Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019






Celebrating 10 years: Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019

The Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019 will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema LaCenterra on Saturday April 13, 2019. There will be over 3 hours of Comedy Film Screenings and a filmmaker awards and networking mixer event. Doors open at 11:30am. The Awards and Mixer event takes place on the patio, after the screenings. Approximately 3:15p - 5:00p.




Official Film, Web Series and Music Video Selections

  1. "2050" Directed by Aleksandra Lupashko (Russian Federation)
  2. "A wreck in Paradise, or the preposterous bar challenge" Directed by François Zaïdi (France) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  3. "AIADW! ~ (All In A Day's Work)" Directed by Sabrina Mendez (Texas)
  4. "American Psychos - Lori The Narcissist" Directed by Chris Buchal (Oregon)
  5. "BIG DATA 'L1ZY'" Directed by Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci (New York)
  6. "Bush Leaguers: Team Photo" Directed by John Dusenberry (California)
  7. "Cat Valium" Directed by Joshua Cabaza (California)
  8. "Clutch" Directed by Jason Zeni (California)
  9. "Creamier" Directed by Julian Klepper (New York)
  10. "Crop Dust" Directed by Thomas Nicol & Andrew Gleason (Illinois)
  11. "Death Mask for Dada" Directed by Theone Masoner (Canada)
  12. "Divorce'ish" Directed by Tarun Verma (Texas) - Watch The Trailer
  13. "Dueling Moms" Directed by Charles Gray (California)
  14. "F#cking 40" Directed by Bill Caco (California) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  15. "Fam Club - Pilot Episode" Directed by Nick Casalini (California)
  16. "Five Second Rule" Directed by Sarah M. Bartley (New York)
  17. "Furryland." Directed by Ian Morgan & Nic Eve (South Africa) - Watch The Trailer
  18. "Geek Lounge Going Solo" Directed by Larry Ziegelman (Illinois) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  19. "Gringa" Directed by Claudia Murray (California/Florida) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  20. "I Loaf You" Directed by YenJuen Lee (New York) - Watch The Trailer
  21. "Inconvenience" Directed by Zavior Phillips & Ellen Askey (Illinois)
  22. "Inside Joke" Directed by Evan Halleck (California)
  23. "Isle" Directed by John Wells (Hawaii) - Watch The Trailer
  24. "JOE." Directed by Kaye Tuckerman (New York) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  25. "Kilmister" Directed by Ricardo Pastor Sierra (Spain)
  26. "La Adivina" (The Storyteller) Directed by Abel Morte (Spain)
  27. "Luchador" Directed by Matt Popp (Canada) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  28. "Meet The Butts" Directed by Rehan Malik (United Kingdom)
  29. "Morbid Spiral: Reborn" Directed by JOE JIANG (Washington)
  30. "My Life As Romantic Comedy" Directed by Chris Sage (Missouri)
  31. "Next Stop" Directed by Brad Gibson (Canada) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  32. "No Census, No Feeling" Directed by Andrew Pagana (California)
  33. "OCD" Directed by Ken Glaser (Ken Glaser)
  34. "Punctured Heart" Directed by Meghan Bradley (California)
  35. "Puppy Love" Directed by Elizabeth Eckert-Ross (New York) - Website
  36. "SABBING" Directed by Shane Martin (United Kingdom)
  37. "Shitty Wizard: Super Cut" Directed by Laurel Dalgleish, Adam Hines, & Caitlin Major (Canada) - Website
  38. "SIX PACK" Directed by Madeline Mack (California)
  39. "Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!" Directed by Riley Wong (United Kingdom) - Website
  40. "Snake Montoya's Guide to Being a Man" Directed by Kyle Geller (California)
  41. "Space Trash" Directed by Alex Ptak (New York)
  42. "Suicide Note" Directed by Stanley Sievers (Illinois) - Website
  43. "Swipe Right" Directed by Corbin Sanders (Washington)
  44. "The Book of Craig - Episode 1" Directed by Tyler Stuart (New York)
  45. "The Friends We Invite Over Into our Brains" Directed by Toni Nagy (New Hampshire) - Website
  46. "The Keystone Nurses: Inspection Time" Directed by Lary Campbell (New Jersey)
  47. "The Marvin Family Tortoise" Directed by Paul Cadenhead (California)
  48. "The Rebound" Directed by Jonathan Avigdori (California) - Website
  49. "The Reunion" Directed by Danny Diaz (Colorado) - Watch The Trailer
  50. "The Right Choice" Directed by Tomisin Adepeju (United Kingdom) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  51. "The Spadina House" Directed by Taso Alexander (Canada)
  52. "The Wake" Directed by Adam Hall (California) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  53. "The Wedding Scene" Directed by Dan Levy Dagerman (California)
  54. "The Wingman" Directed by Jeremy Gutierrez (New York)
  55. "The Worst Travel Show" Directed by Carey Lundin (Canada) - Website
  56. "Under the Covers" Directed by Taniel Kilajian (Texas)
  57. "UNDER THE HAMMER" Directed by Daniel Reisinger (Australia)
  58. "Wedding Waltz" Directed by Severi Koivusalo (Finland)


