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Horror Films In Hotlanta 2019 Is Coming Soon!

Film Festival Circuit presents the the 3rd Horror Films In Hotlanta event. This independent film festival event will take place October 25, 2019 from 6:00pm - 11:59pm in Atlanta, Georgia. 90+ short horror films from 20 US States and 14 countries will screen in one evening at Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens 1010 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 on October 25, 2019 from 6:00pm - 11:59pm. General admission tickets are available on Eventbrite for $10 each. Your ticket purchase gives local and international filmmakers an opportunity to screen new Horror Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Atlanta Audience. Please join us for this Independent Horror Film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #HorrorFilmsInHotlanta in your social media posts related to this event.


Horror Films In Hotlanta 2019 Schedule
Film Screenings: 6:00pm - 11:59pm
Filmmaker Awards and Networking Mixer 8:00p - 9:00p


Horror Films In Hotlanta 2019 Official Film Selections

  1. Adam, Directed by Carlos J. Ramirez (Oregon)
  2. Affirmations, Directed by Brian (CARLOS) Diaz (Georgia)
  3. After the Rain, Directed by BJ Verot (Canada)
  4. Anonymous Psychos, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  5. Bad Blood, Directed by Travis Darkow (Washington)
  6. Blue Blood, Directed by Lars Janssen (The Netherlands)
  7. Boo, Directed by Rakefet Abergel (California)
  8. Burn, Directed by Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom)
  9. Chickens, Directed by Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr (California)
  10. Cole & Colette, Directed by Matt Boda (California)
  11. Count To Ten, Directed by Christian Sorensen (Montana)
  12. Date From Hell, Directed by Ven Scott (Texas)
  13. Daydream, Directed by Richard Ramirez (Texas)
  14. Daylight Savings, Directed by Kaylyn Bosh (Georgia)
  15. Death Hath No Hold On Me, Directed by Ricky J Payne (United Kingdom)
  16. Devil By His Side, Directed by Gissette Valentin (Georgia)
  17. Disposition, Directed by Eric Thirteen (California)
  18. Doghouse, Directed by Heath Thompson (Texas)
  19. Ducko, Directed by Demitra Papadinis (Massachusetts)
  20. Eat Rich, Directed by Ash Barker, Nevo Shinaar, Molly Pease (Illinois)
  21. Edge of the Woods, Directed by Phranque Wright (Illinois)
  22. Family Practice, Directed by David A Bergen (Georgia)
  23. Fanatico, Directed by Hannah May Cumming (Oregon)
  24. Finley, Directed by J. Zachary Thurman (Georgia)
  25. Follow(h)er, Directed by Renfro Hodge (Georgia)
  26. For Summer, Directed by Jessie Kirby (Ireland)
  27. Forbidden series concept, Directed by Emily Schooley (Canada)
  28. Adam, Directed by Gemma Paul (United Kingdom)
  29. Hecate, Directed by Paco Arasanz (Spain)
  30. Hell Crystal: The Resurrection of Father Foster, Directed by C.R. Parker (Texas)
  31. Her Face, Directed by Ralph Blanchard (California)
  32. Here Comes Eddie, Directed by Christopher Schrack (Virginia)
  33. Horror Anonymous, Directed by Jim Harkins (New York)
  34. I'm Sorry, Directed by Gabriel Galand (Canada)
  35. If Only You Were Free (shorter), Directed by Gregory Cusumano (California)
  36. In A Better Place, Directed by E. D. Mead and Kimmie King (New York)
  37. It Crawled In Through The Window, Directed by Isaac Ruth (California)
  38. Its Not Your Car, Directed by Yaron Nativ & Jon Hodson (Florida)
  39. Jekyll Hyde Gray, Directed by Andrea Williams (Georgia)
