Georgia Shorts Film Festival Fall 2019


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The Georgia Shorts Film Festival Fall 2019 is coming soon!


The  3rd Georgia Shorts Film Festival Fall 2019  event will take place November 10, 2019 in Atlanta.  75+ Short  Films from 30+ US States and 20+ countries will screen for one day  at the Wild Heaven West End Brewery and Gardens. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite. Any dollar amount that you spend your tickets, helps to support the venue rental fees for this event. Your purchase also gives international and Georgia based filmmakers an opportunity to screen the newest Independent Short Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Atlanta Audience. Most of these films, have never screened in the state of Georgia. Please join us for this Short Film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #GeorgiaShortsFilmFestival in your social media posts related to this event.


Georgia Shorts Film Festival Fall 2019 Schedule
Session One: 11:00am
Session Two: 12:00 pm
Session Three: 1:30pm
Session Four: 3:00pm

Session Five: 4:30pm

Session Six: 6:00pm

Session Seven: 7:00 pm

Awards Presentation: 8:00pm 


Official Film Selections

Session One 11:00am:

  1. Coffee Time with the Bros, Directed by JD Boxley (California)
  2. Boost, Directed by Brad Watts (Massachusetts )
  3. Bag Of Worms, Directed by Grace Rowe (California/ Texas/ Georgia)
  4. Extra Innings, Directed by John Gray (California )
  5. Gap, Directed by Yucaho Lai (California)
  6. Kiss Me Malibu, Directed by Mikel Arraiz (Spain)
  7. Lady Justice, Directed by Saray D. Guidetti (California)
  8. Liam and May, Directed by Keith Murphy (Canada/ Ireland)
  9. Like Wolves, Directed by Michael Silva (California)
  10. Royal Flush, Directed by Tony Cruz and Jon Barden (Pennsylvania)
  11. Short Calf Muscle, Directed by Victoria Warmerdam (Netherlands)
  12. The Confession, Directed by Clark Stefanic (Pennsylvania)
  13. The Mother of All Flowers, Directed by Merve Caydere Dobai (California)
  14. The Nun's Kaddish, Directed by Luis ismael (Portugal)
  15. The Timepiece, Directed by Karan Choudhary (New York)
  16. You Look Amazing, Directed by Jen Wineman (New York)
  17. Yes, I Will Hold, Directed by C.C. Miller (California)
  18. Bound East for Cam Ranh, Directed by Loi Huyhn and Jordan X. Waterworth
  19. (Massachusetts )
  20. Gap, Directed by Yucaho Lai (California)

Session Two 12:00pm:

  1. A Devil In God's Country, Directed by Gary Turner Ivey (Georgia)
  2. Adnan Far From Home, Directed by J Matt Wallace (Texas/ Turkey)
  3. Asking For It, Directed by Yusrah Khan (Georgia)
  4. Bridge, Directed by Jesse Scimeca (Georgia)
  5. Call Me Baddie, Directed by Meghna Nagarajan (Georgia)
  6. Cosmic Clash, Directed by Derek Walker (Georgia)
  7. Escaping Demons, Directed by Richard Clabaugh (North Carolina)

Session Three 1:30pm :

  1. Godspeed, Directed by Sunny Wai Yan Chan (Georgia)
  2. Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Directed by Eddie G (Georgia)
  3. Green Card, Directed by Frances Chang (Georgia)
  4. Elephants Purr Like Cats Do, Directed by Kaleigh Spencer (Florida)
  5. Grapevine, Directed by David Bergen (Georgia)
  6. Disconnect, Directed by Trey Riley (South Carolina)

Session Four 3:00pm :

  1. Hear My Pain, Directed by Victoria Renee (Georgia)
  2. Here For The Night, Directed by Taylor Ellis (Georgia)
  3. Hey Zeus, Directed by Jose A Acosta (Georgia)
  4. House Call, Directed by Lorraine Reyes (Georgia)
  5. Instalife, Directed by Marshall Seese, Jr. (Georgia)
  6. Invitation, Directed by Chad Hill (Louisiana)
  7. Iteration 13, Directed by Jaire George (Tennessee)
  8. Jade, Directed by Kevin "DoItJack" Jackson (Georgia)

Session Five: 

  1. MeMaw, Directed by Zanah Thirus (Georgia)
  2. Occam's Razor, Directed by Ronen Schechter (Georgia)
  3. Out of Commission, Directed by Mackenzie Clark (Texas)
  4. Peach Cobbler, Directed by Andrew Huggins (North Carolina)
  5. Pretty Dead Things, Directed by Michael Anthony (Georgia)
  6. Safe & Happy, Directed by Richard Ulrich (Missouri)
  7. Serpendipity, Directed by Carlos Mejia and Kevin Barwick (Florida)

Session Six 4:30 :

  1. Steve, Directed by Jason Hightower (New York)
  2. Stripped, Directed by Claire Bronson (Georgia)
  3. Sur'vi, Directed by Stephen Wise (Florida)
  4. The Great Rabbit Rescue, Directed by Kelsey Hawkinson (Georgia)
  5. The Journeyman, Directed by Pamela Perrine (Georgia)

