Film Festival Submission Tips #6: Have You Created A Poster For Your Submission?


Film Posters Are Still Relevant

Traditionally, every film released in theaters is represented by printed materials which may include an 11×17 or 18×24 poster. They are standard marketing tools that sometimes become collectable items. Have you ever arrived to a movie theater a little early? Did you find yourself strolling along the walls, checking out the movie posters to see what is being released? If you see a cool poster for a film, you may say to yourself “I want to take the kids to this one” or “Wow, I didn't know they were releasing a sequel to that one.” Then, you might check out the film’s trailer online and read some of the early reviews to see if it’s worth your money.


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Film Festival attendees go through a similar process. They scroll through our website or social media pages, looking for images to see what peaks their interest. For our film festival events we post about every official selection on at least one social media platform. Facebook, Twitter or instagram. If a film does not have a single image to represent it, a generic laurel is posted in its place. These “generic logo” posts get very few clicks compared to the ones that have images. Do you want your film, web series or screenplay to be perceived as boring and generic?




Some of you reading this may be saying, “I spent so much money on this film, I can't afford to make a poster right now.” Or a screenwriter may say, “I don't even have this film funded yet, why would I have a poster?” My response is, that even if you don't have a poster, any image that is associated with your submission will help set it apart from others. A headshot, screenshot, or behind-the-scenes photo will work.




Creating a poster shouldn't be expensive. With a cup of coffee and a few Photoshop tutorials, a 12 year old can add some basic text to a screenshot and make a poster. There are also graphic artists on that will make a poster for less than $20 in less than 72 hours.




The reason I am writing this post is because, this one issue has hindered our marketing efforts for our official selections to every festival of every genre for 10 years. A staggering 33% of films and screenplays do not provide a single image that represents their submission. Not even a headshot, behind-the-scenes photo, or a simple screenshot. I have emailed submitters in the past and have asked them, “Hi, I noticed that you don't have any posters or images that represent your film. Can you please add one to your FilmFreeway submission details or your Withoutabox Press Kit?” I get a variety of responses like:

  1. “Why do you need this?”
  2. “Other festivals do not ask me for posters.”
  3. “If I get accepted, then I will make one.”

Hopefully I have answered question number one in this post already. I can't answer question number two. But if more festivals are asking you for marketing materials like I am, then you should probably consider making some. As for statement number three, we do not negotiate acceptance. Nice try though.




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