Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2019


Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2019 Tickets

Georgia Shorts Film Festival June 14-15, 2019

The Georgia Shorts Film Festival will screen 12 hours of the hottest local and international short independent films on the Film Festival Circuit at Atlanta Brewing Company June 14-15, 2019. Short Films from 16 countries and 20+ US States are represented in this year's event.





Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2019 Official Film Selections

Session 1
Friday June 14, 2019
4:00pm - 630pm EST
  1. (Curro),..., Directed by Micah Stathis (New York)
  2. #MenToo, Directed by Bradley Bohannon & Brandon McDuff (Georgia)
  3. 37:24, Directed by Jesse Egan (California)
  4. 4-11 Willows Road, Directed by Noah Wong (Georgia)
  5. 6 Angry Cubans, Directed by Trisha LaFache (California)
  6. A Hard Day in the Empire, Directed by Sezen Kayhan (Turkey)
  7. A Love of Jazz, Directed by Selana LaVonne & Brandon Alexander (Georgia)
  8. A Representative Will Be With You Shortly, Directed by Elliot Katz, Jon Stewart (Georgia)
  9. A Story of Courage, Directed by Ariana Feiner (Georgia)
  10. All Dolled Up!, Directed by Leah Cronican (California)
  11. And Then We'll Be Happy, Directed by Jesse Aultman (Alabama)
  12. Angels in Rocket Field, Directed by Pamela Perrine (Georgia)
  13. Anonymous Psychos, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  14. Arriving, Directed by K.Prada & J.Prada (Spain)
  15. Bae, Directed by Ryan Cervasio (New Jersey)
  16. Banker by the Lake, Directed by Shukai Wang (New York)
  17. Big Paradise, Directed by JP Olsen & Kristen Nutile (Ohio)
  18. Break, Directed by Enrique Batiste (California)
  19. Brunch before Baptism, Directed by Kent J Arceneaux & David Luck (Louisiana)
  20. Bully, Directed by Damien Howard (Australia)



Session 2
Friday June 14, 2019
7:00pm - 9:30pm EST
  1. Bxautiful Nightmarx, Directed by Brittny Williams & Juanita Ingram (Indiana)
  2. Cellular, Directed by Anthony Bradford (Georgia)
  3. Clueless, Directed by Nathan Moore (California)
  4. Conviction, Directed by Khadija Diakite (Massachusetts)
  5. Crescent, Directed by Edward Worthy (Mississippi)
  6. Damsel, Directed by Scott Langford (Texas)
  7. Dandelions, Directed by Jason Winn (Georgia)
  8. Day 8, Directed by Dusty Mitchell (Georgia)
  9. Dead Winter, Directed by Jason Winn (Georgia)
  10. Dial M for Morons, Directed by Jaclyn Chessen (California)
  11. Don't Expel the Blacks, Directed by Princess A. Hairston (New York)
  12. Duke, Directed by Thiago Dadalt (California)
  13. Eagle Death Match, Directed by Jim Punnett (Australia)
  14. Eagleman, Directed by Wesley Jamal Fleming (Florida)
  15. Elixir, Directed by Jinghan Zhang (New York)
  16. Emily, Directed by Addie Dobson (Georgia)
  17. Emptiness, Directed by Yoann Suberviolle (France)
  18. Eve, Directed by T.C. Barrera (Georgia)
  19. Fair Fight, Directed by Luis Miguel Leal (Georgia)
  20. Fallout of the Reaper, Directed by Trent t Duncan (Florida)
  21. Fat Boy, Directed by Bruce H. Bosley (Washington)
  22. Federation Temple, Directed by Trei Hill (Georgia)
  23. Finley, Directed by J. Zachary Thurman (Georgia)
  24. Five Stars, Directed by Marvin Zana (New York)



