More Than A Mustache Documentary Film

By Mikel Fair



More Than A Mustache Documentary Film

The Mustached American of the Year, Directed by Anna Yeager & Peter Subaiya is an inspirational documentary film. First of all, this film about Troy Rivas is a 2017 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Official Selection. This Mustache Documentary also won the Best Picture and Best Director Awards at this Film Festival Circuit event. Furthermore, our judges felt that this was a fun story about a family man. The Oregon Documentary Film Festival judges loved this film for its structure, story telling, cinematography and, of course, the personality of Mr. Rivas. Finally, watch the video Mustached American of the Year video online.



Synopsis: “The Mustached American of the Year” Directed by Anna Yeager & Peter Subaiya

"After growing a mustache in honor of his unborn son. Troy Rivas finds himself pitted against national stars in a fierce online mustache competition. While navigating the new realms of fatherhood and fame. Troy embarks on a jou

rney to give back to the community that embraced his eccentrically styled ‘stache."


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Director's Biography: Anna Yeager

Anna Yeager studied film and video production at Columbia College Chicago. Anna has spent more than a decade of producing videos for a variety of clients and organizations. As a result, this experience taught her that producing meaningful stories for non-profits is her true love. Her passion is creating compelling video of the highest quality for mission-driven organizations of modest means. Anna has created videos for non-profits across the country. Including the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and the Rendville Art Works.  As well as, the International Folk Art Alliance, and also Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Upworthy and Good Morning America.




Interview with Anna Yeager & Peter Subaiya

Q1: First of all, why submit to the Oregon Documentary Film Festival? “In a nutshell, we love Oregon and we love documentaries. We moved to Oregon recently. So we are looking forward to contributing to and getting to know the documentary film community. We love watching and creating documentaries, so this festival seemed like a perfect fit.”

Q2: Is there any special meaning to the title? "The Mustached American of the Year" is the title given to the winner of the American Mustache Institute's annual competition.”

Q3: Why did you choose to tell this particular story? “We wanted to tell a story that could inspire audiences to do something good for our world. While at the same time, we wanted that story to be lighthearted, comedic, and fun to watch. We felt Troy's story was just that.”

Q4: Did you discover certain story elements during the production of this film that you never expected to find? “As we dove deeper into Troy's past, we discovered unexpected family history. Ultimately it changed the course and theme of our story.”




Q5: What camera(s) did you use to during the production of this film? Discuss any advantages or limitations that you may have run into, from an equipment perspective. “We shot our film on a Canon C100 mark ii and a Canon 5D mark iii. We've been longtime Canon users. Therefore for this project we felt that this setup allowed for easy run-and-gun shooting which worked great for this project.”

Q6: How did you fund this film? “We self-funded the entire film from start to finish from savings, which consisted of a very small budget.”

Q7: What kind of audience reaction are you getting to this film? Discuss any Positives or Negatives that you feel comfortable talking about. “The feedback we received, was that it was refreshing to see a documentary that made them laugh.”

Q8: Do you have plans for a sequel or future film that you are working on? “We have no plans for a sequel, but have started brainstorming our next short documentary. Keep an eye on our website ( for updates!”

Q9: Finally, you have completed a documentary film, which is a huge achievement. Do you have any advice for a future filmmaker that is about to start a documentary project? “It's important to have a solid idea of what story you want to tell before you start shooting. Also keep an open mind about how you envision the final product. Stories evolve as you dive into them.”



Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair My name is Mikel Fair. I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit Inc. First of all, we are a company that manages film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Furthermore, we like to have fun and celebrate independent film. I worked for 15 years in the television and film production as a location sound mixer and production manager. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Above all, watching independent films and reading creative screenplays is my passion.

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