  40. Jericho Road, Directed by Brian Petersen (Florida)
  41. Kim, Directed by Madeline Landry (Louisiana)
  42. Legend of the Bogeyman, Directed by Andrew Paterson (Oregon)
  43. Llora Conmigo, Directed by Camilo Urdaneta (Florida)
  44. Love, Directed by Justin Oakley (North Carolina)
  45. Macungie, Directed by Brandon Taylor (Pennsylvania)
  46. Maggie May, Directed by Mia'kate Russell (Australia)
  47. Mama, Directed by Matthew McGahren (Georgia)
  48. Meet You In The Parking Lot, Directed by David Sloan and Jordan Eakin (North Carolina)
  49. Messed Up, Directed by Lucé Tomlin-Brenner (California)
  50. Misdirection, Directed by Lucas Zarro (Hawaii)
  51. Morsitation, Directed by Michael J Smith (Australia)
  52. Mortem happens, Directed by Austin Janowsky (Florida)
  53. Murder House, Directed by Billy Chizmar, Richard Chizmar (Maryland)
  54. No Through Road, Directed by Tobias Ohlsson (Sweden)
  55. Old Mrs. Jenkins, Directed by Taryn Hough, Thomas Norman (California)
  56. Outro, Directed by Paul Bouvier (France)
  57. Papa-Figo, Directed by Alex Reis (Brazil)
  58. Patient Zero, Directed by Issa Currie (Texas)
  59. Playing Games, Directed by Grim (Georgia)
  60. Porcelain Stare, Directed by Robin Rippmann (Switzerland)
  61. Ramona, Directed by Nicole Harris (California)
  62. Rear View, Directed by Austin Faust (Tennessee)
  63. Repent, Directed by 歐崇安(Alan, OU) (Taiwan)
  64. Samantha, Directed by Sebastian Ponton (Canada)
  65. "S" Directed by Juan José Patón (Spain)
  66. Say Hello To The Man, Directed by Amy Baker (United Kingdom)
  67. Shhhh, Directed by Mordechay Jonathan (Israel)
  68. Sleeprise, Directed by Ricky J Sylvester (New Hampshire)
  69. Stickman, Directed by Sára Bevíz (Hungary)
  70. Succubi Scry, Directed by Derek Silver (Virginia)
  71. Terrordactyl, Directed by E.K. Scarfone (Washington)
  72. The Call, Directed by Alban Ravassard (France)
  73. The Conduit, Directed by John Hale (West Virginia)
  74. The Crawling, Directed by M . (California)
  75. The Crisis Or Handshake It Off, Directed by Julian Tepfers (Czech Republic)
  76. The Desecrated, Directed by John Gray (New York)
  77. The Devil's Elbow, Directed by Clayton Brandon, Trey Brandon (Georgia)
  78. The Difference, Directed by YuBin Zheng (Canada)
  79. The Escape Room, Directed by Bessy Adut (California)
  80. The Finicky Cat Teaser Trailer, Directed by Garin Pirnia (Kentucky)
  81. the Fisherman, Directed by Rion Smith (Colorado)
  82. The Foal, Directed by Nikhail Asnani (California)
  83. The Inside, Directed by Michael Tuthill (Maryland)
  84. The Light of Death, Directed by Dave Rajkumar (Georgia)
  85. The Long Wash, Directed by Perry Ruhland (California)
  86. The Man in the Mirror, Directed by Zack Burkett (Georgia)
  87. The Muffin Man, Directed by Ethan Blum (New York)
  88. The Silent Stay, Directed by Christine Doyle (New Jersey)
  89. The Smiling Strangers, Directed by Tom Bragg (New Jersey)
  90. The Squawking Dead, Directed by Richard Clabaugh (North Carolina)
  91. The Tattooist, Directed by Michael Wong (China)
  92. The Valley, Directed by Jordan Stavely, Cody Slice (Texas/Oklahoma)
  93. There's Nothing in the Shed, Directed by David Axe (South Carolina)
  94. Thirst Trap, Directed by Steve Flavin (California)
  95. Three In A Coffin, Directed by Eric L Hansen (Tennessee)
  96. Willa, Directed by Corey Mayne (Canada)
  97. Wiped, Directed by Rohit Govardhanam (California)
  98. Zombie Debt, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California)



