Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2019




Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2019 Official Selections Announced!

The fourth annual Oregon Documentary Film Festival will screen 90+ films on Saturday and Sunday March 23-24, 2019 Tickets are on sale for $14 each. The event takes place at the 5th Avenue Cinema on the campus of Portland State University. If you're looking for a hotel that is within walking distance of the theater, we suggest you check out the University Place Hotel.



Watch several films that were shot on location in 16 different countries will screen including: Antarctica, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and the US Virgin Islands.



Also, several films that were shot on location in 18 different states are represented as well including: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Washington D.C, and




Session 1: Film Screenings | Saturday March 23, 2019 | 11:00am - 3:00pm

  1. "A Room Full Of Lego" Directed by Daniel Bourke (Australia)
  2. "A Thousand Pair Of Eyes" Directed by Nik Forster & Dennis Lundin (Australia) - Watch The Trailer
  3. "A Tiny Spark" Directed by Niamh Heery (Ireland) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  4. "Accused Of Witchcraft" Directed by Ewa Marcinowska (Poland)
  5. "An Eaglet's First Flight" Directed by (Montana) - Website
  6. "Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon" Directed by Kevin Stirling (Pennsylvania) - Watch The Trailer
  7. "Artist Statement" Directed by Shayna Connelly (Illinois)
  8. "As If The King" Directed by Fahad Hussain (United Arab Emirates) - Watch The Trailer
  9. "Astronaut Starbright" Directed by Lana Taylor (Florida) - Website
  10. "Because You're Here" Directed by Mike Syers (Massachusetts)
  11. "Big Paradise" Directed by JP Olsen & Kristen Nutile (New York)
  12. "Boris: A Portrait Of An Artist As An Old Man" Directed by Matus Racek (Canada) - Watch The Trailer - Website
  13. "Carnatic Wave: A Glimpse Of The Karaikudi Veena Tradition In Portland, Oregon" Directed by David Van Auken (Oregon)
  14. "Carpe Diem" Directed by Jake Gigliotti & Kevin Shiramizu (California)
  15. "Chef Darren: The Challenge Of Profound Deafness" Directed by Dorothy Fadiman (California) - Watch The Trailer
  16. "Child, Disrupted" Directed by Krista Riihimaki (California)
  17. "Circle Up" Directed by Julie Mallozzi (Massachusetts)
  18. "City Plaza Hotel" Directed by Anna-Paula Honig and Violeta Paus (France, Germany, Chile) - Watch The Trailer
  19. "Colors Of Resistance" Directed by Areeb Zuaiter (Washington D.C) - Watch The Trailer
  20. "Concrete Dreams" Directed by Nick Nummerdor (Illinois) - Watch The Trailer - Website
  21. "Connie" Directed by Elizabeth Sher (California)
  22. "Coos Bay Wooden Boatbuilders" Directed by Greg McKenzie (Oregon)
  23. "Counter//Balance" Directed by Anuradha Rana (Illinois) - Website
  24. "Di'Tani: The Story Of The Table Rocks Of Southern Oregon" Directed by David Nienow (Oregon)
  25. "Dragtivists" Directed by Savannah Rodgers (Missouri) - Watch The Trailer
  26. "Dreamer's Gate" Directed by Daz Chandler (Australia)
  27. "Emma." Directed by "Emma." Directed by Saskia Hennecke & Grace Tourville (Indiana) (Indiana)
  28. "Faceless For The Voiceless" Directed by Nicholas Snyder (Belgium) - Website
  29. "Finding Nasseebi" Directed by Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung (Taiwan) - Watch The Trailer
  30. "Forest On Fire" Directed by Reed Harkness (Oregon) - Website
  31. "Found Family Footage" Directed by Eric J Moore (California)


Session 2: Awards & Filmmaker's Networking Event

Saturday March 23, 2019 | 3:30p - 5:00p (No Ticket Required)

Documentary Filmmakers and enthusiasts can meet up to network and talk about the film industry. This event is open to the public. No ticket is required.





