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The 2018 Horror Films In Hotlanta film line-up has finally been set. 29 Horror Films from 10 different countries will screen on October 26-27, 2018 at 11:59pm! It's a late night of terror that will feature the best Horror Films on the Film Festival Circuit.





Horror Films In Hotlanta 2018

Official Selections: Film

  1. "Alfred J Hemlock" Directed by Edward Lyons (Australia) - Watch The Trailer!
  2. "Attack of the Potato Clock" Directed by Victoria Lopez, Ji young Na (Florida)
  3. "Bad Candy" Directed by Scott Hansen (Virginia)
  4. "Banshee" Directed by Adam O'Brien (Canada) - Watch The Trailer!
  5. "Beneath" Directed by David Hollands (Canada)
  6. "Damian" Directed by José Luis Anaya - Watch The Trailer!
  7. "Dead Run" Directed by Shane Taylor (Alaska) - Watch The Trailer!
  8. "Diable en Boite" Directed by Jaye Starkes (Georgia)
  9. "En Passant" Directed by Barron Hilton (California)
  10. "Enoch" Directed by Yasmin Neal
  11. "Existence on Earth" Directed by Seth Whitehurst (Indiana)
  12. "Here + After" Directed by Jake Akuna (California)
  13. "Like Every Morning" Directed by Cédric Dupuis (France) - Watch The Trailer!
  14. "Liz Drives" Directed by Mia'kate Russell (Australia)
  15. "Lollipop" Directed by Donald Martin III (California)
  16. "Mary" Directed by Rosco Guerrero (United States)
  17. "Meat" Directed by Antoine Osorio, Paul-andré Robin (France)
  18. "Mongers" Directed by Jim Valosik (Tennessee)
  19. "Moving In" Directed by Cindy Maples (Kentucky)
  20. "Pages" Directed by Shaan Couture (France/New York)
  21. "Plastik" Directed by Valerio Mazzarella (California)
  22. "Shear Madness" Directed by Jay Ness - Watch The Trailer!
  23. "The Candle" Directed by René Ashton (California)
  24. "The Dollmaker" Directed by Alan Lougher (Florida)
  25. "The Freeze" Directed by Trevor Mirosh (Canada)
  26. "The Man Who Loved Flowers" Directed by Darcy Love (Canada)
  27. "The Pick Up" Directed by Taylor Morden (Oregon)
  28. "Tremble" Directed by David Hollands (Canada)
  29. "Venus" Directed by Biagio Gulino

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Horror Films In Hotlanta 2018

Official Selections: Short Screenplays

  1. "Abandon All Hope" Written by Maximilian Federman & Ian Sutherland (Oklahoma)
  2. "Boo" Written by Rakefet Abergel (California)
  3. "Busted" Written by Sergio Hira (Suriname)
  4. "C.R.T" Written by Ryan Rosenblum (California)
  5. "Caged" Written by Travis Darkow (Washington)
  6. "Dead Reckoning" Written by Guillermo Ortiz & Katie Sullivan (United States)
  7. "Deadme" Written by Paul Hart-Wilden & Asabi Lee (California)
  8. "Flicker" Written by Chris Blount (United States)
  9. "Glass Bottles" Written by David González
  10. "Heart of The Forest" Written by Anne Xu (California)
  11. "Hide & Seek" Written by Roger Chong (California)
  12. "Lycanthrope" Written by Roger Sampson (Texas)
  13. "New Year's with the Devil" Written by Maurizio Lai (Italy)
  14. "On All Hallow's Eve" Written by PJ Cormack (Ireland)
  15. "Pray For Us" Written by Gregory Cusumano (California)
  16. "Promised Ones" Written by Rod Hudgins (Florida)
  17. "Proof of Humanity" Written by Clay Neigher (United States)
  18. "Rose" Written by Luke Walker (United Kingdom)
  19. "Ruby" Written by Roger Sampson (Texas)
  20. "Servile(?)" Written by Travis Darkow (Washington)
  21. "The Cave of Screaming Children" Written by R.Wayne Gray (Vermont)
  22. "The Doll Maker" Written by Dene Stark (Australia)
  23. "The Garden" Written by Guillermo Ortiz & Katie Sullivan (United States)
  24. "The Hermit & The Automatons" Written by Joe Wakefield (California)
  25. "The Prize" Written by William Jody Ebert (New Jersey)
  26. "They're Watching" Written by Samantha Bringas (New Jersey)
  27. "White Knight" Written by Katya Delaney (Texas)
  28. "Yukon Jack" Written by Leonard Varasano (New Jersey)
  29. "Zombie Corp" Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)