ISLE Trailer from John Wells on Vimeo.


48 Hour Film Project - FURRYLAND - TRAILER from TinToy Productions on Vimeo.

The Right Choice Trailer from Tomisin Adepeju on Vimeo.


Le Défi du rade, ou l'irrésistible ascension d'un pochard au Paradis - Bande Annonce from Gigowatt Film on Vimeo.


The Reunion - Trailer Remix from Danny Diaz on Vimeo.


Gringa Trailer from Moving Picture Institute on Vimeo.


Next Stop Trailer from Jesters Animation-Jester Coyote on Vimeo.


I Loaf You- trailer from Yen Juen Lee on Vimeo.



Official Screenplay Selections

The following comedy screenplays rated in the top 25% of all screenplay submissions to the Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019. Short Screenplay and Feature Length Categories include: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Romantic Comedy, and TV Episodes / Sitcoms. 

  1. "221B" Written by Mary Wasche & Stan Jones (Alaska)
  2. "51/50" Written by Mark Donnell (Oregon)
  3. "A Future Romance" Written by John Martins III (Arizona)
  4. "A Good Ruckus" Written by Ash Willeby (Texas)
  5. "A Short Drop and A Sudden Stop" Written by Margaret Dane (United Kingdom) - Website
  6. "Adland" Written by Simon Wakelin (California) - Website
  7. "Alternative Universe" Written by Candice Delevante (New York)
  8. "Always Something There to Remind Me" Written by Terry Menefee Gau (Virginia) - Website
  9. "Amuse Me" Written by Shreyas Ayaluri (California)
  10. "And Today Was a Good Day." Written by Jamal Fortune (Georgia)
  11. "Avocado Toast" Written by Tyler Farr (Utah)
  12. "Back Home" Written by Matt Baker (Illinois)
  13. "Bags" Written by Erwan Marinopoulos (France)
  14. "Being Robbed" Written by Tim Bydder (Australia)
  15. "Besties" Written by Christopher Baker (United States)
  16. "Betta than love" Written by Isaac Barlow (Texas)
  17. "Big Rack Candy Mountain" Written by Al Kline (Oregon)
  18. "Billy Goat" Written by Richard Montgomery (Maryland)
  19. "Birthday Getaway" Written by Dale Griffiths Stamos (California)
  20. "Bonspiel" Written by Allyson Simon (United States)
  21. "Born Again" Written by Daniel Schooling (California)
  22. "Brand Spanking New" Written by Al Kline (Oregon)
  23. "Broken Dreams" Written by Ron Hervey (Texas) - Twitter
  24. "Bull" Written by Chris Bonneau & Heather Ellingwood (California)
  25. "Candyland.Com" Written by Joan Barrett (Canada)
  26. "Career Move" Written by Jim Norman (North Carolina)
  27. "Cheap Heat" Written by Aaron Sutch & Ben Greene (Pennsylvania)
  28. "Cheek To Cheek" Written by John Austin Wiggins (New Jersey) - Twitter
  29. "Chinese Speaking Vampires" Written by David A. Williams (China)
  30. "Company Christmas" Written by Diana Lee Woody (California)
  31. "Country Roads" Written by Stephen Bodossian (New Jersey)
  32. "Critical Hit" Written by Jeffrey B. Wayne (Texas)
  33. "D.C. Dog" Written by Alex Sosin (California)
  34. "Dad School" Written by Kevin Sockwell (Maryland)
  35. "Dick 2.0" Written by Henry Sarwer-Foner & Noel Baker (Canada)
  36. "Doctors Without Boundaries" Written by Hayden Croft (California)
  37. "Double Trouble in Paradise" Written by Tom Bragg (New York)
  38. "Dumbest Generation" Written by Leslie Lyshkov (Washington)
  39. "Dusty" Written by Ian Pozzebon (Canada)
  40. "FEAR, There & Everywhere" Written by Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz (Pennsylvania) - Twitter
  41. "Finale" Written by Greg Fusco (New York) - Twitter
  42. "Fireworks" Written by Cody Peterson (Canada)
