Scavenger, Science Fiction Film Directed By Keith Wilhelm Kopp

By Mikel Fair

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Scavenger, Directed by Keith Wilhelm Kopp

 Scavenger, science fiction film directed by Keith Wilhelm Kopp is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2019. This Film Festival Circuit screening was on February 23, 2019 at the 5th Avenue Cinema in Portland. Synopsis "In the aftermath of a brutal conflict a militia-woman Abbie awakes to a haunting new reality. Can she face the loss of her innocence to survive?" Watch the trailer!



Key points about Scavenger

  • Katharine Rogers who plays Scavenger was in London is Burning, Doctors and The Bill. 
  • The Bafta Nominated writer Robin Mukherjee (Eastenders, Lore and Hetty Feather) was a mentor on the project. 
  • Though set in a fictional world themes relate to current conflicts and loss of innocence to young people. 
  • The director is a former soldier who is interested in exploring the journey of soldier’s lives. 
  • Shot on location Bath, UK. 
  • Scavenger was the graduation project for the writer/producer Laurence Guy on his MA in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University.

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Director Biography - Keith Wilhelm Kopp

Keith Wilhelm Kopp is narrative and documentary film director/ writer from the Pacific Northwest of America based in the UK. He spent four years in the army with a combat deployment to the Middle East. He is interested in the themes relating to trauma (psychological and physical) and how characters are either compelled to overcome or be destroyed by these experiences. Alongside directing Keith has worked in various areas of TV/Film and Commercials in roles as varied as camera driver to being a 1st AD. He is a graduate of the London Film School. His most recent short film Gage has screened in festivals across four continents.


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Director Statement - Keith Wilhelm Kopp

Scavenger is about a woman at three different points in her life affected by conflict. I was interested in Abbie's evolution in war from childhood to late life and how this brought about her change into who she is now. In the world we live in now this is an important topic to explore. The film was the writer/producer Laurence Guy's graduation film at Bath Spa University (Masters in Scriptwriting.)


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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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