Austin Comedy Film Festival Spring 2022

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the films, videos and screenplays on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Austin Comedy Film Festival Spring 2022 competition. This live screen event screened on Sunday May 22 at the Austin Film Society Cinema. 

Please note that the Spring 2022 Event (May 22) and the Summer 2022 (July 17) events are not the same. They have different official selections, award nominations and event dates.


Spring 2022 Award Winners are listed here. LINK


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Spring 2022 Award Finalists


Best Acting Performance Award Finalists

  • Alex Haynes in "Fig Jam" Directed by Frank J. Avella (New Jersey)
  • Brittney Bertier in "Doublemint Bitch" Directed by Trip Langley (California)
  • Justine Warrington in "Rumbo: First Pee" Directed by Lauro Chartrand-DelValle (Canada)
  • Karan Batta in "The Legend of Chubby Kuku" Directed by Jerry Sommer (California)
  • Nigel Palmer in "Lucky Undies" Directed by Sam Silverstein (California)


Best Animated Film Award Finalists

  • Backstop Doogan, Directed by Patrick Mallek (Colorado)
  • Balthazar & Snirt, Directed by Jim Patrick McCullough, Anthony Ladesich (Missouri)
  • Buildings, Directed by Sean Newman, Jesse VandenBergh (New Jersey)
  • Snowbirds, Directed by Sara Becker (California)
  • Swiss Ball, Directed by Andrew Racho (United States)


Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Elektra, Written by Roxy Mitchell (California)
  • Friday Night, Written by Dan Elijah Rudin (California)
  • Ghost Town, NM, Written by Lynn H. Elliott (California)
  • Matthew The Angry Elf, Written by David Gray (Indiana)
  • My Dad, Arlo & Me, Written by Mike L. Hall (Texas)
  • Once Upon a Time in a Spaghetti Western, Written by Steve Hanisch (New Jersey)


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Chicks, Directed by Olga Gagarina (Russia)
  • Coleslaw, Directed by Paris Brown (Texas)
  • Love, Carol, Directed by Alec James (Georgia)
  • We All Die Alone, Directed by Jonathan Hammond (Select)
  • Lucky Undies, Directed by Sam Silverstein (California)


Best Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • breatHHelmet Presents: RenaisSénse from JOHN CHEST for men, Directed by Matt Dean (California)
  • Farewell Mr. Baker, Directed by Kathryn Schott (California)
  • Signals Intelligence, Directed by Nigel Gould-Davies (United Kingdom)
    Snooze, Directed by Adam Collins (Ireland)
  • Whip Lord, Directed by David Kepner (California)


Best Comedy Series Episode Award Finalists

  • A Skosh Askew, Directed by Coley Campany (Georgia)
  • Adventure Brothers and The Mountain of Fire: Ep2, Directed by Paul
  • Longley, James Longley (United Kingdom)
  • Dungo’s Palace, Directed by Nathan Colby (California)
  • Gay, Asian, Immigrant , Directed by Ushmey Chakraborty (California)


Best Comedy Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Abernathy, Written by Matthew M. Donaldson (Florida)
  • Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit., Written by Fiona Faith Ross (United Kingdom)
  • Trap of Romance, Written by Hunter Cline (California)


Best Dark Comedy Screenplay-

  • Apocalypses..., Written by Jude Gerard Prest (California)
  • Memestopia, Written by Alberto Dalla (United Kingdom)
  • Oscar's Group Home, Written by isaac Ballesteros Barba (Mexico)
  • Speedy, a Redemption Story, Written by Ian McCrae Roberts (Oregon)
  • The Murder (or Possible Political Assassination) of Santa Claus, Written by Kory Orban (Canada)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Clown, Directed by Joe Bor (United Kingdom)
  • Golden Handcuffs, Directed by Nicholas Viscounty (California)
  • One Night Stand, Directed by Mark Serao (New Jersey)


Best Horror Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Couples Therapy, Directed by Brad Dworkin (Canada)
  • Final Girl Defense, Directed by Paris Brown (Texas)
  • What a Harvest, Directed by Austin Rivera Davison, Matt Shapiro (California)


Best Mockumentary Film Award Finalists

  • Demonstration Sport, Directed by Monica Mustelier (Canada)
  • Georgeanne.MOV, Directed by David Kepner (California)
  • What's in a Name, Directed by Nathalie Maher (United Kingdom)


Best Romantic Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Double Date, Directed by Seth Woodhouse (California)
  • Miscommunication, Directed by Brandy Jahan Lamkin (California)
  • Summer of '82, Directed by Rob Mabry (Texas)
  • The Thing, Directed by Olivier Sadock (France)


Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Big Mama, Written by Clara Martinez-Lazaro Alameda (Spain)
  • Nesselrode, Written by Jim Norman (United States)
  • New Year's Lobster Drop, Written by David Gray (Indiana)
  • Past Due, Written by Janna Jones (Arizona)


Best Teleplay Award Finalists

  • Best Life Ever, Written by Tina Gandhi, Sarah Weale (New York)
  • I'm So Done | One Tough Cookie | Pilot, Written by Chuck Alley, Rachael
    Berman (California)
  • It's A Fine Day, Written by Kent Flaagan (Missouri)
  • Something in the Way of Day, Written by JP Morselli (Italy)
  • The Pushpocket, Written by Marina Baldwin, Karista Baldwin (Texas)
  • What We Do in the Shadows: The Virgin Killer, Written by Chloé Cunha (New York)


Funniest Music Video Award Finalists

  • Can You Believe My Luck, Directed by Stephen Burns (California)
  • Me And A Clone, Directed by Kristen Elyse Baum Wilcox (California)
  • She’s An Instagram Model, Directed by Keith Orlando Harris (Kazakhstan)


Spring 2022 Official Selections

  • Booger Girl, Written by Jamie Stanley (Tennessee)
  • Master Speesa!, Written by Rosie Malek-Yonan, Monica Malek-Yonan (California)
  • The JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen, Written by R Lee Kitchen (Florida)
  • The Murder (or Possible Political Assassination) of Santa Claus, Written by Kory Orban (Canada)


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