Session 3
Saturday, June 15, 2019
12:00pm - 4:00pm EST
  1. Followers - Wifi, Interrupted , Directed by Milton Ng (Canada)
  2. Fred Needs a Friend, Directed by Turner Munch (California)
  3. Freedom, Directed by Yuri+Ana (Brazil)
  4. Ghost Tours (of Québec), Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  5. Gimcrack, Directed by Luis Peña (Georgia)
  6. Guster, Directed by John C Kelley (Tennessee)
  7. Happy Birthday Art, Directed by Andy Harmon (California)
  8. Harper Finch, Directed by Matthew Toronto & Jonathan Baker (California)
  9. Hearts & Minds, Directed by Michael Heaton (Canada)
  10. Her Turf: The Untold Story about Three Female Football Refs, Directed by Shantel Hansen (United States)
  11. Heroes in Our Minds, Directed by Scott McKinney (Georgia)
  12. High Strung, Directed by Gwen Malowany (North Carolina)
  13. Huge P Word, Directed by Jacqueline Anderson (New York)
  14. I Am Social, Directed by Selina Nenning (Austria)
  15. I Love You... Forever, Directed by Sharice Henry Chasi & Akil DuPont (Georgia)
  16. I'm Blakely, Directed by Kaylee Moody (Georgia)
  17. In Living Color, Directed by Brittany E. Walton (Georgia)
  18. Job, Directed by Bryan F. Davis (Florida)
  19. Just My Type, Directed by E.G. Fendler (California)
  20. Killer Service, Directed by Grace O'Brien (Australia)
  21. La Caricia, Directed by Aurel Ganz (Switzerland)
  22. Let the Kids Run the World, Directed by Oğuzhan Dursun (Turkey)
  23. March Comes After April, Directed by santiago Fierro (California)
  24. Mariza - Trigueirinha, Directed by Filipe Miguel Correia dos Santos (Portugal)
  25. Masters, Directed by Mark Ward (New Jersey)
  26. May Day, Directed by Olivier Magis & Fedrik De Beul (Belgium)
  27. Mercy, Directed by Dennis Ostermann (Germany)
  28. Mike's Place, Directed by Justin Borgman (Georgia)
  29. Mistake, Directed by Bailey Liu (Florida)
  30. Mondello, Directed by Andrew Adams (California, Canada)
  31. My Big Brother, Directed by Paweł Zdanowski (Poland)
  32. My Talk With Shelly, Directed by Nathan Rigaud & Neriah Kharece (Georgia)
  33. Napalm, Directed by Ryan Daniel Browne (California)
  34. Neither Here Nor There, Directed by Jude Kawwa (Georgia)
  35. Not Me, Directed by Mahmoud Salimi (Georgia)
  36. Novella, Directed by Terayle Hill (Georgia)
  37. O.C.D., Directed by Jade Gautier (France)
  38. On The Subway, Directed by Talora Michal (Florida)
  39. Once Bitten..., Directed by Pete Tomkies (United Kingdom)
  40. One Up, Directed by Alexander Lorian (Australia)
  41. Park Life, Directed by Anthony Thornton-Hopwood (United Kingdom)
  42. Parked, Directed by Brian White (Alabama)
  43. Peggy, Directed by Justin O'Neal Miller (Georgia)



Session 4
Saturday, June 15, 2019
5:30pm - 9:30pm
  1. Prom Queens, Directed by Cory Souto (New York)
  2. Rainy Season, Directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright (Georgia)
  3. Ranting & Raving, Directed by Jay Zellman (New Jersey)
  4. Rest Stop, Directed by Stephen Baxter (Canada)
  5. Roscoe the Junkyard Cat, Directed by Ken Carlson (Washington)
  6. Routine, Directed by Christian Eaves (Tennessee)
  7. Scat Cats, Directed by Nick Ouchie (Wisconsin)
  8. She Said Nothing, Directed by Xuan Li (China)
  9. Siege, Directed by Deeptanshu Sinha (India)
  10. Silencer, Directed by Ahmed Lucan (Georgia)
  11. Skipping the Small Stuff, Directed by Dakota Evans (Illinois)
  12. Soul Bones, Directed by Andrew Huggins (North Carolina)
  13. Space Trash, Directed by Alex Ptak (California)
  14. Spin the Bottle, Directed by Camilo Diaz (Georgia)
  15. Stamina, Directed by Tyler Cole (Georgia, Florida)
  16. Stand Up, Directed by Christian Argamasilla (Florida)
  17. String Phone, Directed by Geoffrey Donne (California)
  18. Stuntwoman, Directed by Stacie Davis (Georgia)
  19. Sweetheart, Directed by Jérémie Seguin (France)
  20. Symptoms, Directed by Courtney Gains (California)
  21. Talismans, Directed by Matthew Charles Thompson (New York)
  22. Talk, Directed by Sumit Singh Sandhu (India)
  23. Terrordactyl, Directed by E.K. Scarfone (Washington)
  24. The Banality, Directed by Michael Stevantoni & Strack Azar (Mississippi)
  25. The Cuddlers, Directed by Sean Gloria & Tyshon Freeman (Georgia)
  26. The Devil's Elbow, Directed by Clayton Brandon & Trey Brandon (Georgia)
  27. The Eternal Mirror, Directed by Liam Pinheiro-Rogers (England)
  28. The Greeting, Directed by Michael Ricci (Illinois)
  29. The Ham Sandwich, Directed by Paul Catalanotto (Louisiana)
  30. The Man in the Mirror, Directed by Zack Burkett (Georgia)
  31. The Mask I Wear, Directed by Brett Newton (Georgia)
  32. The Mission, Directed by Branden Arnold (Georgia)
  33. The Most Magnificent Thing, Directed by Arna Selznick (Canada)
  34. The Producer, Directed by David Marshall Silverman (Georgia)
  35. The Return Of Louis Horne, Directed by Nathan Britton (England)
  36. The Senator, Directed by Shayain Lakhani (Georgia)
  37. The Terms of Us, Directed by Roberto Sanchez (California)
  38. The Things We Leave Behind, Directed by Zhenya Townley & Kashalah Robinson (Georgia)
  39. The Widow, Directed by Brendan Young (Australia)
  40. Tuesday Crowd, Directed by William Kioultzopoulos (California)
  41. Tutorial > SKIP?, Directed by Thy Vo & Sydney Seekford, Ryan Imm (Georgia)
  42. Un{H}armed, Directed by Tyrone L. Robinson (Colorado)
  43. Utopia, Directed by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela (California)
  44. Weird Guy on Set, Directed by Cyril Nnnamani & Anetria Douglas (Georgia)
  45. Zombie Debt, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California)


Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2019 Official Screenplay Selections

  1. 1970, Written by Larry A Henrikson (Connecticut)
  2. A Good Ruckus, Written by (Texas)
  3. A Short Drop and A Sudden Stop, Written by Margaret Dane (United Kingdom)
  4. Ache, Written by LeLe Park (Illinois)
  5. Anatomy of a Crime Scene, Written by (New York)
  6. And Sat Down Beside Her, Written by Aiona Byuwek (Washington)
  7. And Today Was a Good Day, Written by Jamal Fortune (Georgia)
  8. Avocado Toast, Written by Tyler Farr (Utah)
  9. Bad Hair, Written by (Maryland)
  10. Big Rack Candy Mountain, Written by Al Kline (South Carolina)
  11. Bonspiel, Written by (New York)
  12. Born Again, Written by Daniel Schooling (California)
  13. Breaking the Silence, Written by Seayoon Jeong & Sandra Phillips (New York)
  14. Burying Mitchell, Written by Sam Williamson (Missouri)
  15. Candyland .Com, Written by Joan Barrett (Canada)
  16. Cheek To Cheek Pilot Episode, Written by (New Jersey)
  17. Choose This Day, Written by Laura Poindexter (Georgia)
  18. Coyote, Written by (Indiana)
  19. D.C. Dog, Written by Alex Sosin (United States)
  20. Dad School, Written by (Maryland)
  21. Dating at Dawn, Written by Mark Christopher Boyd (California)
  22. Dumbest Generation, Written by Leslie Lyshkov (Washington)
  23. Fake News Blues, Written by (Texas)
  24. Finale, Written by Gregory Paul Fusco (New York)
  25. Finding Tessa, Written by Eric Willis (Kansas)
  26. Funeral of a Lifetime, Written by Sarah A. Newton (california)
  27. Gathering Grace, Written by Melissa Goodall (Colorado)
  28. Get 'em Back, Written by Kyle Porter (Georgia)
  29. Go(o)d Evening, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  30. How Did We Get Here?, Written by Travis Darkow & Chris Isaacson (Washington)
  31. How Skin Face Got His Groove Back, Written by (Canada)
  32. Hunk of Burning Love, Written by Jenna Cornell, Craig Knitt (Wisconsin)
  33. Insignificant, Written by Wendy Wilkins (California)
  34. Instant Harmony, Written by (New York)
  35. Iron Lung, Written by Kevin Kraft (California)
  36. It's All Greek To Me, Written by Richard C Geiwitz (Maryland)
  37. Jed Steele Ep 02: "Snakes Alive!", Written by Sean Whitley (Texas)
  38. Jefferson, Franklin and Larry, Written by (United States)
  39. Junk Luck, Written by Kyle Young (Texas)
  40. Learn As You Go, Written by Lori Kay Allred (Colorado)
  41. Life's a Pitch, Written by (Maryland)
  42. Lucky Hoodie, Written by (Georgia)
  43. Mani, Written by Kansas Starr (California)
  44. Marry Me, Later Maybe, Written by (North Carolina)
  45. Mexican Jesus, Written by Matthew Pinard (Arizona)
  46. Mom, Written by Jordan Champagne (Canada)
  47. Mr.Roosevelt, Written by Bettina Horton (Georgia)
  48. My Dead Clown, Written by (Indiana)
  49. Not The Girls You're Looking For, Written by Marissa Lessman (California)
  50. Office Guns, Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  51. Pennyless, Written by Brian Du (Oklahoma)
  52. Phoenix Reign - Episode Four, Written by Nicholas Thomas (NY)
  53. Pitching Tents, Written by Cody Peterson (Canada)
