Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Fall 2018 Event


What Is Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival?

Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival is a theatrical screening event in Portland for independent horror films. Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival also recognizes exceptional filmmaking and screenwriting with awards and nominations by our judging panel.


Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival Submissions Opening Soon!

Are you a filmmaker or screenwriter that would like to submit your creative work to our horror film event in Portland, Oregon? We are always looking for new and fresh movies for our horror film audience in Portland. This town truly appreciates independent horror films. We screen films from 1-30 minutes in length and have 6 categories for films and 6 categories for screenplays including: Micro Short Horror Films, Horror Films, Horror Comedy Films, Experimental Horror Films and more. Explore our complete list of categories on FilmFreeway, Withoutabox or Festhome.


Join Us October 25-27, 2018 For 3 Days Of Screams!

Tickets will be available soon. Our second Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival event will take place on October 25-27, 2018. 60 short films will screen from 11 different  countries and 17 US States are represented. 49 horror screenplays have also been recognized for outstanding writing.

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3 Day Schedule For Horror Film Screenings

We have reached out to filmmakers that would like to travel to the event. We will post the exact schedule very soon. Filmmakers that are not attending will have their films screen in alphabetical order. The filmmaker's mixer on Saturday is free to attend for anyone at the HobNob Grille. No special ticket or passes required for session 5. Awards for filmmakers and screenwriters will be presented during Session 5. 


Thursday October 25, 2018: Session 1: 7:00p - 8:45p

  1. "There's A Monster Behind You" Directed by Evan Richards (United Kingdom)


Thursday October 25, 2018: Session 2: 9:00p - 11:00p

  1. "2019: A Home Odyssey" Directed By Steven Ellis
  2. "An Actor Prepares" Directed By Carey Kight (New York) - Watch The Trailer!
  3. "Apollyon" Directed By Matt Burkett (Arizona) - Watch The Trailer!
  4. "Bad Candy" Directed By Scott Hansen
  5. "Blood Oranges" Directed By Steve Flavin (California)
  6. "Cat Box" Directed By Kris Kristensen (Washington)
  7. "Comme Tous Les Matins" Directed By Cédric Dupuis (France)
  8. "Compulsion" Directed By Brian Sepanzyk (Canada) - Watch The Trailer!
  9. "Cool Killer" Directed By Chenyang Shu (Georgia)
  10. "Damian" Directed By José Luis Anaya - Watch The Trailer!

Friday October 26, 2018: Session 3: 7:00p - 8:45p

  1. "Dark Wake" Directed By Abdul Ali - Watch The Trailer!
  2. "Disposition" Directed By Eric Thirteen (California) - Watch The Trailer!
  3. "Don't Turn Around" Directed By Cayley Hanson
  4. "Dorset" Directed By Karl Huber (Florida)
  5. "Dysphagia" Directed By Pete Yagmin
  6. "Enoch" Directed By Yasmin Neal
  7. "Fault" Directed By Bradley Wayburne (Hong Kong)
  8. "FlyTrap" Directed By Connor Bland (California) - Watch The Trailer!
  9. "Goodbye Old Friend" Directed By Rafael De Leon Jr. (New York) - Watch The Trailer!
  10. "Haunting No. Nine Billion Six Hundred and Twenty-Three" Directed By Kara Fein
  11. "HellthClass" Directed By Santino Vitale (Ohio)
  12. "Humor" Directed By Haji Outlaw
  13. "Kill or Be Killed" Directed By Robb Rokk

Friday October 26, 2018: Session 4: 9:00p - 11:00p

  1. "Blood Stains" Directed By Blake Vaz (California
  2. "Dead Bed" Directed By Lee Vander Boegh (Idaho)
  3. "Magic H8 Ball" Directed By Dan Hass (California)
  4. "Meat Sack" Directed By Stephen Gilliam (Georgia)
  5. "Menu" Directed By Carlos Bigorra (Spain)
  6. "Miscreant" Directed By Rocky Ramsey
  7. "Negligence" Directed By William Rubini (Florida) - Watch The Trailer!
  8. "Night Shift" (Turno De Noche) Directed By Juanjo Avi (Spain) - Watch The Trailer!
  9. "Outro" Directed By Paul Bouvier (France)
  10. "Pages Of Fear" Directed By Matt Hutchings (United Kingdom)
  11. "Puzzle" Directed By Arthur S. Edelman
  12. "Quack" Directed By Adrian Ferrara
  13. "R.E.D" Directed By Sandra Bourdonnec (Germany)
  14. "Rebeccah's Statement" Directed By Rion Smith (Colorado)
  15. "You're My One" Directed By Bryan Bostic (California)

Saturday October 27, 2018: Session 5: 4:00p - 6:00p

- Awards & Filmmaker's Mixer at the HobNob Grille, which is walking distance from the Avalon Theatre. No films will screen at the Filmmaker's mixer.