Horror Films In Hotlanta 2019 Official Screenplay Selections

  1. Abandon, Written by Carmen Mosley (South Carolina)
  2. Adrift, Written by Stuart Creque (California)
  3. Alabama Sun, Written by Katie Murphy (California)
  4. Angel City, Written by Al Mertens (Oklahoma)
  5. Apollyon's Gold, Written by Robert J. Rogers (South Carolina)
  6. At The Mercy Of Faith - Version 4, Written by Samuel Taylor (California)
  7. Blink, Written by Will Buntin (Kansas)
  8. Can't Run, Can't Hide, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  9. Cat Goddess, Written by Mark Jay Rosen (Washington)
  10. Charlie Horowitz, Written by Dillon Fuhrman (Wisconsin)
  11. Cult Crusade, Written by Samantha Bringas (Arizona)
  12. Dog, Written by Kelly Parks (California)
  13. Don't Run, Written by Kirsten Stoddart (United Kingdom)
  14. Evil Human Beings, Written by Chris Abaya (Virginia)
  15. Gwyneth, Written by Angela Sanner (Pennsylvania)
  16. Hamartia, Written by Ben Hoene (Illinois)
  17. Haven, Written by Jimmie Rogers, Autumn Rogers (Georgia)
  18. He's Waiting, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  19. How Skin Face Got His Groove Back, Written by Ian Pozzebon (Canada)
  20. How to Like Your Babysitter, Written by Billy Rex McAfee (Pennsylvania)
  21. Hunger, Written by Michael Haddock (Washington)
  22. In Town for a Bite, Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)
  23. Indian Chief, Written by Danielle Piper (Florida)
  24. Isle of the Misbegotten, Written by Kyle Hintz (Illinois)
  25. Loon Lake, Written by Abraham Archambault (Washington)
  26. Meat Scarecrow, Written by Joseph Breitman (New York)
  27. My Dead Clown, Written by David Rousculp (Indiana)
  28. Not Welcome, Written by Stephen Dunford (New York)
  29. One Bad Day, Written by Garrett Benningfield (Kentucky)
  30. Onion Witch, Written by Rob Herzog (Illinois)
  31. Porcelain, Written by Caleb Buntyn (Texas)
  32. Rou Garou, Written by Jimmie Smith (Mississippi)
  33. Serial Killers Anonymous, Written by Robert Forsberg (California)
  34. Seymour Crystal - The Worst Serial Killer on Earth, Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg (California)
  35. Sofia's Eyes, Written by José Luis Anaya (Mexico)
  36. Sunshine State: Duende, Written by Kai Thorup (Georgia)
  37. Sydney's Slasher, Written by Matthew Sheather (Australia)
  38. The Boneyard, Written by M.r. Fitzgerald (Minnesota)
  39. The Bunker, Written by Gregory Cusumano (California)
  40. The Caregivers, Written by Mikeal Burgin (Iowa)
  41. The Finicky Cat, Written by Garin Pirnia (Kentucky)
  42. The Historic District, Written by Jodi Gab (Texas)
  43. The Last Zombie on Earth, Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg (California)
  44. The Light Dares To Desert Me, Written by Eriah S. Howard, Gerald Johnson (California)
  45. The Meat Eaters, Written by Danny M. Howell (Virginia)
  46. The Mirror, Written by Juan Alvarez Castello (Venezuela)
  47. The Vision of Sara Lyle, Written by Leonard Varasano (New Jersey)
  48. Theodore, Written by Robert Cole (California)
  49. Visions, Written by Danny M. Howell (Virginia)
  50. Voodoo Zombies 4 Jesus, Written by Nathaniel Garcia (New York)
  51. Wet Rot, Written by Stuart Creque (California)
  52. When Darkness Falls, Written by Arturo Portillo (New Mexico)




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