Houston Comedy Film Festival 2009

By Mikel Fair

Our 1st Comedy Film Festival Event In Houston, Texas

The 1st edition of the Houston Comedy Film Festival took place on February 10, 2009 at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema West Oaks 1000 West Oaks Mall #429, Houston, TX 77082 presented by Film Festival Circuit. The event photos, laurels and award certificates are publicly available on the HCFF Public Google Drive. All film, video, screenplay and teleplay submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submissions. The official HCFF Shirts, Sweatshirts and clothing is now available in our online store. The Houston Comedy Film Festival is a great opportunity to network with others in the Film and Television Industry. Please join us for our next virtual networking meeting co-hosted by Mikel Fair, author of the Film Festival Submitter’s Handbook. If you are interested in attending the HCFF in the future, or to get updates, please join our emailing list.

  1. “6 Minutes Of Brian Watts” (California)
  2. “A Fool’s Reunion” Screenplay Written by Wes Griffin (Oregon)
  3. “Arty’s Treasure” Screenplay Written by Amy Giaquinto (Colorado)
  4. “Attack of the Brown Paper Bags” Directed by Patrick Crowley (Alabama)
  5. “Banana Bread” Directed by Barton Landsman (New York)
  6. “Bent” Directed by Max Ricci (New York)
  7. “Blood from a Stone” Directed by Bill Palmer (California)
  8. “Calzone” Directed by Vincent Dos Reis (France)
  9. “Carbon Dating” Screenplay Written by Louis Rosenberg (California)
  10. “Couples Counseling” Screenplay Written by Cliff Zamowski (Illinois)
  11. “Crooks” Directed by Garrett Cillo (New York)
  12. “Dirty Sex” Directed by Greg Emmerth (Colorado)
  13. “Double Talk” Directed by Randy White (Canada)
  14. “Fixing Jane” Screenplay Written by Miki Kim (California)
  15. “Frat Party” Robert Bennett (Texas)
  16. “Funky Pickles” Directed by Will Moore (Texas)
  17. “Generico presents: The Recession-Proof Professional” Directed by Steven Hoffner (Canada)
  18. “Hipster Backlash” Screenplay Written by Micah Moses (California)
  19. “Huntin’” Directed by Matthew Gratzner (California)
  20. “In a Pickle” Directed by Adrian Carr (California)
  21. “Israeli Intelligence Directed by Alon Gur Arye (Israel)
  22. “James K. Polk Was @#?!ing Awesome” Directed by Adam Bertocci (New York)
  23. “Joey and Jerome’s Artistic Meaningful Independent Film” Directed by Josh Bass (Texas)
  24. “Laid Off” John Launchi (New Jersey)
  25. “Lunch and Learn” Screenplay Written by Cliff Zamowski (Illinois)
  26. “Main Course” Screenplay Written by Lawrence Stern (California)
  27. “Man’s Best Friend” Directed by Luke Eve (Australia)
  28. “Motivational Speaking” Screenplay Written by Lauren Tunnel (Texas)
  29. “Nemesis” Directed by Stian Hafstad (New York)
  30. “Quacks” Screenplay Written by Jerry Milburn (Arizona)
  31. “Run Granny Run!” Directed by Nikolaus von Uthmann (Germany)
  32. “Scouts Honor: Badge To The Bone” Jesse Bryan (Washington)
  33. “Sex, Drugs, and Stu”Directed by Jon Louis (California)
  34. “Siva the Insane: the Moral Crusader” Directed by Siva M Sivakumaran (United Kingdom)
  35. “Skylight” Directed by David Baas (Canada)
  36. “Subterfuge” Directed by Nicholas Urbano (Texas)
  37. “Tattooligans” Screenplay Written by Jon Louis (California)
  38. “Text Me” Directed by Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett (New York)
  39. “The Booby Trap” Directed by Simon Pennekamp (California)
  40. “The Disconnection of Cyrus Bent” Directed by John Belbeck (Canada)
  41. “The Dropout” Directed by Clayton Chaney (California)
  42. “The Evolution of Andrew Andrews” Directed by Will Klipstine (California)
  43. “The Extraordinary Monday of Herman Brumby” Directed by Ari Levinson (Alaska)
  44. “The Guacamole Rap” Directed by Brian Watts (California)
  45. “The Mouse That Soared” Directed by Kyle Bell (Oregon)
  46. “Tighty Whiteys” Directed by Ryan Taylor (Illinois)
  47. “Tones!” Directed by Joshua Fraiman“ (Canada)
  48. “Tracy” Directed by Dan Scanlon (California)
  49. “Twelve Apples and a Wrench” Directed by Adrian Garcia (Massachusetts)
  50. “Twirl” Directed by Mira Lew (California)
  51. “Wedding Knight” Screenplay Written by Stephen Hoover (Louisiana)
  52. “What Would Jesús Do?” Directed by Victor Martin (California)
  53. “Who Don’t Like…? Directed by Steven Katz (Texas)
  54. "Why Am I Doing This?" Directed By Tom Huang (California)

The Houston Comedy Film Festival selects and screens films and videos from the following genre submission categories. Animated Comedy, Comedy, Comedy Series, Dark Comedy, Funny Music Video, Horror Comedy, Mockumentary, and Romantic Comedy.

The Houston Comedy Film Festival selects and acknowledges excellence in writing from the following genre screenplay and teleplay submission categories. Comedy Screenplay, Dark Comedy Screenplay, Horror Comedy Screenplay, Romantic Comedy Screenplay, Comedy Teleplay, Dark Comedy Teleplay

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