screen their independent films for the Austin audience. Most of these films, have never screened in the state of Texas. Please join us for this dark genre film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #AustinAfterDark in your social media posts related to this event.


Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019 Event Schedule
Awards & Filmmaker's Mixer: Saturday Sept 14, 2019 @ 8:00p-9:15p
Session 1: Saturday Sept 14, 2019 @ 9:30p-12:30a
Session 2: Sunday September 15, 2019: 6:30p-930p


Austin After Dark Film Festival Official Film Selections

Session 1: Saturday Sept 14, 2019 @ 9:30p-12:30a 

Top 25% of rated submissions. Most films range between 3-7 minutes in length.

  1. 106°F, Directed by Alexey Samsonov (California)
  2. 6:15, Directed by Trey Huguley (Texas)
  3. Alienated, Directed by Sandy Parker (Louisiana)
  4. Bequeathed, Directed by Michael McCallum (Michigan)
  5. Boo, Directed by Rakefet Abergel (California)
  6. Burning Bright, Directed by Aaron Bierman (California)
  7. Daydream, Directed by Richard Ramirez (Texas)
  8. Don't Die, Directed by Cody Lovorn (Texas)
  9. Famished, Directed by Hilarion Banks (New York)
  10. Living the Dream, Directed by Chris Beier (Florida)
  11. Mr. Figmentus, Directed by Rob Mabry (Texas)
  12. Northern Star, Directed by Jason Cortez (Virginia)
  13. Patient Zero, Directed by Issa Currie (Texas)
  14. Peel, Directed by Cameron J. Kidd (Canada)
  15. Resolve, Directed by Austin Dragovich (California)
  16. Robert Junior, Directed by Thomas Raker (Texas)
  17. Scare, Directed by Bejan Faramarzi (Texas)
  18. Shhhh, Directed by Mordechay Jonathan (Israel)
  19. Sworn, Directed by Wesley Quinn (California)
  20. Tampon, Directed by Erica Orofino (Canada)
  21. The Bubbleman, Directed by Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda (Texas)
  22. The Crisis or Handshake It Off, Directed by Julian Tepfers (Czech Republic)
  23. The Job, Directed by Susan W. Caminez (New York)
  24. The Last Supper, Directed by Zach Machen (Texas)
  25. This Is Me, Directed by Lydia Isnanto (Texas)
  26. Unfinished Business, Directed by Nikolai Basarich (New York)
  27. Vacation, Directed by Chris Beier (Texas)

Session 2: Sunday September 15, 2019: 6:30p-930p

  1. Âmbar (Amber), Directed by Felipe Blankenheim (Brazil)
  2. Bad Dreams, Directed by Stuart Fryer (United Kingdom)
  3. Bitch & Slut, Directed by Max Barber (United Kingdom)
  4. Break In Break Out, Directed by Michael Driscoll (Canada)
  5. Daddy, Directed by Kacper Anuszewski (Poland)
  6. Dead Weight, Directed by Cody Thompson (Canada)
  7. Ricochet, Directed by Tim Earnheart (Washington)
  8. She, Formidable, Directed by Corrine McAndrews (United Kingdom)
  9. Spaces, Directed by Enrico Ferri (Canada)
  10. The Third Hand, Directed by Yoni Weisberg (United Kingdom)
  11. Writer's Block, Directed by Kieren Springthorpe (California)
  12. The In-Between, Directed by Diana Abousaleh (Texas)
  13. The Vampire Of Soho, Directed by Andy Edwards (United Kingdom)
  14. Youth, Go to Waste!, Directed by Samuel Valenti (Pennsylvania)



Austin After Dark Film Festival Official Screenplay Selections

Top 25% of rated screenplay submissions.

