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Austin Micro Short Film Festival Tickets


The 2nd Austin Micro Short Film Festival Is Coming Soon!

The Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2019 will screen 200 international independent micro short films between 1-6 minutes in length at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline on Sunday September 15, 2019. At our first event in 2018, we screened 80 films for over 300 attendees in Austin, Texas. For the 2019 program, two different, three hour sessions will screen micro short films of all genres including Drama, Documentary, Action, Comedy and Animated Films. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite via donation. Any dollar amount that you donate for your tickets, helps to support the venue rental fees for this event. Your donation also gives local and international filmmakers an opportunity to screen new films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Austin audience. Most of these films have never been screened in the state of Texas. Please join us for this fast-moving, independent film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #AustinMicroShortFilmFestival in your social media posts related to this event.


Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2019 Event Schedule
Session 1: Sunday September 15, 2019: 12:00p-3:00p
Awards & Filmmaker's Mixer: 3:30p-5:30p
Session 2: Sunday September 15, 2019: 6:30p-9:30p


Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2019 Official Film Selections

Session 1: Sunday September 15, 2019: 12:00p-3:00p

  1. Unsolicited, Directed by Meg Cook (Texas)
  2. 180 km/empty, Directed by Julia Effertz (Germany)
  3. 19, Directed by Labaq, Laís Catalano Aranha (Brazil)
  4. 440, Directed by Edoardo Crismani (Australia)
  5. A Brazilian Test, Directed by Antonio Silva Matos (Brazil)
  6. A Decent Proposal, Directed by Cathal Feeney (Ireland)
  7. A Dreamer's Melody, Directed by Kendra Ann Sherrill (Washington)
  8. A Jolting Morning, Directed by Heather Ross
  9. A Mother`s Love, Directed by Yuanhao Du
  10. A New Generation, Directed by Jason Winfield (Texas)
  11. A Period Piece, Directed by Sylvia Ray (California)
  12. Actors aren't Funny, Directed by Steven Farmer (Texas)
  13. Adrift, Directed by Melissa Rossi (Oregon)
  14. America by Julia Vinograd, Directed by Barbara West
  15. American Deportation, Directed by Christopher Dea (Connecticut)
  16. And Now Our Feature Presentation, Directed by Amparo Bueno, Matt Ryan (Texas)
  17. Anonymous Psychos, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  18. Anticipation, Directed by Joy Y. Lin, Rain Chavez (Texas)
  19. Apeulogy, Directed by Mellinda Hensley (California)
  20. Are You There?, Directed by Aditya Joshi & Sid Gopinath
  21. Autognose, Directed by Bill Szilagyi (Brazil)
  22. Birthday, Directed by Catarina Rodrigues (United Kingdom)
  23. Black Back, Directed by Kiyoko McCrae
  24. Brady's Distinctive Lighting, Directed by Isabel Dunn (Texas)
  25. Breathe, Directed by Gabriel Bullen (Qatar)
  26. Busy, Directed by Dawoon Kim (Georgia)
  27. Cat Red-Handed, Directed by H. Hammouda (New York)
  28. Caught, Directed by Douglas Sullivan (United States)
  29. Chaim, Directed by Kareem Atallah
  30. Cheat Day, Directed by Toofun West (California)
  31. Coffee Time with the Bros, Directed by JD Boxley (California)
  32. Colors of the Spirit, Directed by Max Goldstein (New Jersey)
  33. Come Home, Directed by Kiyoko McCrae
  34. Contacts, Directed by Marshall Bradley
  35. Creamier, Directed by Julian Klepper
  36. Crop Dust, Directed by Thomas Nicol, Andrew Gleason (Illinois)