Saturday October 27, 2018: Session 6: 7:00p - 8:45p

  1. "Made You Look" Directed By Justin Zimmerman (Oregon)
  2. "Reckoning" Directed By Giorgos Alexakis (United Kingdom)
  3. "Round-trip" Directed By Victor Cesca (France)
  4. "Samuel’s Got A Sweet Tooth" Directed By Angel Rosa (Connecticut)
  5. "Scurry" Directed By Mike Leffingwell
  6. "Seeing Green" Directed By Chelsea Stardust (California)
  7. "Shoes" Directed By Ray Kermani
  8. "Side Effect" Directed By Sean Thompson (Washington)
  9. "Silverline Valentine" Directed By Brandon McDuffey (Colorado) - Watch The Trailer!
  10. "Slaughter at Lonesome Rock" Directed By Lucas Thyer (Australia) - Watch The Trailer!
  11. "Something Within" Directed By Greg Vogt
  12. "Songbird" Directed By Helen Baldwin (South Carolina)

Saturday October 27, 2018: Session 7: 9:00p - 11:00p

  1. "Swipe Left" Directed By Kevin Mosteller - Watch The Trailer!
  2. "Tater" Directed By Spencer Lenzie - Watch The Trailer!
  3. "The After Party" Directed By Colin Francis Costello (California)
  4. "The Baby Whisperer" Directed By Sean Gilligan (Australia) - Watch The Trailer!
  5. "The Chairman" Directed By Frank White (Minnesota) - Watch The Trailer!
  6. "The Corpse" Ep 1-3 (The Prozzie, The Mormons & The Girlfriend) Directed By James Button & Kristaps Kazaks - Watch The Trailer!
  7. "The Door" Directed By Lola Rùi (Spain) - Watch The Trailer!
  8. "The Man Who Loved Flowers" Directed By Darcy Love (Canada)
  9. "The Recurring" Directed By Alexi Papalexopolis
  10. "Vulpes: Prologue" Directed By Benjamin Helmeczi (Hungary)


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Fall 2018 Official Screenplay Selections: Feature Length Horror Films (41-150 pages)

  1. "American Backwoods: Verhaunt" Written By Flood Reed (California)
  2. "Beast" Written By Mike Meade (Oregon)
  3. "Becoming" Written By Jessie Kirby (United Kingdom)
  4. "Bigfoot The Impaler" Written By Lucy Fazely (Michigan)
  5. "Black Goose" Written By Janet Hetherington (Canada)
  6. "Broken Spirits" Written By John Leary (New York)
  7. "Carmilla Screenplay" Written By Joshua Russell (North Carolina)
  8. "Crossbow Creek" Written By Andrew Pinon
  9. "Fallen Angel's Lullaby" Written By C.G. Noir (Pennsylvannia)
  10. "Fire Lake" Written By Matt Wende
  11. "Hallow's Point" Written By Brian W. Smith (New York)
  12. "Ichobod's Legacy" Written By John Luerding
  13. "Just Juliana" Written By Eric Weber
  14. "Killer Identity" Written By Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg
  15. "Miss Violet" Written By Christopher Schrack
  16. "Mother Mayhem" Written By Brian W. Smith (New York)
  17. "Omega Dawn" Written By Eric Taylor (Canada)
  18. "One Good Scare" Written By Brian W. Smith & Vincent Viñas (New York)
  19. "One Killer Night" Written By Howard Rapp (Florida)
  20. "Ophidia (The Snake)" Written By Greg Tennant (California)
  21. "Perish" Written By Mike Rogers
  22. "Rogue's Coward" Written By Robert J. Rogers
  23. "Rou Garou" Written By Jimmie Smith
  24. "The 12 Days of Christmas" Written By Michael Snow
  25. "The Color Of Evil" Written By Connie Corcoran Wilson, M.S. (Texas)
  26. "The Keys" Written By Paul Grammatico (California)
  27. "The Wanderer" Written By David Blake Knox
  28. "Transmontanus" Written By Mark Donnell
  29. "Twisted Fortune Cookies" Written By Al Jones (Arizona)
  30. "What Lies Within" Written By Tracie Jules
  31. "Win-Eyed Monster: The Devil In Randy Dong" Written By James Hunter

Fall 2018 Official Screenplay Selections: Short Horror Films (1-40 pages)

  1. "Abandon All Hope" Written By Maximilian Federman & Ian Sutherland (Oklahoma)
  2. "Best Friends Forever" Written By Diana Lee Woody (California)
  3. "Boo" Written By Rakefet Abergel (California)
  4. "Busted" Written By Sergio Hira (Suriname)
  5. "C.R.T" Written By Ryan Rosenblum
  6. "Far From Paradise" Written By Brian W. Smith (New York)
  7. "Glass Bottles" Written By David González
  8. "Gloomy Swamp" Written By Álex Bandeira
  9. "Heart of The Forest" Written By Anne Xu
  10. "Ogres" Written By Enrico Conte (Italy)
  11. "Proof of Humanity" Written By Clay Neigher
  12. "Screamer" Written By Marc Allen (Tennessee)
  13. "Shutter" Written By Nikolaus Moser
  14. "The Garden" Written By Guillermo Ortiz & Katie Sullivan
  15. "The Prize" Written By William Jody Ebert (New Jersey)
  16. "The Wait Room" Written By Ron Riekki
  17. "They're Watching" Written By Samantha Bringas
  18. "Yukon Jack" Written By Leonard Varasano

Watch The Film Trailers for Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Fall 2018

"Night Shift" (Turno de Noche) Film Trailer



"Compulsion" Film Trailer



"Damian" Film Trailer



"Dark Wake" Film Trailer



"FlyTrap" Film Trailer



"Goodbye Old Friend" Film Trailer



















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