Nevada Short Film Festival Spring 2021

By Mikel Fair

The 1st edition of the Nevada Short Film Festival will take place on Saturday March 27, 2021 at the West Wind El Rancho 4 Drive-In Theater, 555 El Rancho Drive, Sparks, Nevada 89431 presented by Film Festival Circuit. The official selection laurels are publicly available. (LINK) All film and series episode submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submissions. The official NSFF Shirts, Sweatshirts and clothing are now available in our online store. The Nevada Film Festival is a great opportunity to network with others in the Film and Television Industry. Please join us for our next virtual networking meeting co-hosted by Mikel Fair, author of the Film Festival Submitter’s Handbook. If you are interested in attending the NSFF in the future, or to get updates, please join our emailing list. The screening schedule and tickets for this event are now available on sale via Eventbrite.


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2021 Official Film Selections

  1. A real man, Directed by Aurélien Mathieu (France)
  2. Abasement, Directed by John Washburn (New York)
  3. Aida, Directed by Christopher W. Graham (California/Japan)
  4. Angel of Mercy, Directed by Paul Deorio (United States)
  5. Bark, Directed by Laura Coleman and Anthony Penney (Florida)
  6. Collision, Directed by Kast Hasa (United States)
  7. DENNIS: The Man Who Legalized Cannabis, Directed by Brandon Moore (California)
  8. Every Ride Is For You, Directed by Debra Weistar (California)
  9. Food Time, Directed by Craigen Z Oster (Michigan)
  10. Fugetsu-Do, Directed by Kaia Rose (Washington D.C.)
  11. Grian Dubh (Black Sun), Directed by Sonic Barometer (Ireland)
  12. Hearts and Stripes, Directed by Sorin Pavelesco (Canada)
  13. High Flying Jade, Directed by Katherine Sweetman (Vietnam)
  14. Into Light, Directed by Jessica Graham (California)
  15. Lead The Way, Directed by Josh Carrasquillo (France/Ireland/Michigan)
  16. Look Out, Directed by Steve Delgado (Nevada)
  17. Lost Vegas, Directed by Megan Landry (Canada)
  18. Nifty Fifties - Sledgehammer and Muck, Private Investigators, Directed by Devin Dugan (United States)
  19. Sang Del Drac, Directed by Vincent McLean (California)
  20. Seeding the Sea, Directed by Sarah Redmond and Caroline Almy (North Carolina/Belize)
  21. Smoke and Baloney, Directed by Shirley Moore (Canada)
  22. Stage, Directed by Kazuya Ashizawa (Japan)
  23. The Winter, Directed by Xin Li (Australia)
  24. Tutu Grande, Directed by Derek Sitter (United States)
  25. Tweaks, Directed by Jasper Warry (United Kingdom)
  26. Unconventionally Sheltered, Directed by Austin Long (Arizona)
  27. Unfiltered Through Their Eyes, Directed by Frank Fazzio (United States)
  28. Viviana, Directed by Jack Hillebrecht (United States)
  29. Vocal Painting, Directed by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)
  30. Waiting Games, Directed by Thea Balich (United Kingdom)
  31. ZAP! Directed by Philip C. Sedgwick (United States)


NSFF 2021S Screenwriter Images


2021 Official Screenplay Selections

  1. A Lasting First Impression, Written by Kayla Romanowski (United States)
  2. Broken. Written by Lori Bachynski (Canada)
  3. Bugtussle, Written by Derek Sitter (Oregon)
  4. First Generation, Written by Mark Renshaw (United Kingdom)
  5. Just By Chance, Written by Antoinette Fernandez (Massachusetts)
  6. Last Year's Tomorrow, Written by Steven Heil (Wisconsin)
  7. Life after Oblivion, Written by Tommy Anderson (California)
  8. Lone, Written by Bill Redding (United States)
  9. New Moon 5280, Written by Dean Harakas (Colorado)
  10. Out On A Limb, Written by Antoinette Fernandez
  11. Still Got The Juice “When I Knew You” Episode 5, Written by Antoinette Fernandez (Massachusetts)
  12. The Assassination of Lost Innocence, Written by Qiana C. (United States)
  13. The Drive Back, Written by Justin Guidroz (Virginia)
  14. The Hope Chest Has A Secret Drawer, Written by Laura Frenzer (New York)
  15. The Revver, Written by Mike Hanson and Kelly Moothart (South Dakota)
  16. VoiDead, Written by Karina Karina (California)
  17. Zeda The Hunter, Written by Alexandru Ranta Gheorghe (Romania)


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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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