  43. "First Lady" Written by Nina May (Virgina) - Website
  44. "Follow Me" Written by Aviva Dove-Viebahn & Brittany K. Fonte (Arizona/ Maryland) - Website
  45. "Funeral of a Lifetime" Written by Sarah A. Newton (California)
  46. "Get 'em Back" Written by Kyle Porter (Georgia)
  47. "GO(O)D EVENING" Written by Radoslav Stoyanov (Austria)
  48. "Happy Fun Times" Written by Nathan Zoebl & Ben Bailey (Spain)
  49. "Head Case" Written by Peter Andrews (New York)
  50. "Heather, in the Hills" Written by Anthony Afairo Nze (Indiana)
  51. "HIS Period" Written by Nihal Vasudevan (California)
  52. "How Did We Get Here?" Written by Travis Darkow & Chris Isaacson (Washington) - IMDb
  53. "How Skin Face Got His Groove Back" Written by Ian Pozzebon (Canada)
  54. "I Hate the Smart Art Club!" Written by Hunter Ridgway (District of Columbia)
  55. "I Need This Now" Written by S.C. Mason (New York) - Website
  56. "Insignificant" Written by Wendy Wilkins (California)
  57. "Iron Lung" Written by Kevin Kraft (California)
  58. "It's All Greek To Me" Written by Richard C Geiwitz (Maryland)
  59. "Jefferson, Franklin and Larry" Written by John Martins III (Arizona)
  60. "Juan for the Road" Written by Ross Fischer (Texas)
  61. "Junk Luck" Written by Kyle Young (Texas)
  62. "Just Can't Handle It" Written by Eriah Howard (California)
  63. "Killers and Me" Written by Eric Anderson & Josh Rose (Virginia)
  64. "Let's Be Happy" Written by Tim Bennett-Huxtable (California)
  65. "Life On Set" Written by Russell s Robertson & Jason Carr (California) - Website
  66. "Loan Wolves" Written by Omar David Ramsawh (Florida)
  67. "Love & Happiness" Written by Mike Briock (California)
  68. "Love Upside Down" Written by Jamila Jackson (Indiana)
  69. "Love, Mysterious" Written by Steve Weissman (Australia)
  70. "Made To Be Broken" Written by Robby Troy Henrickson (Wisconsin)
  71. "Marry Me, Later Maybe" Written by Jim Norman (North Carolina)
  72. "Me Me" Written by Daniel O'Connor (Canada)
  73. "Mexican Jesus" Written by Matthew Pinard (Michigan)
  74. "Million To One" Written by Scott Michael Branan (Florida)
  75. "Mom" Written by Jordan Champagne (Canada)
  76. "My Dead Clown" Written by David Rousculp (Indiana) - Website
  77. "Natural Weekend" Written by David Orvis (Indiana) - Website
  78. "(No) Sex Required" Written by Mexi Gremillion (Texas)
  79. "Office Guns" Written by Mark Allard-Will (Canada)
  80. "Oh Well" Written by William Schimel (Illinois)
  81. "Old Dad" Written by Jim Harkins (New York)
  82. "Open your eyes, Dude" Written by Steve Weissman (Australia)
  83. "Outsourced" Written by Tony Ferrendelli (Colorado)
  84. "Pennyless" Written by Brian Du (Oklahoma)
  85. "Philosophically Speaking" Written by Carla Miles & Hans Schmidt (Arizona)
  86. "Pitching Tents" Written by Cody Peterson (Canada)
  87. "Playground Tales: Children of War" Written by Eric White (United States)
  88. "PONG: A Drinking Game" Written by Brent Peaslee (Texas)
  89. "Poop Movie" Written by Byron Conrad Erwin (United States) - Website
  90. "Punctured" Written by Shari Hamrick (California)
  91. "R3ALITY" Written by Caleb Slain (California)
  92. "Rest Assured" Written by George M. Johnson (Canada) - Twitter
  93. "Rodeo Rock Record Shop" Written by Devin Dugan (California) - Twitter
  94. "ScareActor" Written by Kim Donovan (California) - Website - Twitter
  95. "Scared Stiffe" Written by Olivia Harvey (Massachusetts) - Twitter
  96. "She's Unexpecting" Written by Angela Vaut (United States)
