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The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019 Is Coming Soon!

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival event will take place Sunday October 20, 2019 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline in Austin, Texas. 6+ hours of international independent comedy, dark comedy, mockumentary, romantic comedy, funny music videos, TV Pilots and Mockumentary Films will screen in two separate sessions. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite. Every dollar in ticket sales, helps to support the venue rental fees for this event. Your ticket purchase also gives local and international filmmakers an opportunity to screen their independent films for the Austin audience. Most of these films, have never screened in the state of Texas. Please join us for this fun comedy film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #AustinComedyShortFilmFestival in your social media posts related to this event.


Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019 Event Schedule 
Sunday October 20, 2019
Session 1: 1:00p - 4:00p
Awards & Filmmakers Mixer: 4:00p - 6:00p
Session 2: 6:00p - 9:30p


Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019 Official Selections (Film)

Session One: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Sunday October 20, 2019

  1. A Slight Inconvenience, Directed by Alan Moutal (California)
  2. Actors aren't Funny, Directed by Steven Farmer (Texas)
  3. Addiction, Directed by Michael Napolitano (Florida)
  4. Anchor Away, Directed by Jodie Burke (Minnesota)
  5. ASMR for White Liberals, Directed by John Connor Hammond (New York)
  6. Band Nightmares (Episode 3), Directed by Drew Rosenthal (New York)
  7. Best Friends, Directed by Jeff Leaf (Montana)
  8. Break Up Shuffle, Directed by Jeff Leaf (Montana)
  9. breatHHelmet Presents: EyEris BoUche for women from CANYON CHIC, Directed by Matt Dean & Colleen Dean (California)
  10. Day After Payday, Directed by Andy Gonzalez-Bendiksen & Liz Waters (Texas)
  11. Depressed: Honesty, Directed by Greg Smith (California)
  12. FOBia Pilot, Directed by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke (Illinois)
  13. G-Spotters, Directed by Rob Alicea (New York )
  14. Glad We Could Do This, Directed by Liz Fitzgerald (Illinois)
  15. Greg's Very Bad Day, Directed by Christine Krebsbach (California)
  16. Handjob Shuffle, Directed by Micaela Dee & Nick Pinelli (Georgia)
  17. Killer Friends, Directed by Peter Calvin (Texas)
  18. Ladies & Gentlemen, Directed by Gabriel Oliva (California)
  19. Like.Share.Repost., Directed by Stanislav Shelestov (Russia)
  20. Live Like Kobe, Directed by Sebastian Buffa & Damian Wiseman (Illinois)
  21. Lured Short Film, Directed by Anthony Miller & Jason Muller (Australia)
  22. Mack of all Trades, Directed by Libby Ewing (California)
  23. Making A Killing, Directed by James Debenham (United Kingdom)
  24. Nightshade, Directed by Natalie Johnson (California)




