Austin After Dark Film Festival Spring 2022

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the films, videos and screenplays on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Austin After Dark Film Festival Spring 2022 competition. This live screening event will take place on Sunday May 22 at the Austin Film Society Cinema.

Please note that the Spring 2022 Event (May 22) and the Summer 2022 (July 17) events are not the same. They have different official selections, award nominations and event dates.


Spring 2022 Austin After Dark Film Festival Event


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Spring 2022 Award Finalists


Best Acting Performance Award Finalists

  • Breanne Solis in "Specter of Weeping Hill" Directed by Matthew Barber, Nathaniel Barber (Texas)
  • Daniela Lewkowicz in "Sweet Temptations" Directed by William Thomason (Texas)
  • Jaquai Wade in "L.I.F.E.: P's & Q's" Directed by Dathan Smith (Oklahoma)
  • Moe Dunford in "Bugaloo" Directed by Peter McCarthy, Ben Conway (Ireland)
  • Sacco Sarkis in "The Devil Show" Directed by Jón Þórðarson (Massachusetts)


Best Animated Film Award Winner

  • Suicide Assistance Hotline, Directed by Jacob Quanbeck (Oregon)


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Discontent, Directed by Tiffany Kim Stevens (California)
  • We Start A Porno, Directed by Bryan Sabillon (Texas)
  • Whip Lord, Directed by David Kepner (California)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Animal Appetites, Directed by Quentin Ferrant (Canada)
  • Albert Rose's funeral, Directed by Florian Sanchez (France)
  • Billy, Directed by Jack Saxon (Texas)
  • Brew Story, Directed by Jake Barcus (Ohio)
  • Squish, Directed by Xavier Seron (Belgium)


Best Dark Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • The Magistrates in the Bloody Brothel, Written by Jake Oelman (California)
  • Preacher Boy, Written by Ender Waters, Jacob Michael Nyenhuis (Taiwan)
  • All Freakin' Weekend, Written by John-Mark Davidson (Texas)
  • The Real, Actual End of the World, Written by Michael Andrew Blomquist (California)


Best Dark Drama Film Award Finalists

  • Criminal Psychology, Directed by Ethan Greeno (Texas)
  • Sit With Me, Directed by Ethan Greeno (Texas)
  • The Call, Directed by Ryan Jafri (New York)
  • Green and Growing Things, Directed by Hope Wager (Texas)


Best Dark Science Fiction Film Award Finalists

  • The Path of the Greys, Directed by Joshua van ’t Hoff (Netherlands)
  • Devexity, Directed by Luke Lidell (Texas)


Best Dark Science Fiction Screenplay Award Winner

  • I Wouldn't Touch That, Written by Meik V. Fischer (Germany)


Best Documentary Film Award Winner

  • Three Ways to Dine Well, Directed by Alison Peirse (United Kingdom)


Best Drama Screenplay Award Finalists

  • The Outpost, Written by Tonia Kempler (New York)
  • The Scenic Route, Written by Glenn Pulliam, Shay Pulliam (Colorado)
  • Pascal's Triangle, Written by Jim Norman (Florida)
  • Roadkill, Written by David Anthony Estringel (Texas)


Best Horror Comedy Film Award Winner

  • Vamp Nite, Directed by Roberto J Lopez (New York)


Best Horror Comedy Screenplay Award Winner

  • The Garden Ate, Written by Brian K Millard (California)


Best Horror Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Daughters of the Moon (First Phase), Written by Patrick Mediate, Aaron McLane (Connecticut)
  • Cove, Written by Thomas O'Malley (Massachusetts)
  • The Horror in the Hills, Written by Eric L Thompson, Andrew Garrett (California)


Best Horror Film Award Finalists

  • The Nick, Directed by Robert Smellin (Australia)
  • Speed Trap, Directed by Chris Freeman (Colorado)
  • Ghost Trippers, Directed by J. William Boothman II (Texas)
  • The Sound, Directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer (Texas)
  • Some Thing, Directed by Dan Riesser (California)


Best Horror Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • The Creep, Written by Sarah Pugsley (Canada)
  • Session, Written by Meik V. Fischer (Germany)
  • Remember, Written by Darrell Bishop (Oklahoma)
  • Guise, Written by Paul Grammatico (California)


Best Music Video Award Winner

  • DDD, Directed by Eric Unusual (Texas)


Best Teleplay Award Finalists

  • The Outclassed, Written by Riccardo Contaldi (California)
  • Night and Day, Written by Gabriel Theis (Texas)
  • 11 Blocks To Go, Written by Jack Utrata, Ashley Alexander (New York)




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