Fattitude, Directed by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman

By Mikel Fair

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Ricki Lake in Fattitude Obesity Documentary

Fattitude, Directed by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Liebermanis a 2017 Official Selection of the Oregon Documentary Film Festival.  Fattitude is also the winner of the Best Director Award for this Film Festival Circuit event. This obesity documentary featuring Ricki Lake exposes the Hollywood and media bias towards overweight people.  First of all, I feel that the directors expose the bias and empower people of all body types with a great message. Furthermore, the Oregon Documentary Film Festival judges, loved this film and feel like it's a wake-up call for western society.

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The Fattitude Team And Contributors

The film features a diverse variety of voices such as academic scholars and activists. Hollywood directors and writers, as well as, psychologists. Rebecca Phul, Jackson Katz, Marilyn Wann and Sonya Renee Taylor present their views. Virgie Tovar, Jen Posner, Lindy West, Ricki Lake, Winne Holzman, Guy Branum, Tess Munster and Andrew Walen include their testimonials as well.



Fattitude Documentary Film Synopsis

Fattitude is a feature length documentary that exposes how culture – particularly media culture - encourages weight bias and then offers alternative ways of thinking that embrace body acceptance at all sizes. Informed by a post-modern, post-colonial, feminist background, Fattitude is very conscious and attentive to the idea that fat hatred crosses the lines of race, class, sexuality and gender.




Interview with Lindsey Averill (Part One)

Q1: First of all, why submit to the Oregon Documentary Film Festival?
“Fattitude has a large fan base in Portland. We were hoping to have a screening that would provide access to our film for those people. The Oregon documentary film festival shows interest in socially conscious films so it seemed like a good fit.”


Q2: Also, is there special meaning to the title?
“Fattitude is a single word that encompasses the righteous indignation and radical cultural revolution required to end weight bias.”


Q3: Why did you tell this particular story?
“Personal experience, kismet, and it was something that just happened.”


Q4: Did you discover story elements that you never expected to find?
“Oh god yes. There were moments when we were filming that blew our minds. Filming "Fattitude" was not just about making a movie is was also the journey to self love for both Viri and I.”


Q5: Furthermore, did anything happen during the production of this film that was very interesting, but never made it on camera?
“We have over 100 hours of footage. There are so many darlings, incredible nuggets of information that we just couldn't include.”


Q6: How did you fund this film?
“We used Kickstarter and donations. We are a total passion project.”


Q7: Finally, you have completed a documentary film, which is a huge achievement. Do you have any advice for a future filmmaker? Advice that you wish you had been given?
“Recognize that your timeline for production may be longer than you think. A documentary is a labor of love that will take all of your heart. It is a financial mountain and will require constant fundraising. Which can take a lot longer than expected.”


Death threats over this obesity documentary featuring Ricki Lake?


Q8: What kind of audience reaction are you getting to this film?
“We've gotten both death threats and love letters. One of my favorite love letter came from a woman in her sixties who watched our trailer. She felt it was the first time in her life that she was given permission to stop hating herself.”


Q9: Do you have plans for a sequel or future film that you are working on?

“We talk about tackling ageism and the media, but it's still a pretty vague idea.”


Fattitude Lindy West Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2017

Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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