Session 3: Film Screenings | Saturday March 23, 2019 | 5:30pm - 11:00pm

  1. "From Rooftop To Enchanted Land" Directed by Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)
  2. "Fumero-Ism: The Grafstract" Directed by Keith Aronowitz (New York) - Watch The Trailer
  3. "Gracie" Directed by Gracie White Eagle (New Jersey)
  4. "Hearts Of Blue" Directed by Shane Williamson (Illinois)
  5. "Here, We Are" Directed by Viviana Zuñiga (Mexico)
  6. "High Diver" Directed by DH Jacobs (United States)
  7. "Hoan Alone" Directed by Aaron Johnson (Wisconsin) - Watch The Trailer
  8. "In The Dark Room" Directed by (Madrid)
  9. "Inner City Dreams" Directed by Peter Bob White (California)
  10. "It's In Your Eyes" Directed by Sergio García Locatelli & Sean Schoenecker (Spain) - Watch The Trailer - Website
  11. "Jah And The Gratitude Alarm" Directed by Joe Ramos (California)
  12. "Kidd's Toys" Directed by Michael Falcone (Washington) - Watch The Trailer
  13. "Land Of The Eternal Spring" Directed by Boaz Dvir (California)
  14. "Little Skeleton" Directed by Jennifer Levonian (Pennsylvania)
  15. "Love Letters To Death" Directed by Simon Ray (Scotland) - Watch The Trailer
  16. "Mercy's Kennel" Directed by Tracy Bishop (Georgia)
  17. "Mercy" Directed by Marilyn Freeman (Washington) - Website
  18. "Migrant" Directed by Abbey Hoekzema (Georgia) - Watch The Trailer
  19. "Modus Vivendi: The Only Way Out Of The Suez Conflict, The Only Way To Save The British Pound" Directed by Summer Royal (Hawaii)
  20. "Mosaic" Directed by SIwei Tian (California)
  21. "Mum" Directed by Mariam Al Awadhi (United Arab Emirates) - Watch The Trailer
  22. "Music Of Life - What Is A Gene" Directed by Tim Pope (United Kingdom)
  23. "Natasha's Voice" Directed by Zach Putnam (Oregon) - Website
  24. "Natural Frequency" Directed by Brock Simmons (Oregon)
  25. "Offshore" Directed by Jenna Miller (Oregon)
  26. "Periods And Other Lady Bits" Directed by Katrina Nilles (Illinois)
  27. "Picture Jasper" Directed by H. Nelson Tracey (Oregon/Idaho) - Watch The Trailer
  28. "Plenty To Say: The Radical Murals Of Mary Perry Stone" Directed by Ramie Streng (Oregon)
  29. "Proudly We Served: Virgin Island Veterans Of The Korean War" Directed by Joan Keenan (US Virgin Islands)
  30. "Pull Your Pants Up" Directed by Tracy Jenkins (California) - Watch The Trailer
  31. "R.A.W. Tuba" Directed by Darren Durlach & David Larson (Maryland) - Watch The Trailer

Astronaut Starbright-poster



Session 4: Film Screenings | Sunday March 24, 2019 | 3:00pm - 6:00pm

  1. "Red Chef Revival" Directed by Danny Berish (Canada)
  2. "Rhonda's Treasures" Directed by Sam Lichtenstein (United States)
  3. "Rolling In The Deep" Directed by Aaron Putnam (California)
  4. "Seattle's Bikini Baristas" Directed by Benjamin Nolot (Washington)
  5. "Shaholly" Directed by Wojciech Lorenc (Hawaii)
  6. "Sharp" Directed by Diana Gorin (Colorado)
  7. "Sheep Seasons" Directed by Katherine Roselli (Oregon) - Website - Watch The Trailer
  8. "Sunblock" Directed by Bill Bentley (Oregon)
  9. "Sweetheart Dancers" Directed by Ben-Alex Dupris (Washington)
  10. "The Accidental Environmentalist" Directed by Ellen Esling (Alabama)
  11. "The Astral Project" Directed by Natalie Christensen (Virginia)
  12. "The Ballad Of Druid Hill" Directed by Clark Ashton (Georgia) - Website - Facebook Page - Watch The Trailer
  13. "The Best Medicine" Directed by Ron Lechler (United States)
  14. "The Bet Of Annette" Directed by Aurélie Gurdal (France)
  15. "The Divers" Directed by Angela How (Australia)
  16. "The Lifesavers Of Saigon" Directed by Timur Güner (Vietnam) - Watch The Trailer
  17. "The Long Wait: A Violinist's Political Asylum" Directed by Carlos P. Beltran (New York)
  18. "The Mayor" Directed by Taylor Horky (California)
  19. "The Other Walla" Directed by Ethan Graham (Washington) - Watch The Trailer
  20. "The Puppet Free Library" Directed by Jared Leong (Massachusetts)
  21. "The Search For The Oldest Ice" Directed by James Tralie, William Atkinson, & Quinn Parker (Antarctica)
  22. "The Toucan" Directed by Cameron G. Quevedo (Texas) - Watch The Trailer
  23. "The Traffic Separating Device" Directed by Johan Palmgren (Sweden) - WebsiteWatch The Trailer
  24. "There Goes The Neighborhood" Directed by Dan Evans (Oregon) - Website
  25. "Tunnel Vision" Directed by Cartter Fountaine, Sam Birdsong, & Andrew Levy (Georgia)
  26. "Warbonnet: An Odyssey Of Honor" Directed by John Harrington (Oregon)
  27. "Water Inhabitants" Directed by Tamino Parren (Netherlands)
  28. "We Are Epic" Directed by Benjamin Roy (South Africa)
  29. "What's Your Story?" Directed by Luca Acito (Italy)
  30. "White Death: The Wellington Train Disaster" Directed by Shay LaPierre (Washington)
  31. "Why We Push" Directed by Graeme Bachiu (Canada)
  32. "You Don't Know JACK" Directed by Jack Henslee (California)


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