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Social Media Is A Free Marketing Tool For Your Film Or Screenplay. Use It!

When the judges make the official selections for any of our film festivals, a Facebook Post soon follows. It's free marketing, and it keeps people informed about your creative work. Only about 50% of submissions to the Portland Comedy Film Festival Fall 2018 included at least one social media link in their submission details. Watch this video to get tips on how to add social media links to your FilmFreeway submission form.



Independent Filmmakers Can No Longer Ignore Social Media

Stay ahead of other submitters and include at least one link to a social media profile that you actually use. Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook are tools that we use for our festivals to market events. Snapchat, Linkedin are relevant as well. It's hard to keep up with every social media tool out there, all the time. But if you keep at least one account fresh, you can be ready to Tweet, Re-Tweet, Post or Share about any big news that may concern your submission.




6 Tips For Using Social Media To Help Market Your Film Or Screenplay

  1. If a Film Festival posts about your work on social media, out of respect, you should interact in some way with the post.
  2. Sharing, liking and posting on social media shows that you are engaged and that you care about the success of your creative work.
  3. Social media activity, over time, can give your submission a marketing history, that any festival, distributor, or agent can research about your creative work. It's better to have documented excitement and updates about your creative work, then to have nothing.
  4.  Your friends, followers, family and others actually like to get updates about your creative work. I've seen screenplays that we've posted about, get 1,000 positive comments! You might be shy about your accomplishments, but others want to celebrate with you.
  5. Film Festival attendees, as well as, other accepted filmmakers and screenwriters want to learn more about the official selections. Liking, commenting and interacting with others can earn reciprocal interest in your project. A simple Tweet, comment, or share with a stranger can work wonders for your networking efforts. Here is a simple Facebook Post about a film's trailer, that earned 1200+ views, because the filmmaker was excited to share the info. And his followers were eager to spread the news.
  6. The cast and crew of your film usually split-up, and head in different directions after a project. Having a simple Facebook Page for your work, is a great way to keep them all connected and get updates, no matter where the film industry takes them.

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Some Filmmakers And Screenwriters Refuse To Use Any Social Media

 When we are ready to make Facebook Posts about official selections and award nominations, we send emails to filmmakers and ask them to update their submission with any social media links, so that we can tag them. Here are some common responses that we get:

  1. "I don't like social media and I don't use it."
  2. "People say that social media doesn't matter, because most of it's fake."
  3. "I don't have time to Tweet, I am working on writing better screenplays."
  4. "People on social media can be mean and cruel, so I just don't use it anymore."
  5. "Do people really care about independent films on Facebook?"
  6. "I don't want people to think I am spamming them."
  7. "I don't want people to think that I am bragging too much."
  8. "It is the festivals job to market, I don't have time to market."

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When Competing With Other Submissions, Every Advantage Helps

Stay ahead of the game and include at least one social media link in your submission. Even if it's for your production company or for all of your creative writing. There are clear advantages to being active, as it relates to your submission. You never know when a Film Festival might check in on your social media link, just to see how your film is doing on the Film Festival Circuit. What would you like them to find when they click on it?


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