Nevada Short Film Festival Fall 2022

By Mikel Fair

The following are the official selections of the Nevada Short Film Festival 2022  ter 147 E. Pueblo St. Reno, NV 89502 presented by Film Festival Circuit.The official selection laurels are publicly available. (LINK) All film and series episode submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submissions.


NSFF 2022 Official Selections


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2022 Official Film Selections

The following film submissions rated in the top 30% by the Nevada based judges and have been named Official Selections.


  • A Meditation on American Silence, Directed by MSeven Laracuente
  • A Sunny Desperation, Directed by Emily Tope
  • Above The Horizon, Directed by Russell Conley
  • Blocked, Directed by Sara Caldwell, Walter Gorey
  • Bygone, Directed by Mickey Tetrov
  • Caged with Great White Sharks, Directed by Charles Blane Henderson
  • Ciao, Isabella, Directed by Ricardo Ramos
  • Coming Home , Directed by Tatiana Samano
  • Common Dwelling, Directed by Nicholas Butler
  • Condo at El Dorado, Directed by James Hunter
  • DDD, Directed by Eric Unusual
  • Dead Right There (DRT), Directed by Steven J Sabell
  • Deep Encounters, Directed by Maxime Laurin
  • Desert Apocalypse, Directed by Justin McAffee
  • FINDING WILSON, Directed by Emily M. Smith
  • Flying with Mantas Socorro Islands, Directed by Charles Blane Henderson
  • Giraffe, Directed by Dan Nicholls
  • Glitter Gulch, Directed by Adrianna Bell
  • Gravē, Directed by Cole Durham
  • Hello Sunshine, Directed by Joe Quint
  • In Your Dreams, Directed by Tora Woloshin
  • Isolation, Directed by Matthew Badea
  • Just a Broadway Baby: Mary Ellen Ashley, Directed by Patrick A Riviere
  • Just a Man and a Woman, Directed by Oscar Torre
  • Limelight, Directed by David Martin Dawson
  • Look Again, Directed by Katia Houde
  • Love Letter to Vegas, Directed by Ramiro Zamora Cabrera
  • Masks, Directed by Samm Azen
  • Mislead, Directed by Steve Perkins
  • My Home, Directed by Bilal Mudassar Khan
  • Primm Productions Presents: Left Nut , Directed by Shane McDonald
  • Pulling the Plug on Mom, Directed by April Yanko
  • Relationship Killers, Directed by Noah A. Waters III
  • Reverie, Directed by Caitlin Gray
  • SF Veggies, Directed by Kayla Banda, Christopher Reed
  • Shade Guzzling , Directed by Ulrike Korbach
  • Shaded Passions:Real Life, Directed by Rodney Pearson
  • SQUISH, Directed by Xavier SERON
  • Suicide Assistance Hotline, Directed by Jacob Quanbeck
  • SUPER VACCINE VATO, Directed by Lalo Alcaraz
  • Superman, Directed by Jiaqi Xia
  • The Applicant, Directed by Benjamin L Brown
  • The Chain, Directed by Will Martinko
  • The Final Approach Living the Dream, Directed by Charles Blane
  • The First Jewish Surfer, Directed by Brett Maline
  • The Forerunner , Directed by Tatiana Samano
  • The Hunt for Craggy Maw, Directed by Jacob Saenger
  • The Magic of Socorro, Directed by Charles Blane Henderson
  • The Star-maker, Directed by Matthias Falvai
  • TIMBER, Directed by Jared Tipton
  • Treats, Directed by Graham Bowlin
  • Undiscovere'd Country, Directed by Christin Call, Madeleine Gregor
  • VI VON, Directed by Boris Muzychuk
  • Young Love In a Dirty Place, Directed by Reinis Spaile


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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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