Oregon Documentary Film Festival Spring 2020





Oregon Documentary Film Festival Spring 2020 Is Coming Soon!

The 6th Oregon Documentary Film Festival is coming March 15, 2020. 35+ Short Documentary Films and Docuseries Episodes will be screened in Portland. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite. Your ticket purchase helps give local and international filmmakers the opportunity to screen the latest Independent Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Portland Audience. Most of these films have never screened in the state of Oregon. Will you join us for this informative Documentary experience? Please share this video with your friends. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please use #OregonDocumentaryFilmFestival in your social media posts related to this event.


Oregon Documentary Film Festival Event Tickets


Oregon Documentary Spring 2020 Event Schedule
Sunday March 15, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm - Awards and The Filmmaker Networking Social
4:00pm - 7:00pm - Session 1 Film Screenings


Oregon Documentary Film Festival Spring 2020 Official Selections

  • Adrift, Directed by Brian Hathaway (Arizona)
  • Aging Bull, Directed by Leevi Ikonen, Heikki Ikonen (Finland)
  • Chasing Color: A Gem Trader's Journey, Directed by Rob Himebaugh (Myanmar/India/Thailand)
  • Crabb Ranch, Directed by Katy-Robin Garton (Montana)
  • David Henry Nobody Jr., Directed by Keith Aronowitz (New York)
  • Dear Johnny Red: an argument for the removal of Confederate Memorials, Directed by
    Philip H Scarborough Jr. (Mississippi)
  • Farming Slowly, Directed by Anthony Newen (Oregon)
  • Fighting Poaching Through Education: The Story of Grace, Directed by Rob Feakins (Tanzania)
  • Fighting poaching through entrepreneur training: The Story of Pius, Directed by Rob Feakins (Tanzania)
  • First in Man, Directed by Ryan Durant (Oregon)
  • Ghostal Galaxies, Directed by William Allen (Florida)
  • Hedtoft, Directed by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)
  • Hibakusha, Directed by Adler Moss, John Schaefer (Kansas)
  • Home Boy Joy Ride, Directed by Paul Steinbroner (California)
  • Home or High Water, Directed by Dave Weich (Oregon)
  • In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates' Trial, Directed by Alexander Craven (California)
  • InterConnections: Everything is Connected, Directed by Rose Madrone (Oregon/Hawaii/Chile)
  • King of the Road, Directed by Cate Celso (California)
  • Las Vegas Bender, Directed by Danny Corey (Nevada)
  • Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ, Directed by Eirini Alligiannis (New York)
  • Made in China: Reforming China's Supply Chain, Directed by Gabriel Diamond, Matthew Beighley (China/ California)
  • Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man, Directed by Roderick Angle (New York)
  • ... Once a Broken Cowboy, Directed by Taylor Doose (Utah)
  • Operation M-25 – Radial engine of Lake Kiantajärvi, Directed by Sami Myllys (Finland)
  • Photos in the Rain, Directed by Thomas F. O'Brien (Virginia)
  • Portrait, Directed by Tyler McDonald (Arizona)
  • Record Plant, Sausalito - Historic Nor-Cal Music Studio, Directed by George Thelen (California)
  • Running Home, Directed by Michelle-Andrea Girouard (Ohio/Canada/Spain/Algeria)
  • Rust Bucket, Directed by Mo Wynne and Roddy Hyduk (Canada)
  • Sensei Fran Kicks Ass, Directed by Simone Fary (Maryland)
  • Sold Down The River, Directed by Karen Erbach Lawlor (Wisconsin)
  • Spirit, Directed by Braden Dereniwski (Canada)
  • The Bee Farmers, Directed by Steve Utaski (Washington)
  • The Betrayal of Point Reyes, Directed by Tony Sehgal (California)
  • The Spirit of Vanport, Directed by John King (Oregon)
  • The Story Maa Never Told, Directed by Katia Café-Fébrissy (Canada)
  • This Wild Land, Directed by Brendan Harris (Minnesota)
  • Under the Whale, Directed by James C Martin (New York)
  • Watch The Skies, Directed by Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino (Colorado)
  • What Remains, Directed by Kaden Swart and Zak Fletcher (Oregon)



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