Session Two: 6:00pm - 930pm Sunday October 20, 2019

  1. Apartment Quirks, Directed by Brian Alexander & Jason Wildhagen (New York)
  2. I Can't Relate, Directed by Stephen Vanderpool (California)
  3. It's Been Too Long, Directed by Amber Schaefer (New York )
  4. Killing for Spark, Directed by Michael Sangalang (Canada)
  5. No Rugs ft. Princess Jasmine, Directed by Stacy Rumaker (California)
  6. On a Short Leash, Directed by Thiago Almasy (Brazil)
  7. One day with Chaprow, Directed by Liza-Maria Winterhalter Pujol (France)
  8. Over the Line, Directed by Aaron Hall (Canada)
  9. Piggy Bank Proposition, Directed by Michael Lappen (California)
  10. Poor Baby, Directed by KC Allen (Ohio)
  11. Punk Rock Yoga Bitch, Directed by Annette DeLorean (Florida)
  12. Random Knowledge, Directed by Michael Charron (Texas)
  13. Roomies - episode 101: Ground-Rules, Directed by Sean Baier (Texas)
  14. Rough Day, Jan, Directed by Phil Wilson (Arizona)
  15. Save Yourself, Directed by Ali Alkhafaji (Texas)
  16. SHHHH, Directed by Mordechay Jonathan (Israel)
  17. Special Delivery, Directed by Eric Lang (Nebraska)
  18. Staying Together: Ep 4, Directed by Matt Toronto (California)
  19. Sure Odds, Directed by Tim Kinner (Illinois)
  20. The Assistant, Directed by Peter Calvin (Texas)
  21. The Elevator Operator, Directed by Jeff Musillo (New York)
  22. The Interview, Directed by Alan Brennan (Ireland)
  23. The Matriarchy, Directed by Christen R. Carter (California)
  24. The Misadventures of Lefty Deadeye, Directed by Marco Sinigaglia (Australia)
  25. The Runs, Directed by Adam Rosenberg (Colorado)
  26. The Wrong Swipe, Directed by Brendan Cleaves (England)
  27. Toxic Sperm Warrior, Directed by Bryon E. Carson (Illinois)
  28. Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab, Directed by JD Boxley (California)
  29. Tucker The Tailor, Directed by Matt Ruby (Arizona)
  30. Unbearable, Directed by Nick Williams (Texas)
  31. Under Cover Comic, Directed by Bobby Friedman (New York)
  32. Veritaphobia, Directed by John Patrick Hayden (New York)
  33. Yes, I Will Hold, Directed by C.C. Miller (California)




Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019 Official Selections (Screenplays)

Top 25% of rated screenplay submissions.

  1. A Bridal Tail, Written by Mark Jay Rosen (Washington)
  2. A Cozy Little Town, Written by Edward Hicklin (Canada)
  3. Accidental Hearts, Written by Sheree L. Ross (Texas)
  4. Addicts, Written by Maia Henkin (California)
  5. Amanda Split, Written by Dale Griffiths Stamos (California)
  6. Andy Pansky's a Corporate Lackey, Written by Scott Marshall Taylor (New York)
  7. Balthazar & Snirt, Written by Jim McCullough (Missouri)
  8. Band Geeks, Written by Bill Baber (California)
  9. Boarding: Greetings From The 4th Dimension., Written by Bridie Jurasevich (Indiana)
  10. Bon Appetite, Written by Lauren Gouin (Canada)
  11. Camping, Written by Maria Valdez (California)
  12. Chloë 'Two Fingers', Written by Lisa Marie Tedesco (Connecticut)
  13. Cooze, Written by Wendy Jean Wilkins (California)
  14. Crazy, Written by Holt Boggs (Texas)
  15. Crystal Clear, Written by Emil Faithe (Arizona)
  16. Cube Season, Written by Rhys Sherring (Australia)
  17. Curb Your Enthusiasm: Accident, Written by David J Schroeder (Florida)
  18. Darla vs. Hockey, Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)
  19. Deadsitting, Written by Gabriel Meyers (California)
  20. Decisions, Written by Anna Bezahler and Thorunn Sigurdardottir (California)
  21. Derby Dolls, Written by Patrick Norman (California)
  22. Dezinterviewsiya, Written by Jake Smith (Massachusetts)
  23. Dirty Mats, Written by Mary Griffitts & Michelle Valen (Texas)
  24. Fake News Blues, Written by Joe Grinstein (Texas)
  25. Fighting, Written by Francesco Lucia (Canada)
  26. Flaking Out, Written by Tessa Shaffer & Shane Shaffer (Pennsylvania)
  27. Flat Squirrel, Written by Fiona Faith Ross (United Kingdom)
  28. Harold and the Kungfu Accountant, Written by Irwin Tang (Texas)
  29. Hooked Screenplay Episodic, Written by Brittany Portman, Anthony Patellis, Rob Alicea & Scarlett Camargo (New York)
  30. How to Be (Dys)Functional After Divorce, Written by Erin Keefer Reich (Florida)
  31. Jed Steele Ep 03: "The Devil Went Down To Groovy Beach!", Written by Sean Whitley (Texas)
  32. Just Shoot It, Written by Sheree L. Ross (Texas)
  33. Meet Cute, Written by Michael Charron (Texas)
  34. Melody and Her Many Men, Written by Marilyn Friday (United Kingdom)
  35. Misguided Intentions, Written by Michelle Hubbard & Sarah Pender (New York)
  36. More Than This, Written by Matthew Papadopoulos (Australia)
  37. Offended, Written by Cathriona Slammon (Ireland)
  38. Oh No, It's The End Of The World, Written by Caitlin Stedman (New York)
  39. Online Conversations: Slavery, Written by Ash Willeby (Texas)
  40. Over The Counter, Written by Emil Faithe (Arizona)
  41. Please Stop Watching, Written by Russell Grindstaff (Texas)
  42. Reality Check, Written by Kyle Young (Texas)
  43. #RomeoLuvsJuliet, Written by Jeffrey B. Wayne (Texas)
  44. Rubert Becomes, Written by David J Schroeder (Florida)
  45. Separate Checks, Written by Maia Henkin (New York)
  46. Shitty Job., Written by Sasha Siljanovic (Australia)
  47. The Big Idea, Written by David J Schroeder (Florida)
  48. The Commie, Written by Tony Ferrendelli (Colorado)
  49. The Gang Gets Diverse, Written by Jordan Champagne (Canada)
  50. The Mr. Dave Show...Show, Written by Scott Marshall Taylor (New York)
  51. The Naked Architect, Written by Rod Maharg (Ireland)
  52. The Squeeze, Written by Spencer Mead & Corwin Loach (Texas/California)
  53. The Third Wish, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  54. The True Declaration of Independence, Written by Jason Anthony Fisher (Georgia)
  55. The True Story of the SS Rex - "Pilot", Written by Paula Dixon (California)
  56. Thunder Ripper - Pilot, Written by Jeff Walsh (Texas)
  57. Turf Wars, Written by Fiona Faith Ross (United Kingdom)
  58. Victory! This is the year!, Written by Samantha Bringas & Matthew Priestley (New Jersey)
  59. Wipe, Written by Edward Hicklin (Canada)

