Austin Comedy Film Festival Summer 2022

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the films, videos and screenplays on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Austin Comedy Film Festival Summer 2022 competition. This live screening event will take place on Sunday July 17 at the Austin Film Society Cinema.

Please note that the Spring 2022 Event (May 22) and the Summer 2022 (July 17) events are not the same. They have different official selections, award nominations and event dates.


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Austin Comedy Film Festival Summer 2022 Awards


Summer 2022 Award Finalists


Best Acting Performance Award Finalist

  • Jonathon Pawlowski "Terminal" Directed by Madison Hatfield (Georgia)
  • Russell Scott in "Hibachi Man" Directed by Brandon Kotfila (Louisiana)
  • Sahaja Douglass "Where's The Bitch?" Directed by Sarah Hendry (California)
  • Tashia Gates in "HiNDSiGHT" Directed by David Abramsky (California)


Best Cinematography Award Finalists

  • The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race, Directed by Shane Crosland (Australia & Colorado)
  • yellow, Directed by Brian Barnes, Matthew Merenda (California & Canada)
  • Aghast!, Directed by Andreas Quiroga (Pennsylvania)


Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalist

  • 2nd Date, Written by Jaik Andino (Illinois)
  • Fragments, Written by Alison Balnar (Canada)
  • Gary the Pizza Kid, Written by Aydan Fabian (New York)
  • Sanitized!, Written by D.K. Renee (California)
  • The Virgin Knot, Written by Ron Falzone (Illinois)


Best Comedy Short Screenplay Award Finalist

  • Dave's Lucky Day, Written by Kevin R. Fintland (California)
  • Farm Club, Written by Joe Leone (United States)
  • Stuck, Written by Adam Swimmer (Canada)
  • Ultimate Alliance, Written by Alexis Bonner (Florida)


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Biased, Directed by Andrea Lwin (California)
  • Boxes Boxes Boxes, Directed by Erin Marie Davis (California)
  • Dirtbag, Directed by Karsten Runquist (Minnesota)
  • Quarantine Fling, Directed by Milo Shandel (Canada)
  • Such A Deal, Directed by Dionna McMillian (United States)


Best Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Brew Story, Directed by Jake Barcus (Ohio)
  • Dating Apps In Real Life, Directed by Mary Lemmer (Michigan)
  • Sniffing at the Park, Directed by Rebel Meraki (Illinois)
  • YAHTZEE!, Directed by David Bonderoff (New York)
  • Terminator: Bad Judgment Day, Directed by Lisa Belcher (Texas)


Best Comedy Series Episode Award Finalists

  • Cora & Sam Hate The Dentist, Directed by Jade Kaiser, Eilise Guilfoyle (California)
  • Kitchen Spaces, Directed by Patrick Brambert (Illinois)
  • Ranting & Raving, Directed by Jay Zellman (New Jersey)
  • Short Term Sentence, Directed by Phil Moniz, Kevin Claydon (Canada)
  • Just the Bit Pilot, Directed by Adam Taylor, Rob Neilson (Texas)


Best Comedy Teleplay Award Finalists

  • Fool's Gold "Double Dutch", Written by Jack Silver (United Kingdom)
  • Inside Job Spec "Water Work", Written by Lars Ingelman (California)
  • Proles, Written by Sawyer Wade (Texas)
  • Rough Cut, Written by Matthew Margo (New York)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Hard Up, Directed by Kari Melissa Kennon (Louisiana)
  • Killing Kitty, Directed by Greg Rencken (Arizona)
  • The Feeling Expert, Directed by Jamie Anderson (California)
  • Til Death Do Us Part, Directed by Taylor Coriell (New York & Connecticut)
  • Waiting for The Punchline, Directed by Lizze Gordon (California)


Best Dark Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Apocalypses..., Written by Jude Gerard Prest (California)
  • Memestopia, Written by Alberto Dalla (United Kingdom)
  • Oscar's Group Home, Written by isaac Ballesteros Barba (Mexico)
  • Speedy, a Redemption Story, Written by Ian McCrae Roberts (Oregon)


Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Award Finalists

  • Amish 5032, Written by Serena Ewinger, Devin McGilvra (California)
  • Billie and Mark Almost Get Killed, Written by Sean Reidy (Georgia)
  • Good Grief, Written by Josh Nadler (California)
  • LA Locura: The Madness, Written by Rod Luzzi, George Deihl, Sam Cadman (United Kingdom)
  • The Outclassed, Written by Riccardo Contaldi (California)


Best Director Award Finalists

  • Clementine, Directed by Anndi Jinelle Liggett (New York)
  • Gary Got Involved!, Directed by Lonny Ross (California)
  • New Rules, Directed by OBINNA ROBERT ONYERI (California)
  • The Night Clubbers, Directed by Matthew James Thomas (Delaware)
  • Welcome, Megan, Directed by Lily Richards (California)


Best Ensemble Cast Award Finalists

  • Diggers, Directed by Brandon Ciarlo (Illinois)
  • Missed Interpretation, Directed by William O'Boyle (Ohio)
  • The Struggle, Directed by Lessie Thomas Philpot (California)
  • Unbridaled, Directed by Chelsea Bryn Lockie (New York & Massachusetts )
  • Happens!!!, Directed by Darryl E. Smith (California)


Best Horror Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • BallyZombie, Written by Pearse Lehane (Ireland)
  • Black Shabbas, Written by Max Lehman (New Jersey)
  • The Garden Ate, Written by BRIAN K MILLARD (California)


Best Mockumentary Film Award Finalists

  • Birds, Directed by Henry Morris (United Kingdom)
  • Maybe Next Year, Directed by CJ Colando (California)
  • Pulp Friction, Directed by Tony Olmos, Mark Atkinson (California)
  • Manly Men of the Mountains, Directed by David L. Anderson, Charles Cruz (Washington)


Best Picture Award Finalists

  • How to Hack Birth Control, Directed by Sassy Mohen (California)
  • I'm Not Chris Hemsworth, Directed by Charlie Steers (California)
  • Ignition, Directed by Derek Toombs (Florida)
  • House Hunt: Topanga Canyon, Directed by Kathleen Kuhn (California)
  • Egg, Directed by Stephanie Ibarra (New York)


Best Romantic Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Chicken & Roses, Directed by Joni Mitchell (Missouri)
  • Sapiosexual, Directed by Spencer Cohen (Massachusetts)
  • The Kiss Script, Directed by Sam Friedman (New York)
  • The Round Table, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California)


Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • A Carol, Written by Rebecca Leigh (United States)
  • Past the Setting Sun, Written by Matthew Denison (Texas)
  • Pretty Piranha, Written by Tom Bragg (New York)
  • Those O'Malley Women, Written by Elizabeth Stevens, James Bruner (California)
  • Vince & The Fig, Written by Mark Doyle (United States)


Best Texas Film Award Finalists

  • Billy, Directed by Jack Saxon (Texas)
  • Just the Bit Pilot, Directed by Adam Taylor, Rob Neilson (Texas)
  • Terminator: Bad Judgment Day, Directed by Lisa Belcher (Texas)
  • The Adventures of Josh and Sober Pete : Vapesters, Directed by Ima Gene Loop (Texas)
  • Too Many Tylers, Directed by Ethan Woods Dennis (Texas)


Most Original Concept Award Finalists

  • Clarence Cuts Loose, Directed by Jimmy Cork, Tyler Silbey (Florida)
  • The Pardoner's Sale, Directed by George N Koulouris (Georgia)
  • Let Me Assist You, Directed by Noam Argov (California)
  • Madaptation., Directed by Andrew Cheyne (Florida)
  • Ultimate Alliance, Directed by Alexis Bonner (Florida)


Official Selections

  • Cottonmouth, Written by Amber Loutfi (Texas)
  • Earthlings, Written by Patrick Norman (United States)
  • Oedipus Flex, Written by John Kestner (Arizona)


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