Session Seven 7:00pm:

  1. The Sound of Silence, Directed by Donald Wilson (North Carolina)
  2. The Squawking Dead, Directed by Richard Clabaugh (North Carolina)
  3. There's Nothing in the Shed, Directed by David Axe (South Carolina)
  4. Tiffany, Directed by Christina Christie (Florida)
  5. Catch, Directed by Adante Watts (Georgia)


Official Screenplay Selections

  1. A Bridal Tail, Written by Mark Jay Rosen (Washington)
  2. Always Hope, Written by Janice L. Walker (Ohio)
  3. Angel City, Written by Al Mertens (Oklahoma)
  4. Bad Rap, Written by Betsy Green (Texas/ California)
  5. Balthazar & Snirt, Written by Jim McCullough (Missouri)
  6. Band Geeks, Written by Bill Baber (California)
  7. Blink, Written by Will Buntin (Kansas)
  8. Burn My Pages, Bury My Crown, Written by Anita Morina (United Kingdom)
  9. Camping, Written by Maria Valdez (California)
  10. Charlie Horowitz, Written by Dillon Fuhrman (Wisconsin)
  11. Cherry, Written by Bryan Wynn Sutton (Georgia)
  12. Chronology, Written by Ricky Tyree (Georgia)
  13. Deadsitting, Written by Gabriel Meyers (California)
  14. Death of a Revolutionary, Written by Marshall Ferrin (Maryland)
  15. Deep East Texas, Written by Shaun Ireland (Texas)
  16. Deep East Texas: The Attoyac, Written by Shaun Ireland (Texas)
  17. Dog, Written by Kelly Parks (California)
  18. For Better or For Worse, Written by Clara Bijl (California)
  19. Full Figured, Written by Aliya Jackson (California)
  20. Fury of a Woman Scorned, Written by Eriah S Howard (California)
  21. Haven, Written by Jimmie Rogers and Autumn Rogers (Georgia)
  22. How to Be (Dys)Functional After Divorce, Written by Erin Keefer Reich (Florida)
  23. I Know How To Swim, Written by Cheryl Lewis (New York)
  24. Illation, Written by Ryan M. Reece (Tennessee)
  25. Jim's Not Dead, Written by Carolee Caffrey (California)
  26. Judas and the Dead Dog-Baltimore, Written by David Thorndill (Maryland)
  27. Love Virtually, Written by Matthew Papadopoulos (Australia)
  28. Lulu, Written by Marshall Ferrin (Maryland)
  29. Mismatch, Written by Bernhard Riedhammer (Germany)
  30. Mom, Written by Jordan Champagne (Canada)
  31. Neptune's Honor, Written by Larry Thomas (California)
  32. Nineteen, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  33. Oh, my Leo!, Written by Jeff Naparstek (North Carolina)
  34. Paradise Unbecoming, Written by Jim Norman (Florida)
  35. Pen & Pencil: Next Semester, Written by Devone Jones (California)
  36. Perfect, Written by Celeste (Georgia)
  37. Perpetual Valhalla, Written by Travis Davidson and Jack Davidson (Texas)
  38. Porcelain, Written by Caleb Buntyn (Texas)
  39. Princess Coyote, Written by Johanna Falzone (Florida)
  40. PUNCH!, Written by Meredith Grace Dabney (Georgia)
  41. Serial Killers Anonymous, Written by Robert Forsberg (California)
  42. SMDH (Comedic Pilot Episode), Written by Shauna Stanley and Travis Stanley (Georgia)
  43. Smoking Gun, Written by Darius Todd (Georgia)
  44. Sofia's Eyes, Written by Jose Luis Anaya (México)
  45. StarPeople2010, Written by Kelly LaCombe (Washington)
  46. Stay the Night, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  47. Sucks To Be You, Written by Andrew Pinon (California)
  48. Sunshine State: Duende, Written by Kai Thorup (Georgia)
  49. The Boneyard, Written by M.r. Fitzgerald (Minnesota)
  50. The Cemetery Plots, Written by D. B. Silvis (Florida)
  51. The Mirror, Written by juan Álvarez Castelló (Venezuela)
  52. The Mobsters Boss (pilot script), Written by Dana Maree Olita (California)
  53. The Musketeers And The Zombies, Written by Robert Cole (Mexico)
  54. The Regrettable Demise of Mr. Greenscreen, Written by M. V. Montgomery (Georgia)
  55. Three Ladies of Orpington, Written by Daniel Guyton (Georgia)
  56. Two Guys on the Docks, Written by Jake Buczewski (Pennsylvania )
  57. Under Cover of Trust, Written by Robert Gokay (California/ Ohio )
  58. Venus, Written by Andrew Pinon (California)
  59. Weekend Warriors, Written by Brian McDevitt Jr. (California)
  60. What Ever Happened To Jonny Faith, Written by Benjamin Pollack (California)
  61. When Darkness Falls, Written by Arturo Portillo (New Mexico)
  62. Zombie Corp, Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)


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