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019 Award Nominations

The Award Winners in each category will be announced on Sunday October 20, 2019 at 4:00pm.


1) Best Actor Award Nominations

  • Brent Crable in "Killer Friends" Directed by Peter Calvin (Texas)
  • Evan Chabot in "Addiction" Directed by Michael Napolitano (Florida)
  • Gary Miller in "The Runs" Directed by Adam Rosenberg (Colorado)
  • Jake Mann in "Apartment Quirks" Directed by Brian Alexander & Jason Wildhagen (New York)
  • Joey Gajewski in "Special Delivery" Directed by Eric Lang (Nebraska)

2) Best Actress Award Nominations

3) Best Animated Comedy Film Award Nominations

4) Best Cinematography Award Nominations

  • TBA

5) Best Comedy Feature Film Screenplay Award Nominations

6) Best Micro Short Comedy Film Award Nominations

7) Best Comedy  Film Award Nominations

8) Best Comedy Short Film Screenplay Award Nominations

9) Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Nominations

10) Best Dark Comedy Film Award Nominations

11) Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay Award Nominations

12) Best Director Award Nominations

13) Best Editing Award Nominations

  • TBA

14) Best Ensemble Cast Award Nominations

15) Best International Director Award Nominations

16) Best International Feature Screenplay Award Nominations

17) Best International Film Award Nominations

18) Best International Short Screenplay Award Nominations

19) Best Mockumentary Film Award Nominations

20) Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Nominations

21) Best Romantic Comedy Film Award Nominations

22) Best Romantic Comedy Short Screenplay Award Nominations

23) Best Sitcom or TV Episode (Video) Award

24) Best Sitcom Screenplay (Full Length) Award Nominations

25) Best Sitcom Screenplay (Short) Award Nominations

26) Best Texas Comedy Film Award Nominations

27) Best Texas Feature Screenplay Award Nominations

28) Best Texas Short Screenplay Award Nominations

29) Best Web Series Episode Award Nominations

30) Funniest Music Video Award Nominations

31) Most Original Concept Award Nominations


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