  37. Crossing, Directed by Morgan Dameron (California)
  38. Daughters of Northern Darkness (Black Metal Barbie), Directed by Gwenmarie White (California)
  39. Dear Frankie, Directed by Megan Marie Connolly, Claudia Krogmeier (Illinois)
  40. Dear God, Directed by Larry Ulrich
  41. Dearest Frederick, Directed by Luis Servera (New York)
  42. Deceptive Vows Short Film, Directed by Gary Tavares (Georgia)
  43. Details to Follow, Directed by Michael P. Spencer (United Kingdom)
  44. Diana Cross-Unanonymous, Directed by Randy Ayres (Michigan)
  45. Disclosure, Directed by Roderick A. Santiano (Utah)
  46. Disturbance, Directed by Sabrina Petkus (Georgia)
  47. Diwali Pongal, Directed by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (Texas)
  48. Don't Blow It, Directed by Sam Schlenker, MacKenzie Marlowe (California)
  49. Endure, Directed by Jordan Arteaga (California)
  50. Failure, Directed by Taylor Fredricks (Texas)
  51. Falling, Directed by david masters (California)
  52. Fleeting Moments, Directed by Ellie Schuckman (New Jersey)
  53. Framed, Directed by Jonathan Burteaux (France)
  54. Freezer of Eden, Directed by Annika Horne
  55. From Dust, Directed by Ben Rountree (New York)
  56. Full Meta Racket, Directed by Gemma Eva (Canada)
  57. Giants and Pygmies of West Papua, Directed by Craig Beasley (Texas)
  58. Goodbye Seraphina, Directed by Cheryl Ye Han Wong
  59. Hairy, Directed by Megan Domaille, Jack Powley (United Kingdom)
  60. Highway Tea, Directed by Milton Adamou
  61. Homecoming Hero, Directed by Chris Hoshnic
  62. Hot Date, Directed by Julian Bozzo (United States)
  63. How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Thieves, Directed by Lorenzo Follari
  64. Huge P Word, Directed by Jacqueline Anderson
  65. I am sorry, Directed by Olejnik Kamil (France)
  66. I Can’t Be Dead, Directed by Carlos Michael Hagene (Illinois)
  67. Instructions for Soldiers Back from War, Directed by Jed Bell (California)
  68. Invisible Heel, Directed by Ryan Simantel (California)
  69. Island, Directed by Ege Göksu (Turkey)
  70. Jake and Josh: Shake It Off, Directed by Andrew Varenhorst
  71. Jenny & The Wolf, Directed by Ben Borst (Texas)
  72. Jerry, Directed by Heather Shapiro (Illinois)
  73. Jonathan, Directed by Case Conner (Texas)
  74. Judgement, Directed by Sean Healy (United Kingdom)
  75. Keys, Directed by Brian McAughan (Texas)
  76. KIA: Purge, Directed by Alexander Blinckmann (Germany)
  77. Leave, Directed by Brian L Tan
  78. Life, Directed by Jared Soto (Texas)
  79. Little Ghost Girl, Directed by Adriane Little (Michigan and Finland)
  80. Looking Up, Directed by Patrick Brazier (Wisconsin)
  81. Love Is Wild, Directed by Michael McCallum (Michigan)
  82. Loving is not Owning, Directed by Carolina Melis
  83. Maelstrøm, Directed by Carlos Gómez-Trigo (Spain)
  84. Maniac Chef, Directed by Scott Kalberer
  85. Mellow Yellow, Directed by Jessica Batson (Illinois)
  86. Melon Shorts, Directed by Mike Shiell (Canada)
  87. Memorial Day, Directed by Wes O'Donnell (Michigan)
  88. Message from the Future, Directed by Sean Keller (California)
  89. Mind of Gold, Directed by Eli Rubinson (New York)
  90. Mom, Directed by Austin Foxx
  91. Mother, Directed by Vasiliy Kiselev (Russian Federation)
  92. My Best Friend's Husband's Funeral, Directed by Whitney Uland (New York)
  93. Neapolitan Porno, Directed by Alan Halls
  94. Nena & Dave Stewart: "Be my Rebel", Directed by Virgil Widrich (Austria and Germany)
  95. Neptune, Directed by Paul Robinson (New York)
  96. New Dab, Directed by Stanley Sievers (Illinois)
  97. Night Night, Directed by Carl Oswald & Shay LaPierre