Horror Films In Hotlanta 2018

Official Selections: Feature Length Screenplays

  1. "Adland" Written by Simon Wakelin (California)
  2. "American Backwoods: Verhaunt" Written by Flood Reed (California)
  3. "At The Mercy of Faith" Written by Samuel Taylor (California)
  4. "Bad Hair" Written by Richard Geiwitz (United States)
  5. "Beast" Written by Mike Meade (Oregon)
  6. "Becoming" Written by Jessie Kirby (United Kingdom)
  7. "Bigfoot the Impaler" Written by Lucy Fazely (Michigan)
  8. "Black Goose" Written by Janet Hetherington (Canada)
  9. "Blackwood Falls" Written by Jennifer Nicole Stang (Canada)
  10. "Blood's Child" Written by Steven Bogart (Massachusetts)
  11. "Broken Spirits" Written by John Leary (New York)
  12. "Buried Sins" Written by Robert M Heske (Massachusetts)
  13. "Cajun Justice" Written by Mike Briock (California)
  14. "Carmilla" Written by Joshua Russell (Illinois)
  15. "Convention" Written by Mark A. C. Brown (United Kingdom)
  16. "Crossbow Creek" Written by Andrew Pinon (California)
  17. "Death Squad" Written by Charles Richardson (Louisiana)
  18. "Dias De Los Muertos (Days Of The Dead)
  19. "Don't Go Outside" Written by David J. Keogh (United Kingdom)
  20. "Eat This!" Written by Steve Brumwell & Shaun Robinson (United Kingdom)
  21. "Even Steven" Written by Troy Sailing (United States)
  22. "Evil Spirit" Written by Glenn Lissner (North Carolina)
  23. "Fire Lake" Written by Matt Wende (Canada)
  24. "Fowl in a Cage" Written by Craig Draheim II (Michigan)
  25. "Frogranhas: They Want Flesh!" Written by Lucy Fazely & Chris Bieszk (Michigan)
  26. "Gods of Campus" Written by Christopher Kelley (New York)
  27. "Guard Shack 17" Written by Gary Whorley (United States)
  28. "Hibernation" Written by Mike Briock (California)
  29. "Home" Written by Garrett Benningfield (United States)
  30. "How I Learned to Blog Like a Champ After the End of the World" Written by Nick Carmine (Ohio)
  31. "I Love Playing With Fire" Written by Diana Posner (New York)
  32. "Just Juliana" Written by Eric Weber (New York)
  33. "Killer Identity" Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg (California)
  34. "Little Boy Missing" Written by Curtis Larade (Canada)
  35. "Lobison" Written by Joe Tuffy Tofuri (Texas)
  36. "Miss Violet" Written by Christopher Schrack (Virginia)
  37. "Nic Cage vs Zombies" Written by Ian Fortey (Canada)
  38. "Night Terror" Written by Joseph Guerrieri (California)
  39. "Omega Dawn" Written by Eric Taylor (Canada)
  40. "Only Make Believe" Written by Benjamin Owens (United States)
  41. "Paedocracy" (Government Formed of Children) Written By Keith Piner
  42. "Possession" Written by Alex Hornish (New York)
  43. "Pray" Written by Maninder Chana (Canada)
  44. "Rou Garou" Written by Jimmie Smith (Mississippi)
  45. "Searchers" Written by Isaac Ruth (California)
  46. "Shayde" Written by Steven Bogart & Jessica Fox (United States)
  47. "Strappado" Written by Robert J. Rogers (South Carolina)
  48. "Tetralogy of Horror" Written by Leonard Varasano (New Jersey)
  49. "The 12 Days of Christmas" Written by Michael Snow (United States)
  50. "The Color of Evil" Written by Connie Wilson (Texas)
  51. "The Dark Passenger" Written by Jeremy Kirk (Arizona)
  52. "The Haunt" Written by Shiva Rodriguez & D. Duckie Rodriguez (Florida)
  53. "The House From Bunker Hill" Written by Anthony Montes (California)
  54. "The Keys" Written by Paul Grammatico (California)
  55. "The Lady in the Brown Dress" Written by Curtis Larade (Canada)
  56. "The Nightrider" Written by Charles Richardson (Louisiana)
  57. "The Return of Papa Bois" Written by James Barber (Georgia)
  58. "The Tristan Curse" Written by Rachel Searcey (United States)
  59. "The Wanderer" Written by David Blake Knox (Ireland)
  60. "Then There Was One" Written by Rod Hudgins (Florida)
  61. "Toys In The Attic" Written by Keith Piner (Louisiana)
  62. "Twisted Fortune Cookies" Written by Al Jones (Arizona)
  63. "Vivisected" Written by Tracie Jules and & Joey Fama (Texas)
  64. "What Lies Within" Written by Tracie Jules (Texas)
  65. "Win-Eyed Monster: The Devil In Randy Dong" Written by James Hunter (New York)


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