Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2019




The 7th Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Is On April 14th, 2019!

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2019 will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline on Sunday April 14, 2019. There will be 7 hours of Comedy Film Screenings and a filmmaker awards and networking mixer event.

  • 11:30a - 3:00p: Session 1 Film Screenings
  • 3:30ap - 5:30p: Awards & Filmmaker's Mixer
  • 6:00p - 9:30p : Session 2 Film Screenings




Session 1 Screenings 11:30a-3:00p

Films, Web Series & Music Videos

  1. "6 Angry Cubans" Directed by Trisha LaFache (California)
  2. "A Representative Will Be With You Shortly" Directed by Elliot Katz & Jon Stewart (Georgia) - Watch The Trailer
  3. "All Dolled Up!" Directed by Leah Cronican (California) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  4. "At 30 We Throw Dinner Parties" Directed by Johnathan Brugal (California) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  5. "Awkwardly Episode 9: Warm And Fuzzy" Directed by Rebecca Benzell (New York) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  6. "Bag Of Worms" Directed by Grace Rowe (California) - Website
  7. "Battle of Algiers" Directed by Jason Habel (Texas)
  8. "Behave, Kids" Directed by Tripp Crosby (Georgia)
  9. "Better Dead Than Red" Directed by Larry Daggett & Jessica Green (New York) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  10. "Border Patrol" Directed by Shane Kosakowski (California) - Instagram
  11. "Breaking the I.C.E" Directed by Alejandra Hinojosa (California) - Website
  12. "Cafe Abundance" Directed by Emily A McGregor (California) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  13. "Chicken" Directed by Zoë Morgan Chiswick (United Kingdom)
  14. "Coppin' a Feel" Directed by Jose Quinones (Texas) - Watch The Trailer
  15. "D minus" Directed by Asher Sinaiko (California)
  16. "Dirty Thirty" Directed by Elyse Niblett (New York)
  17. "Do Not Disturb" Directed by Shannon Thomas, Punn Wiantrakoon (California)
  18. "Doll It Up" Directed by Yalan Hu (Florida)
  19. "Donny and Clive" Directed by Chris and Lowe McKee (New York) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  20. "Face Cake" Directed by Colin Chocola (Washington DC)
  21. "Followers - Wifi, Interrupted " Directed by Milton Ng (Canada) - Website
  22. "Free Ride" Directed by Yi Qu (California)
  23. "Happy The Angry Polar Bear" Directed by Brandon Swofford (California)
  24. "Heather Has Four Moms" Directed by Jeanette Buck (Virginia) - Watch The Trailer
  25. "Home in Time" Directed by Patrick Hagarty (Canada) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  26. "Hot Date" Directed by Julian Bozzo (California)
  27. "I'm Telling Ya!" Directed by Helder F Gomes (California) - Watch The Trailer
  28. "If It Ain't Baroque" Directed by Gregg Jaffe (Illinois)
  29. "Invasion" Directed by Jason Nave (Texas)
  30. "It's Christmas" Directed by Owen Smith (Australia) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  31. "Johnno and Michael Try Girlfriends" Directed by Johnno Wilson, Johnno Wilson, Michael Strassner (California)
  32. "Julie of the Jury" Directed by Jessy Leigh (Ohio)
  33. "Just Keep It 100" Directed by Bryan Bostic (California) - Watch The Trailer
  34. "L'Homme et le Poisson" Directed by Lewis Leon (Canada)
  35. "Little Italy, LA" Directed by Adriano Valentini (California) - Watch The Trailer
  36. "Love After Anne" Directed by Darrin Rose (Canada)
  37. "Micro Love" Directed by Annaliese Eisenstadt (California) - Watch The Trailer
  38. "One Up" Directed by Alexander Lorian (Australia) - Watch The Trailer
  39. "Only A Movie!" Directed by Teddy Cecil (California)
  40. "Oysterman" Directed by Travis Bible (California)

"Better Dead Than Red" 30 Second Trailer from Larry Daggett on Vimeo.

Heather Has Four Moms Teaser from jeanette buck on Vimeo.

UberEx - Official Trailer from karisa bruin on Vimeo.

Micro Love Trailer from Annaliese Eisenstadt on Vimeo.

Scratch This Trailer from Laura Dowling Shea on Vimeo.

