Austin After Dark Film Festival Summer 2022

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the films, videos and screenplays on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Austin After Dark Film Festival Summer 2022 competition. This live screening event will take place on Sunday July 17 at the Austin Film Society Cinema. Award Nominations will be announced on Friday March 25, 2022.

Please note that the Spring 2022 Event (May 22) and the Summer 2022 (July 17) events are not the same. They have different official selections, award nominations and event dates.


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Summer 2022 Award Finalists


Best Acting Performance Award Finalists

  • DeMorge Brown in "What a Harvest" Directed by Austin Rivera Davison, Matt Shapiro (California)
  • Erin Ann ine MacDonald in "Care" Directed by Evan Enslow, Erin Anne MacDonald, Paul D. Mooney (Georgia / New York)
  • Mor Cohen in "This Is Our Home" Directed by A.K. Espada (New York)
  • Rey Deveroux in "Livin' After Midnight" Directed by Tom von Dohlen (Georgia)
  • Tamara Hill-Beary in "In Darkness" Directed by Chris Smellin (Australia)


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • YAHTZEE!, Directed by David Bonderoff (New York)
  • Fig Jam, Directed by Frank J. Avella (New Jersey)
  • Just A Ghoul, Directed by Jameson DeSantis (California)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • The Smart Sitter, Directed by Michael Buchbinder (California)
  • Boomslang 2: The Dinner, Directed by Justin Schwan (California)
  • A Nice Jew, Directed by Sam Syrett (California)
  • suspect, Directed by David Masters (California)
  • Cray, Directed by Sonia Sawkar (California)


Best Dark Comedy Screenplay Award Winner

  • The Steward, Written by Mark Gunnion (Oregon)


Best Dark Drama Film Award Finalists

  • Dopamine Dreams, Directed by Mister Alex Diamond (Illinois)
  • Drag Queens Must Die!, Directed by Robby Kendall (California)
  • State Trooper, Directed by Leopoldo Torres (Illinois)
  • Reverse the Punishment, Directed by Christopher J. Moriarity (California)
  • The One You Want, Directed by Bryan T Bostic (California)


Best Dark Drama Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Supremacy, Written by Rosalyn Rosen (Texas)
  • Ella, Written by Michael Dean (California)
  • Cheap Action, Written by Mark Gunnion (Oregon)
  • A Soul with a Black Shirt, Written by Dan Bouchez (Canada)
  • Saigon Doll, Written by Tony Ferrendelli (Colorado)


Best Dark Science Fiction Film Award Finalists

  • Shapes, Directed by John Ahle Kellar, Tyler Posey (California)
  • They Came From Without, Directed by Aaron Lindquist (California)
  • A Lone Star Love, Directed by Ben Myers (New York)


Best Dark Science Fiction Screenplay Award Finalists

  • GMO, Written by Emil Faithe (New Mexico)
  • Nightbreak, Written by Mark Gunnion (Oregon)
  • Outer, Written by Joe Boi (Florida)
  • Phantom, Written by Korea Black, Gianna Rose (Nevada)


Best Editing Award Finalists

  • #NOFILTER, Directed by Nathan Crooker (California)
  • Blood of Your Generation, Directed by Mallika Pal (Nevada)
  • Checkpoint, Directed by Jason Sheedy (Georgia)
  • No Way Out, Directed by Caleb Bergner (New Jersey)
  • Sell Out, Directed by Zach M Machen (Texas)


Best Experimental Film Award Finalists

  • A Machine For Boredom, Directed by Marc Cartwright (California)
  • By Mothlight, Directed by Jamie Garcia (Texas)
  • Price, Directed by Jim Hall (Indiana)
  • You F*ck!ng Id!ot, Directed by Tony Lugo (California)


Best Horror Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Dark Ages, Directed by Natasha Pascetta (Texas)
  • Plant Story, Directed by Kelly Polk (New York)
  • Square, Directed by Brian Norris (California)
  • The Living, Directed by Cleo Handler (New York)
  • The Witches of Bushwick, Directed by Joe Pardavila, Catherine Delaloye (New Jersey)


Best Horror Comedy Screenplay Award Winner

  • Ghosted, Written by Charles Price (Texas)


Best Horror Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • The Projectionist, Written by Michael Dean (California)
  • What's Behind Us, Written by Conor McAdam, Jordan Frechtman (New York)
  • The Death Bat, Written by Lee Charles Arter (California)
  • Absolution, Written by Carmen Catherine Mosley (United States)
  • Without a Name, Written by Emmett Loverde, Larry Maraviglia (California)


Best Horror Film Award Finalists

  • L.U.N.A., Directed by Blake Vaz (California)
  • Mirror Man, Directed by Ginew Benton (New York)
  • Totem Goat, Directed by Jennipher Foster (California)
  • Twin, Directed by Mark J. Parker (Maine)
  • White Eyes, Directed by Jeffrey Brown (New York)


Best Horror Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Prayer, Written by W. W. WEBB (Colorado)
  • Calista Way, Written by Jose Holder (Canada)
  • Dad's Home, Written by Harry McDonough (California)
  • No Mommies Allowed, Written by Olivia Silvia Loccisano (Canada)


Best Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Riparian, Directed by Jayesh M. Mehta (Kenya)
  • Showcase, Directed by Karen Madar (New York)
  • Tell Me A Story, Directed by Brandon Torres (Texas)


Best Music Video Award Winner

  • Darkness Never Lies, Directed by Eric Oberto, Chance Gibbs (Texas)


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