Oregon Documentary Film Festival Winter 2022

By Mikel Fair

The tenth edition of the Oregon Documentary Film Festival will take place0 on Saturday January 22, 2022 at the Sunshine Mill Winery and Drive-Up Theater in The Dalles, Oregon presented by Film Festival Circuit. This event is hosted by Mikel Fair, author of the Film Festival Submitter’s Handbook. The official selection laurels are publicly available on Google Drive. (LINK) All of the submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submission. Event tickets are now available on our ODFF FilmFreeway page. (LINK)


* Please note, this event was originally scheduled for December 4, 2021. We have moved the event to 2022 for a variety of scheduling, travel cost, hotel availability and other reasons. We want to have the best and most well attended event possible for our filmmakers. Therefore we moved the event date to January 22, 2022. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Winter 2022 Official Selections & Schedule


6:00 PM January 22, 2022: Screening Order (Attending Films)

  1. Every Hundred Miles (across America with Robert Frank), Directed by Kirk Algeroy LeClaire
  2. A Connection to Gravity, Directed by Drew Crosby
  3. Drive, Directed by Hayley Young
  4. joyful, Directed by Simantini Chakraborty
  5. Just a Broadway Baby: Mary Ellen Ashley, Directed by Patrick A Riviere
  6. Sandstone Anatomy A Life-Cycle Narrative, Directed by Vivian McAleavey
  7. The Old Growth, Directed by Aaron Nelson (Oregon)


8:00 PM January 22, 2022: Screening Order (Non Attending Films)

  • a girl can change the world, Directed by Andrea Ureno
  • A Wild Independence, Directed by Alden J. Olmsted
  • B.L.M Voices - Brandyn Tulloch, Directed by Chidi Nobi
  • Barbed Wire Land, Directed by Olivia Louise
  • Big Basin Will Never Be The Same, Directed by Eric Benjamin Parson
  • Blind Ambition The Wop May Story, Directed by Frederick Kroetsch, Tom Robinson
  • Bumpass, Directed by Brent Bartholomew
  • Camp Yoshi, Directed by Faith E Briggs
  • Cato’s Project on Poverty and Inequality in California, Directed by Lena Popilieva
  • Color to Color, Directed by Robert G Gregson
  • Compulsive Diver, Directed by Thomas Mangum
  • Conversations Between Shifts, Directed by Ben Basem
  • Creation in the Mourning, Directed by Scott Gaede , Carly Sweet
  • Dancing On Water, Directed by Awais Bashir
  • Dear Nanay, Directed by Frances Grace Mortel
  • Devour, Directed by Kate Raney
  • El Camaroncito, Directed by Arturo Javier Mireles
  • Fallout Dogs, Directed by Julia Oldham
  • Fast Tracks, Directed by Annette Frahm
  • Feed 'Em All, Directed by Helen Quinn Pasin
  • Food In Your Belly, Directed by Gabriella Medrano, Lukas Chin
  • Hello Sunshine, Directed by Joe Quint
  • Hunger strike against Ecocide, Directed by Kevin Rumley
  • I Feel A Stillness Growing, Directed by Jonah Lorsung
  • It Started With The Heart, Directed by Kenneth Heidt
  • Kam Wah Chung, Directed by Huan Yiping
  • Kontrast: Rhythm Delucco, Directed by Jon Meyer
  • Laudation Trilogy, Directed by Elin Johnston
  • Life's Good, Directed by Jackson Tisi
  • Magpies & UFO's, Directed by Kirk Ronald Cameron
  • Once Forgotten, Directed by Obed Lamy
  • Prison Blues, Directed by Barrett Dunn, Bryce Funk
  • Project Antarctica - Easter Island Extension, Directed by Evan Michael Gering
  • Recolonizing the Elwha, Directed by Charles Atkinson, Jeff Ostenson
  • Reintegration, Directed by Aaron Nelson
  • Remembering Kochendorf, Directed by Maureen Giblin
  • Safe Passage, Directed by Heidi Hanson, Chris Warner
  • Shanta, Directed by Amanda Bensel
  • Silent swing, Directed by Line Beaumier
  • Sound of Judgment, Directed by Julia Wall
  • Spokespeople, Directed by Ryan Mekenian
  • Teddy, Directed by Lisa Bell Roden
  • That Change I Have Seen, Directed by Samantha Grace Schulte
  • The Absent, Directed by Not Listed
  • The Accessible Outdoors, Directed by Mitchka Saberi, Francisco Lopez
  • The Hope Scenarios: Focusing the Lens on Rare Diseases (Season 1), Directed by Louise Tiranoff
  • The Icarian Fig Tree, Directed by Alex C Glaros
  • The Interconnectedness of All Living Things, Directed by Jeff den Broeder
  • The Low-Phe Life: The Conversation, Directed by Kurt Sensenbrenner
  • The Medicine Circus, Directed by Alisa Bargeski
  • The New Lifeguards of West Las Vegas, Directed by Faviola Leyva
  • The Roads Most Traveled: Photojournalist Don Bartletti, Directed by Bill Wisneski
  • The Show Must Go On, Directed by Paul Grant, Nathan Crane Cohen
  • The Unchained Eagle, Directed by John Mollison
  • Thee Who Hesitates..., Directed by Kelly Perine
  • Third Culture : Adopted Story, Directed by Minjun Kim
  • Trailbound Alaska, Directed by Max Romey
  • Two Different Eyes, Directed by Juho Lee, Juseung Lee
  • Unlivable Oasis, Directed by Mauricio Mauricio Rodriguez
  • Wild & Scenic, Directed by Not Listed
  • Wilda, Directed by Anthony E Blaine, Jake L Smith
  • Wildlife in Our Backyard, Directed by William Freund
  • Windsor Park: The Sinking Streets, Directed by
  • Witness, Directed by Penny Phillips



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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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