  97. "Snakes Alive!" Written by Sean Whitley (Texas)
  98. "Snowball" Written by Zara Zangana (Michigan)
  99. "So Much For Happy Endings" Written by Robby Troy Henrickson (Wisconsin)
  100. "Something New" Written by Michael Abel (California)
  101. "Southern Fried Kimchi" Written by Theodore A. Adams III (Virginia)
  102. "Spacey and Strange" Written by Michael Angelella (Maryland)
  103. "Stacey" Written by Steve Hanisch (New Jersey)
  104. "Stage/Film Play "Da Dealership" Script" Written by Darius Tremayne Smith (Texas)
  105. "Stellar Chance" Written by Nadia Desyatnikova (New York)
  106. "Sweet and Sour" Written by Dora Endre (New York)
  107. "Sydney World" Written by Wilson Jacobs (California)
  108. "That Day Zeb Quit Drinking" Written by R.Wayne Gray (Vermont)
  109. "The Blind Date" Written by Richard Gustason (Colorado)
  110. "The Brumby" Written by Justin Neal (Georgia)
  111. "The Czar of Hollywood" Written by Scott Michael Branan (Florida)
  112. "The Evening" Written by Alan Harrington (Canada)
  113. "The Falls on 51" Written by Steve Kobb (Texas) - Website - Twitter
  114. "The Fireman" Written by Tirosh Schneider (New York)
  115. "The Golden Years" Written by Joe Starzyk (New York)
  116. "The Joy Stik" Written by Harold L. Brown (Canada)
  117. "The Labyrinth" Written by Evan Davis (New York)
  118. "The Last Thing I Do" Written by Scott Stambler (New Mexico)
  119. "The Law Of Dogma" Written by JD Vines (California)
  120. "The Masses" Written by Toni Nagy (New Hampshire)
  121. "The Ninja Ladyboys" Written by Rob Portus (United Kingdom)
  122. "The Odyssey of Homer Ledbetter" Written by Don Willis (Arkansas)
  123. "The Officiant" Written by Carla Miles (Arizona)
  124. "The Pit" Written by Larry A Henrikson (Connecticut)
  125. "The Pledge" Written by Uriel F Rodriguez (Massachusetts)
  126. "The Poissonier" Written by James Davis (Texas) - Twitter
  127. "The Redneck and The Robot" Written by Michael Miller (Texas) - Website
  128. "The Saint and the Devil" Written by Sean Lackey (Ohio)
  129. "The Tour" Written by David J Keogh (United Kingdom)
  130. "The True Fairy Tale of the Mythical Superhero" Written by Leann Barna California)
  131. "The Weathermen's Society" Written by Mick Mulvaney (Illinois)
  132. "The Winged Avenger" Written by Walter Stewart (California)
  133. "Tilt" Written by Steven Brewer (Washington)
  134. "Time to Get iLL" Written by Tom McCaffrey (New York)
  135. "Two Legs for Bubba" Written by Jeremy Filiatrault (New York)
  136. "Unforeseen Circumstances" Written by Kat Thomas (Nevada)
  137. "Untitled Firefighter Sitcom" Written by Haley Snowden (Ohio)
  138. "VietCom" Written by Steve Hanisch (New Jersey)
  139. "Volleyball Dudes... the Gnarliest!!!" Written by Liam McGrath (California)
  140. "Waiting for Jimmy" Written by Emanuel Ruggeri (Australia)
  141. "What Goes Around" Written by D.G. Stern (Florida)
  142. "What I Didn't Know Then" Written by Kathy Aspden (Massachusetts)
  143. "What RU Wearing" Written by Aiona Byuwek (Washington)
  144. "What's A Little Ax Between Friends" Written by Joe Starzyk (New York)
  145. "Where The Men Are" Written by Wendy Wilkins (California)
  146. "Whispers" Written by Tom Hackett (Canada)
  147. "White Lie Wedding" Written by Whitney Powell (California)
  148. "You Will Never Walk Alone" Written by Amrith Singh Purewal (India)
  149. "Young Dudes/Old Dogs" Written by Eric Weber (New York)
  150. "Youth Decay" Written by Brandon Hall (California)
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