Interview With Actor Callum Woodhouse

By Mikel Fair

Actor Callum Woodhouse and Actress Alice Bailey JohnsonBest Actor Award Finalist Callum Woodhouse Interview

I had a chance to catch up with actor Callum Woodhouse from the United Kingdom. Callum stars in the comedy film "Damaged But Interesting" Directed by Dann Emmons. The judges for the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Summer 2020 event (rescheduled for Mid-September 2020 because of COVID) didn't realize at the time, that Mr. Woodhouse was quite the busy actor. He is one of the lead actors in the British comedy-drama show "The Durrells In Corfu." It's no surprise that his performance in "Damaged But Interesting" was noticed by the Austin judges, earning him a Best Actor award nomination. This film written and produced by Peter James Thomas and his team, has also been nominated for the Best International Film Award and is doing very well on the Film Festival Circuit.

Here is the interview:

1) Please explain why doing an independent short film like “Damaged But Interesting” was appealing to you.

"Independent film is so important. It was a huge privilege to be a part of one. I have always been a massive fan of film on every level, so to have the opportunity to work with new filmmakers was a complete joy."

2) The “Art Jensen” character struggles with writer’s block early in the film and seems relieved to step away from the typewriter in order to stimulate his creative juices. How does the real Callum Woodhouse restart his creative process when he becomes unfocused?

"Being a creative comes with its peaks and troughs. I often find myself getting very easily distracted (mainly with PlayStation). But luckily for me when I’m on set there isn’t much room to be unfocused. Also being surrounded by wonderful creative people always helps!"

Actor Callum Woodhouse BTS Photo Damaged But Interesting

3) The twelve Austin Comedy Short Film Festival judges that independently rated your film, all made positive comments about your chemistry with Alice Bailey Johnson. Is she someone that you have worked with before? Are you friends? I’m asking because the dialogue and reactions to each other seemed natural and unscripted.

"Myself and Alice met at the first rehearsal. We were lucky that chemistry came naturally and she was really wonderful to work with."

4) What process did you go through, to make sure that the performance was “natural.” Did you rehearse independently or with the writer and director? How did you go from “words on paper” to “two people care about each other, but finally admit they are incompatible.”

"I had to spend a lot of time on the script. Learning why he said each and every word. It’s really exciting as an actor to be given pages and pages of words to play with. Both director and writer were brilliant at helping me understand the world of the character."

Director dann emmons

5) What’s next for Callum Woodhouse. Are there any projects in development that you are able to talk about?

"I have just finished shooting a new remake of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ playing Tristan. I really hope people enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!"


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