Session 2: Sunday September 15, 2019: 6:30p-9:30p

  1. Night of the Living Dead, Directed by Evan Curtis (New Mexico)
  2. No Country for Old Lizards, Directed by Emiliano Rago (California)
  3. No One, Directed by Charles Emir Richards (Turkey)
  4. Nostalgia's A Killer, Directed by Josh Alward (United Kingdom)
  5. Odyssey, Directed by Serge Delpierre (Maryland)
  6. Old Habits Die Hard, Directed by Leah Caddigan (New York)
  7. One Day, Directed by Alexandre Richard (Canada)
  8. Out of Shape, Directed by Zaim Hirani (Florida)
  9. Paralysis, Directed by Melissa De Leon (New Jersey)
  10. Past Tense, Directed by JoAnne McGrath (California)
  11. Penelope, Directed by Patick Lewtschanyn (Illinois)
  12. Phi Theta Daemon, Directed by Oswald Barrios (United States)
  13. Pick Me Up, Directed by Toni Nagy (New Hampshire)
  14. Pie, Directed by Doug Cox, Patrick Lundberg (California)
  15. Pip, Directed by Bruno Simoes
  16. Plant, Directed by Mike Suchmann (New York)
  17. Plonger Dans L'eau, Directed by Brian McAughan (Texas)
  18. Plushophilia, Directed by Mauricio Marces (United States)
  19. Pop By, Directed by Josh Pulido (Texas)
  20. Prom Queens, Directed by Cory Souto (New York)
  21. Quick-Witted, Directed by Joshua Noll (Illinois)
  22. Rage, Directed by Gregg Jaffe (Illinois)
  23. Rage, Directed by Myles Ross (Washington)
  24. Rhonda's Treasures, Directed by Sam Lichtenstein
  25. Rick Thunder In... Look Back Tomorrow, Directed by Jason Harris (Nevada)
  26. Robbie, Directed by Isabel Estabrook (Canada)
  27. Roomies - episode 101: Ground-Rules, Directed by Sean Baier (Texas)
  28. Scavenging For Love, Directed by Daniel Capone (Canada)
  29. Scratch This, Directed by Jody Lauren Miller (New York)
  30. Section F, Directed by Patrick Steinmann
  31. Shaholly, Directed by Wojciech Lorenc (Hawaii)
  32. Shotgun Diaries, Directed by Alberto Frezza (California)
  33. Shush, Directed by Dasha Khritankova (New York)
  34. Sisterhood, Directed by Dario Scommegna (Italy)
  35. Sleepless, Directed by Christian Ludwig (Germany)
  36. Sleepy Time, Directed by Matthew Kain (Michigan)
  37. Soligram 2500, Directed by Shari B. Ellis (California)
  38. Stasis, Directed by Thomas Bullen (Qatar)
  39. Still Life, Directed by Jennifer Dean (California)
  40. Stop Barking, Directed by Buster Collings (Texas)
  41. Stowaway, Directed by Kenneth Anderson (New York)
  42. Swinger, Directed by Nicholas Papademetriou (Australia)
  43. Swings & Roundabouts, Directed by Alex Sultoon (United Kingdom)
  44. Talismans, Directed by Matthew Charles Thompson (New York)
  45. Team MeowSA, Directed by Trey Nichols (California)
  46. The Artist, Directed by Diana Mashanova (United Kingdom)
  47. The bet of Annette, Directed by Aurélie Gurdal
  48. The Bug, Directed by Dean Cameron
  49. The Buggyman, Directed by Karolina Kraus (Ireland)
  50. The Camera's On, Directed by Andrew Aidman (California)
  51. The Cold, Directed by Chris Beier (New York)
  52. The Commercial Break, Directed by Sandra Gokkun
  53. The Door, Directed by Lola Rùi (New York)
  54. The Dreamer Kid, Directed by John Ortiz (Pennsylvania)
  55. The Elf, Directed by Bronsen Bloom (Massachusetts)
  56. The Fabulous Life of Mr. Fabulous, Directed by Ludovico Torri (California)
  57. The Jar, Directed by Justin Giegerich (New York)
  58. The Machine, Directed by Leon Williams (United Kingdom)
  59. The Mirror, Directed by Massimiliano Mauceri (Italy)
  60. The One Where They Ride The Shuttle, Directed by Chad Thomas Wallin, Stephen V. Nelson (Illinois)
  61. The Pit, Directed by Jeff Vande Zande (Michigan)
  62. The Pleasure of Your Company, Directed by Flora Tennant (United Kingdom)
  63. The Return, Directed by Tom Lovegrin (Spain)
  64. The Riveters, Directed by Kate Felix (Canada)
  65. The Rocky Roads, Directed by Robert Kleinschmidt (New York)
  66. The Search, Directed by John Russell (Oklahoma)
  67. The Study Date, Directed by Sam Avery (New York)
  68. The Test, Directed by Rani Deighe Crowe (Ohio)
  69. The Tip, Directed by Daryn Castle (United Kingdom)
  70. The Voicemail, Directed by Kyle Solomon (Kansas)
  71. There's Something About My Sister, Directed by Rebecca Shaw
  72. This Is Me, Directed by Lydia Isnanto (Texas)
  73. Three Million Dollars, Directed by Dan and Bramwell Noah (Australia)
  74. Time Was, Directed by John VonMutius (Florida)
  75. Toledo's Last Master Sword-Maker, Directed by Ben Derico (Spain)
  76. Triumph of time, Directed by Itay Cohen (Israel)
  77. Trust Me, Directed by Dylan Avery
  78. Tuesday Morning, Directed by Chris Beier (New York)
  79. Turning Tables, Directed by Hilary Davidson
  80. Turtle, Directed by Urs Frei (Canada)
  81. Uber Dick, Directed by James Okubo, James Gao Sielaff (California)
  82. Uber Nacht, Directed by Dan Chen (New York and New Jersey)
  83. Under the Covers, Directed by Taniel Kilajian (Texas)
  84. Vilomah, Directed by Art Ornelas (Texas)
  85. Violent Water, Directed by Danny Chandia (Nevada)
  86. Voice Of Reason, Directed by Alexander Dingeman (Iowa)
  87. Walking Home, Directed by Lauren Balint (Pennsylvania)
  88. What's In The Box?, Directed by Ryan Kelly (California)
  89. Why We Smoke, Directed by Jeff Kennedy
  90. Woke Carolers, Directed by Maya Danzig, Kate Kesselman, Matthew Kesselman (New York)
  91. Workin Fine, Directed by Bruce Fennell, Nolan Donahue (Georgia)
  92. You Got Ma'amed, Directed by Michael Kelberg (New Jersey)
  93. ZipperMan, Directed by Edward Linder (Minnesota)
  94. Zombie Debt, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California)




Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2019 Official Screenplay Selections

  1.  A Mother's Love, Written by Allan B. Hill (Indiana)
  2. A Severe Miracle, Written by Jonathan Strong Moseley (Texas)
  3. Ache, Written by LeLe Park (Illinois)
  4. Anatomy of a Crime Scene, Written by Candice Delevante (New York)
  5. Best Laid Plans, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  6. Breaking the Legacy, Written by Lea Ann Vandygriff (Texas)
  7. Can You Hear Me?, Written by Javier Torregrosa (England)
  8. Coyote, Written by Jamila Jackson (Indiana)
  9. Discreet Meat, Written by Muse Seymour (Wisconsin)
  10. For a Good Time, Louis, Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  11. GO(O)D EVENING, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  12. Happy People Anonymous, Written by Andrea Holz (Canada)
  13. Homunculus, Written by Will Berry (Maine)
  14. Hunk of Burning Love, Written by Jenna Cornell, Craig Knitt (Wisconsin)
  15. Investor Relations, Written by Howard Rapp (Florida)
  16. IRA: Cashing In, Written by Catherine Vouvray (Texas)
  17. Jane, Written by David Yang (California)
  18. Jason and The Argonauts, Written by Ian Burns (Michigan)
  19. Knight of the Kolossos, Written by Jeremy Storey (Washington)
  20. Last Man Standing, Written by Jeff Woodward (Virginia)
  21. Life's a Pitch, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  22. Mom, Written by Austin Foxx - Website
  23. My Ride's Here, Written by Malcolm Holt (United Kingdom)
  24. Navigating Home, Written by Jenna Cornell (Wisconsin)
  25. Phoenix Reign - Episode Four, Written by Nicholas Thomas (New York)
  26. Safe Spot, Written by Taz Lake (Georgia)
  27. Shee, Written by Gary McVeigh (Northern Ireland)
  28. Sugar Cube, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  29. The Best You Got, Written by Taz Lake (Georgia)
  30. The Buffinator, Written by John Maslowski (Ohio)
  31. The Farm, Written by Daryl Kuxhouse, Allie Hanley (Texas)
  32. The Garden, Written by Guillermo Ortiz, Katie Sullivan (Puerto Rico/Michigan)
  33. The Light, Written by Tony Ferrendelli (Colorado)
  34. The Little Death, Written by Daniel Appleby (Minnesota)
  35. The Old Punchin' Bag, Written by Guilherme Martins (Brazil)
  36. The Prize, Written by William Jody Ebert (New Jersey)
  37. The Samaritan, Written by Ronnie Henry (United Kingdom)
  38. The Third Wish, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  39. The Yearbook, Written by Jim Norman (Florida)
  40. Trevor and Evor, Written by Sasha Siljanovic (Australia)
  41. True Nature, Written by James Hill (California)
  42. Turner, Written by Eileen Wilson (United Kingdom)
  43. Under the Lamppost, Written by Skylar Kim (Connecticut)
  44. Unfaithful By Nature, Written by Florence Nahon (Spain)

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