  54. Post Production, Written by Ray Rocky (Illinois)
  55. Rest Assured, Written by (Canada)
  56. Safe Spot, Written by (Georgia)
  57. So Much For Happy Endings, Written by Robby Troy Henrickson (Wisconsin)
  58. Something New, Written by Michael Abel (California)
  59. Sound of Wings, Written by Sean Coe (Maryland)
  60. SSB, Written by Kayla Sutton (Georgia)
  61. Stage/Film Play "Da Dealership" Script, Written by Darius Tremayne Smith (Texas)
  62. Sugar Cube, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  63. The Adventures of Chatsworth Miller, Written by C.W. Jones (Georgia)
  64. The Audition (Bronco's Dolls Go to Hollywood), Written by Lee Lee Kitchen (Florida and California)
  65. The Best Solution Ever, Written by (Georgia)
  66. The Best You Got, Written by Taz Lake (Georgia)
  67. The Blind Date, Written by (Colorado)
  68. The Convenient Prayer, Written by Alan Harrington (Canada)
  69. The Disentanglement of Odelia, Written by Kansas Starr & Jack James (California)
  70. The Evening, Written by Alan Harrington (Canada)
  71. The Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Project, Written by Robert Chung (New Jersey)
  72. The Falls on 51, Written by Steve Kobb (Texas)
  73. The Garden, Written by Guillermo Ortiz & Katie Sullivan (Puerto Rico, Michigan)
  74. The Joy Stik, Written by (Canada)
  75. The Kiss, Written by Terry Menefee Gau (Virginia)
  76. The Labyrinth, Written by Evan Davis (New York)
  77. The Masses, Written by Toni Nagy (New Hampshire)
  78. The Missile, Written by (Maryland)
  79. The Mourning After, Written by Celeste (Georgia)
  80. The New Wine, Written by Matthew Douglas Pinard (Michigan)
  81. The Ninja Ladyboys, Written by Rob Portus (United Kingdom)
  82. The Odyssey of Homer Ledbetter, Written by (Arkansas)
  83. The Optimist House, Written by Matthew Douglas Pinard (Michigan)
  84. The Pit, Written by Larry A Henrikson (Connecticut)
  85. The Pledge, Written by Uriel F Rodriguez (Massachusetts)
  86. The Third Wish, Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  87. The Three Little Breakups, Written by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (Massachusetts)
  88. The Weathermen's Society, Written by Mick Mulvaney (Illinois)
  89. The Winged Avenger, Written by Walter Stewart (California)
  90. Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly, Written by (Maryland)
  91. Tilt, Written by Pearse Lehane (Oregon)
  92. Tilt, Written by Steven Brewer (Washington)
  93. Two Legs for Bubba, Written by Jeremy Filiatrault (New York)
  94. Until They Are Home, Written by Mary Kate Allen (Georgia)
  95. Untitled Firefighter Sitcom - Pilot, Written by Haley Snowden (Ohio)
  96. Vloggerman, Written by Christopher Sartorius (Georgia)
  97. Volleyball Dudes ... the Gnarliest!!!, Written by Liam McGrath (California)
  98. What RU Wearing, Written by Aiona Byuwek (Washington)
  99. What's A Little Ax Between Friends, Written by (New York)
  100. Where The Men Are, Written by Wendy Wilkins (California)
  101. Whispers, Written by (Canada)
  102. You Will Never Walk Alone, Written by Amrith Singh Purewal (India)

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