I'm Telling Ya! Trailer from Helder Figuerêdo Gomes on Vimeo.

You Got Ma'amed Trailer from Blueye | Productions on Vimeo.

Striptease(r) from troy elliott on Vimeo.

IT'S CHRISTMAS TRAILER 1 from Gabriel Stoltz on Vimeo.

Home in Time - Trailer 1 from Patrick Hagarty on Vimeo.

Save Yourself Trailer (Official) from Michelle Morgan on Vimeo.

The Box with Jacqueline Trailer from Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson on Vimeo.

SYKTrailer1minLaurels from Peter Spruyt on Vimeo.

Donny and Clive - trailer from Christopher Moore McKee on Vimeo.

AWKWARDLY from The WC on Vimeo.



Session 2 Screenings 11:30a-3:00p

Films, Web Series & Music Videos

  1. "Parent Teacher Conference" Directed by Ashleigh Stanczak (California) - YouTube Channel
  2. "Poop At Your Place" Directed by Sean Keller (California)
  3. "Pop's Culture" Directed by ilana Marks & Kevin Beltz (California) - Website
  4. "R.I.P." Directed by Dylan Doetch (Illinois)
  5. "Refugees Welcome Here" Directed by Danny Pattison (United Kingdom)
  6. "Roommates" Directed by Alix Cuadra & Roth Rind (California) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  7. "Save Yourself" Directed by Michelle Morgan (Canada) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  8. "Scat Cats" Directed by Nick Ouchie, Chris Ouchie (Wisconsin)
  9. "Scratch This" Directed by Jody Lauren Miller (New York) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  10. "She's Not Your Type" Directed by Matt Vella (Australia) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  11. "Small Town Hackers" Directed by Henry Inglis (Australia) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  12. "Social Media Gangster" Directed by Mark Kiefer (Massachusetts) - YouTube Channel
  13. "Someone You Know" Directed by Bryan Erwin (California) - Watch The Trailer
  14. "Striptease" Directed by Troy Elliott (California) - Watch The Trailer
  15. "Stuntwoman" Directed by Stacie Davis (Georgia)
  16. "Surprise P.I." Directed by Ben W Falvey (Texas) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  17. "Tassels" Directed by Bethany Berg (Illinois)
  18. "Telling People You're Native American When You're Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You're A Bear When You're Not A Bear" Directed by Joey Clift (California) - Website
  19. "The Bet" Directed by Cody Zervas (California) - Watch The Trailer
  20. "The Box With Jacqueline Pilot" Directed by Jacqueline Anderson (New York) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  21. "The Cuckoldress" Directed by Brett McCabe (California)
  22. "The Dingo Ate My Baby" Directed by Angela Oh (New York)
  23. "The Master of Cuchillo" Directed by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez (Mexico)
  24. "The Metal Detector" Directed by Christopher Guerrero (California)
  25. "The Pet Peeve Police Pilot" Directed by PJ Germain (California)
  26. "The Pick-Up" Directed by Izzy Fonseca & Sally Tatum (United Kingdom)
  27. "The Sidelines - Sexo" Directed by Lizzie Germann (California) - Website
  28. "The Spadina House" Directed by Taso Alexander (Canada)
  29. "This Is Chip" Directed by Marta Gac (New York)
  30. "Three Dates in Texas" Directed by Kris Atkins & James Atkins (Texas) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  31. "Tik Tok" Directed by R.J. Blake (California)
  32. "Tread on These" Directed by Matt Michienzie (California)
  33. "Two Queens, a King and a God?" Directed by Maziyar Khatam & Anya Chirkova (Canada) - Watch The Trailer
  34. "UberEx" Directed by Karisa Bruin (Illinois) - Website
  35. "Unsolicited" Directed by Meg Cook (Texas)
  36. "Upper Hand" Directed by Adam J. Kassel (Nevada) - Watch The Trailer
  37. "Voice Over" Directed by Emily Manthei & Jörn Linnenbröker (Germany)
  38. "Writers Glock" Directed by Chandler Perry (California)
  39. "Yallah Habibi" Directed by Nora Hawari (California)
  40. "You Got Ma'amed" Directed by Michael Kelberg (New Jersey) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer

Official Screenplay Selections

  1. "A Dating Mix-Up" Written by Collier Kaler & Meghan Kaheny (United States)
  2. "Birdague and Limet." Written by Luis Lujan (Texas)
  3. "Birthday Getaway" Written by Dale Griffiths Stamos (California)
  4. "Brotherless." Written by Luis Lujan (Texas)
  5. "Cheek To Cheek" Written by John Austin Wiggins (New Jersey)
  6. "D-Lemma: The Hard Truth" Written by Tammy Hineline (Virginia)
  7. "Dead Weight" Written by Cale Curlett (Maine)
  8. "Dino Land" Written by Brandon Carbaugh (Pennsylvania)
  9. "Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic" Written by Phillip Hardy (Texas)
  10. "Elephant In The Room" Written by Fiona Faith Ross (United Kingdom)
  11. "Eminent Domain - A Love Story" Written by Kitty Troll & Dan O'Brien (Oregon)
  12. "Episode 1 - The Gauntlet', Eternal Administration" Written by Eileen Wilson (United Kingdom)
  13. "Follow Me" Written by Aviva Dove-Viebahn & Brittany K. Fonte (Arizona)
  14. "For a Good Time, Louis" Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  15. "German Be Cray-Cray" Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  16. "GO(O)D EVENING" Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  17. "God Smack" Written by Diana Lanham (Washington)
  18. "Hapi People" Written by Rotem Eitan (United States)
  19. "Herculean Task" Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  20. "How Skin Face Got His Groove Back" Written by Ian Pozzebon (Canada)
  21. "In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story (A Long Lost 80's Movie)" Written by Zack Smith (New York)
  22. "Infesting The Mob" Written by Joe Starzyk (United States)
  23. "Instant Harmony" Written by Joe Starzyk (New York)
  24. "It's All Greek To Me" Written by Richard C Geiwitz (Maryland)
  25. "Jed Steele Ep 02: Snakes Alive!" Written by Sean Whitley (United States)
  26. "Johnny the Janitor" Written by Michael T Gregory (United States)
  27. "Junk Luck" Written by Kyle Young (Texas)
  28. "Katmandu" Written by Michael Gregory (Texas)
  29. "Last Man Standing" Written by Jeff Woodard (Virginia)
  30. "Mani" Written by Kansas Starr (California)
  31. "Mania" Written by Greg Mania (New York)
  32. "Me Me" Written by Daniel O'Connor (Canada)
  33. "Mumbly Peg" Written by Mark Lesser (Colorado)
  34. "Office Guns" Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  35. "Over the Curb" Written by Robbie Smith & Jim Ford (United States)
  36. "Overrated" Written by Tyrone L. Robinson (New York)
  37. "Pop!" Written by Janis McGavin (United States)
  38. "Relative Understanding" Written by Amy Santos (New York)
  39. "Scared Stiffe" Written by Olivia Harvey (Massachusetts)
  40. "Schitt's Creek - Little Motel on the Prairie" Written by Oscar Deng (California)
  41. "Shotgun" Written by Ian Wilson (Canada)
  42. "Sloppy Seconds" Written by Toni Nagy & Bridget Barkan (New Hampshire)
  43. "Something New" Written by Michael Abel (California)
  44. "Southern Fried Kimchi" Written by Theodore A. Adams III (Virginia)
  45. "Spoofs" Written by Gene Gwynne (United States)
  46. "The App" Written by Jeff Woodard (Virginia)
  47. "The Character - Episode 1.01: Pilot" Written by Emily Ann Scott (United States)
  48. "The Disentanglement of Odelia" Written by Kansas Starr & Jack James (United States)
  49. "The League of Not So Superheroes" Written by Spencer Miller (Oregon)
  50. "The Particular Day" Written by Errel Margot (Italy)
  51. "The Poissonier" Written by James Davis (Texas)
  52. "The Rookie" Written by Adrian Moss (United Kingdom)
  53. "The Sloganeers TV Pilot" Written by Connor Finnerty & Joe Rizzo (United States)
  54. "Tribe" Written by Neil D'Astolfo (New York)
  55. "Warrior Warrior - Pilot" Written by Brian Michaels (California)
  56. "What's A Little Ax Between Friends" Written by (United States)
  57. "Whispers" Written by Tom Hackett (Canada)
  58. "Worst Commercial Ever" Written by Jeffrey B. Wayne (Texas)
  59. "Zombie Corp" Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)


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