Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Spring 2020




Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Spring 2020 Is Coming Soon!

The 6th Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival is coming March 14, 2020. 60+ Short Horror, Horror Comedy, Dark Drama, Dark Science Fiction, Dark Animated and Dark Experimental Films will be screened in Portland. Tickets for this event will soon be available on Eventbrite. Your ticket purchase helps give local and international filmmakers the opportunity to screened the latest Independent Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Portland Audience. Most of these films have never screened in the state of Oregon. Please join us for this Horror and Dark Genre experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please use #OregonScreamWeek in your social media posts related to this event.


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Oregon Scream Week Spring 2020 Event Schedule

Saturday March 14, 2020

3:00pm - 5:00pm - Awards and The Filmmaker Networking Social

6:00pm - 7:45pm - Session 1 Film Screenings

8:00pm - 9:45pm - Session 2 Film Screenings

10:00pm - 11:59pm - Session 3 Film Screenings


Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Screenwriters


Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Spring 2020

Official Screenplay Selections

  • 5-Star Review, Written By Kiley Rothweiler (New York)
  • afterbirth., Written By Marko Pandza (Canada)
  • Amber and Dust (Pilot), Written By Declan O’Connor (California)
  • Behind the Door, Written By Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  • Code_Switch, Written By Sigin Ojulu (California)
  • Die-Namo, Written By Stefan Matthews (United Kingdom)
  • Feed, Written By Amy Manning (Arkansas)
  • Flight AD4515, Written By Martina Lisec (Austria)
  • Ghost Chicken, Written By Vincente DiSanti (Los Angeles)
  • Haunted Homocide, Written By Richard Knight, Jr. (Illinois)
  • Immoral Immortal, Written By Mark Donnell (Oregon & Arizona)
  • Incel, Written By Christopher Burgart (California)
  • Moby-Dick-Eater, or the Curse of the Off-White Pee-Slurper, Written By Kornblum Bierstadt Katz (Colorado)
  • Momma?, Written By Kate Harbert (Canada)
  • People in A Box, Written By M.r. Fitzgerald (Minnesota)
  • Sapien, Written By Christopher Burgart (California)
  • Supply, Written By Kornblum Bierstadt Katz (Colorado)
  • The Cipher Embedded, Written By Justin Jackson (Tennessee)
  • The Likes, Written By JUICE (Pennsylvania)
  • The Nightmare Club, Written By Darrell C Bishop (Oklahoma)
  • The Orphanage, Written By Kay Rascon (Florida)
  • They, Written By Chasen Partsch (Washington)
  • Too Many Undead, Written By Bradley Jay Meyer (Nevada)




Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival

Official Film Selections

  • 2:32 AM, Directed By Aaron Garcia (Texas)
  • 2:59, Directed By Kody Newton (Idaho)
  • A Patch of Desert, Directed By Joey Scoma, Jon Salmon (California)
  • Air Dead n' Breakfast, Directed By Matt Rasku (California)
  • Awful Dreams, Directed By Sean Cruser (California)
  • Bathing Beauty, Directed By Jim Mendrinos (New Jersey)
  • Bewere, Directed By J. Budro Partida (Texas)
  • Bird of Greed, Directed By Cosmo Spada (Oregon)
  • Blame It On Toby, Directed By Richard Knight, Jr. (Illinois)
  • Bliss Burger, Directed By Adam K. Wright (Michigan)
  • Bong Zombies Ep 1, Directed By Mick Napier (Illinois)
  • Bong Zombies Series Trailer, Directed By Mick Napier (Illinois)
  • Circle of Stone, Directed By Mark Andrews (California)
  • Clowning Around, Directed By Robert Cunniff (New Jersey)
  • Conduit, Directed By Ash Minick (California)
  • Dark Before Dawn | HOUSE, Directed By Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski (Canada)
  • DeadMe, Directed By Paul Hart-Wilden (California)
  • Deathyard, Directed By Daniel Ballard, Tyler Hellhake (North Carolina)
  • Doom On The Doorstep, Directed By Jordan Ros (Oregon)
  • Doombox, Directed By Max Hicks (England)
  • Doombox Trailer, Directed By Max Hicks (England)
  • Drive Safe, Directed By Meng Deng (California)
  • First Kill, Directed By Amanda Moresco (California)
  • Gholü, Directed By Leo Nicholson (United Kingdom)
  • In The Deathroom, Directed By Nicole Jones-Dion (California)
  • Innocent Boy, Directed By Brock Cravy (Texas, US)
  • KMS, Directed By Ivy Malone (California)
  • Love Begins With M, Directed By Arthur Nienhuis (Wisconsin)
  • Manic, Directed By Shawyon Fazel (California)
  • Missing Night, Directed By Vivek Nair (United Kingdom)
  • Moment, Directed By Geoffrey Uloth (Canada)
  • Morbus, Directed By Kerim Banka (Canada)
  • Mystic Pines Trailer, Directed By Jeremy Schell, Kyle Anderson (Canada)
  • Ominous Laughter, Directed By Mike Langan (New Jersey)
  • Pleasant Inn, Directed By David Romero (Texas)
  • Podcast, Directed By Mason Hambly (Canada)
  • Prey, Directed By Sam Price, Sean Loch (Australia)
  • Ramshackle Blues, Directed By Sharai Rewels (Canada)
  • Rip, Directed By Dino Kazamia (United Kingdom)
  • Siren, Directed By Christopher Beaubien (Canada)
  • The Basement, Directed By Zoe Gieringer (Oregon)
  • The Blue Man, Directed By Murray Enders (Australia)
  • The Book of Faces, Directed By Rus Robert Blemker (Illinois)
  • The Boy with the Sombrero, Directed By Constantine Konstin (California, Bolivia)
  • The Doll, Directed By Jason Vandygriff (Texas)
  • The Friend, Directed By Fabien Montagner (France)
  • The Game Behind The Dark, Directed By Antonio Gäehd (Mexico)
  • The Invitation (Die Einladung), Directed By Thorsten Schade, Thorsten Schade (Germany)
  • The Last Leaf, Directed By Sia Aleskovskaya (California)
  • The Listening, Directed By Doug O. Perkins (California)
  • The Perils of Fine Dining, Directed By Norma Jean Lipert (Florida)
  • The Prisoner, Directed By Harvey Eaton (England)
  • The Red Ribbon, Directed By Marianna Phung (Canada)
  • The Tuckering, Directed By Rob Mabry (Texas)
  • The Wedding Ring, Directed By Niklaas van Poortvliet (United Kingdom)
  • Thread, Directed By Dylan Monroe (California)
  • Tony Eats a Shrimp, Directed By David Wester (Oregon)
  • Too Late, Directed By Alexa Samaniego (California)
  • Uncle Daddy, Directed By Conrad Schapansky, Brad Chornoby (Canada)
  • Vampire foxes....from SPACE!, Directed By Kyle Murphy (Alaska)
  • Village of the Gramned, Directed By JP Leigh & Joanna DeLane (California)
  • Winter's Blood, Directed By Parker Brennon (Ohio)
  • Wormcat, Directed By troy matot (Oregon)
  • YES BUT NO, Directed By Maria Dioni (Mexico)

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