  1. 06/09, Written by Alex Ayres (Georgia)
  2. Angel City, Written by Al Mertens (Oklahoma)
  3. Animus, Written by Dante Beuten (United States)
  4. Apollyon's Gold, Written by Robert J. Rogers (South Carolina)
  5. At The Mercy Of Fate, Written by Samuel Taylor (California)
  6. Beginnings and Bobby, Written by Sean Coe (Maryland)
  7. Burn My Pages, Bury My Crown, Written by Anita Morina (United Kingdom)
  8. Cat Goddess, Written by Mark Rosen (Washington)
  9. Cleansing Acts, Written by Carlos Perez (Missouri)
  10. Crossbow Creek, Written by Andrew Pinon (California)
  11. Darwin Rising, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  12. Don't Run, Written by Kirsten Stoddart (United Kingdom)
  13. Evil Human Beings, Written by Chris Abaya (Virginia)
  14. Evil Spirit, Written by Glenn Lissner (North Carolina)
  15. Fibby, Written by Garin Pirnia (Kentucky)
  16. Flame, Written by Derek McDaniel (Texas)
  17. Funeral of a Lifetime, Written by Sarah A. Newton (California)
  18. GO(O)D EVENING, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  19. Gwyneth, Written by Angela Sanner (Pennsylvannia)
  20. Haven, Written by Jimmie Rogers, Autumn Rogers (Georgia)
  21. His Name is Jeremiah, Written by D. J. McPherson (Australia)
  22. HORSEPLAY, Written by Robert Cole (California)
  23. Innocent One, Written by Christopher Buonopane (Canada)
  24. It Don't Rain on Sunny Days (Screenplay), Written by Randy Sparks , Lee Fleming
  25. Limpet, Written by Mark A. C. Brown (United Kingdom)
  26. Loon Lake, Written by Abraham Archambault (Washington)
  27. Marry Me, Later Maybe, Written by Jim Norman (North Carolina)
  28. Meat Scarecrow, Written by Joseph Breitman (New York)
  29. Nineteen, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  30. Not Welcome, Written by Stephen Dunford (New York)
  31. Porcelain, Written by Caleb Buntyn (Texas)
  32. Pull-Out Couch, Written by Marcus E Ako, Charlotte Browne (United Kingdom)
  33. Queens, Written by Eileen Wilson (United Kingdom)
  34. Rogue's Coward, Written by Robert J. Rogers (South Carolina)
  35. Rou Garou, Written by Jimmie Smith (Mississippi)
  36. ScareActor, Written by Kim Donovan (California)
  37. Seymour Crystal- The Worst Serial Killer on Earth, Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg
  38. Shadows End, Written by Jean Maye (United Kingdom)
  39. Shift Work, Written by Austin Batley (Texas)
  40. Something New, Written by Michael Abel (California)
  41. Stand Tall!, Written by Vincent J. Paterno (California)
  42. Sugar Cube, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  43. Sunshine State: Duende, Written by Kai Thorup (Georgia)
  44. Take The Shot, Written by Jim Norman (North Carolina)
  45. The Caregivers, Written by Mikeal Burgin (Iowa)
  46. The Devil Himself, Written by Edward Santiago (Texas)
  47. The Finicky Cat, Written by Garin Pirnia (Kentucky)
  48. The First Law, Written by Jack Christian, D. J. McPherson (Australia)
  49. The Garden, Written by Guillermo Ortiz, Katie Sullivan (Puerto Rico/Michigan)
  50. The Last Prison, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  51. The Meat Eaters, Written by Danny Howell (Virginia)
  52. The Mirror, Written by Juan Alvarez Castello (Venezuela)
  53. The Right Pathway, Written by Matthew Sheather (Australia)
  54. The Terror at Mason Manor, Written by Arturo Portillo (New Mexico)
  55. The Third Wish, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  56. Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  57. Time to Get iLL, Written by Tom McCaffrey (New York)
  58. True Destiny, Written by Joseph Leone (Arizona)
  59. Under Cover of Trust, Written by Robert Gokay (California)
  60. Vessels, Written by Levi Caleb Smith (California)
  61. Visions, Written by Danny Howell (Virginia)
  62. Wet Rot, Written by Stuart Creque (California)
  63. What Dwells In The Dark We Put There, Written by Neil McLarty (United Kingdom)
  64. When Darkness Falls, Written by Arturo Portillo (New Mexico)
  65. Zombie Fish!, Written by James Treloar (Australia)

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