Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2017 Event

2017 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Recap

First of all, thank you, to all of the attendees and filmmakers of the very first Oregon Documentary Film Festival. We screened Fifteen (15) short and feature length documentary films from all over the world over two days. I can't believe there were  over 250 attendees! Most noteworthy, this documentary film festival event was more successful than we ever dreamed, in our first year.

I was excited to kick things off on Veterans Day, Friday November 10th, 2017. The world premiere of, Stu Steinberg, a PTSD Documentary Film about US Military Veterans. Stu Steinberg himself issued a call-to-action for our audience. Above all, to offer better and more efficient medical support for combat veterans. Also, Director Clay Kempf's film was voted "Best Feature Film" by the judges. Furthermore, several veterans from the northwest were on hand for the screening.

2017 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Award Nominations And Winners

Best Feature Film: Award Nominations

Best Short Film: Award Nominations

Best (Feature) Cinematography: Award Nominations

Best (Short) Cinematography: Award Nominations

Best Oregon Film: Award Nominations

Best Editing: Award Nominations

Best Original Music: Award Nominations

Best Directors (Feature Film): Award Nominations

Best Director (Short Film): Award" Short Film Nominations

Most Inspirational Film: Award Nominations

2017 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Official Selections

  1. Fattitude” Directed by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman
  2. Ghosts of Our Forests” Directed by Daniel Roher
  3. Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery" Directed by David Brown
  4. Human Zoos” Directed by John West
  5. Invisible Oregon” Directed by Sam Forencich
  6. Model Material” Directed by Sabrina Linville
  7. Perception: From Prison to Purpose” Directed by Jonathan Reed
  8. Sisterly” Directed by Nina Vallado
  9. Song in a Day” Directed by Kris Jones
  10. SOS: The Salton Sea Walk” Directed by Corbin Schweitzer
  11. Stu Steinberg” Directed by Oscar Bucher and Clay Kempf
  12. The Business of Boxing” Directed by Rob Maloof
  13. The Kenton Lead Blob*” Directed by Zach Putman and Richard Percy
  14. The Mustached American of the Year” Directed by Anna Yeager and Peter Subaiya 
  15. Throwline” Directed by Mia Mullarkey
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