Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2019


Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2019 is coming soon!

The 3rd Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival event will take place August 8-9, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. 80+ Short Horror Films from 20 US States and 13 countries will screen in 4 different two-hour sessions. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite via donation. Any dollar amount that you donate for your tickets, helps to support the venue rental fees for this event. Your donation also gives local and international filmmakers an opportunity to screen new Horror Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Portland Audience. Most of these films, have never screened in the state of Oregon. Please join us for this Independent Horror Film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #OregonScreamWeek in your social media posts related to this event.

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 Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2019 Schedule
 Session 1: Thu Aug 8, 2019: 7:00p - 9:00p | Location TBA
 Session 2: Thu Aug 8, 2019: 9:15p - 11:15p | Location TBA
 Session 3: Fri Aug 9, 2019 | 7:00p - 9:00p | 5th Avenue Cinema
 Awards Presentation | 9:00p - 9:30p | 5th Avenue Cinema
 Session 4: Fri Aug 9, 2019 | 9:45p - Midnight | 5th Avenue Cinema


Oregon Scream Week Summer 2019 Official Film Selections

The following films are rated in the top 30% of submissions.

  1. A Quiet Space, Directed by Mike Langan (New Jersey)
  2. A Scratch for Every Itch, Directed by Maryanne Galvin (Massachusetts)
  3. Abi, Directed by Timothy Troy (Illinois)
  4. Adam, Directed by Gemma Paul (United Kingdom)
  5. Affirmations, Directed by Brian (Carlos) Diaz (Georgia)
  6. After The Rain, Directed by BJ Verot (Canada)
  7. American Girl, Directed by Martin Tran (Washington)
  8. Anonymous Psychos, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  9. Bad Resolution, Directed by Steven K Jackley (Oregon)
  10. Boo, Directed by Rakefet Abergel (California)
  11. Bull Mountain Lookout, Directed by Vanessa Newell (California)
  12. Coalesce, Directed by Shay LaPierre (Washington)
  13. Cole & Colette, Directed by Matt Boda (California)
  14. Crave Daze, Directed by Stella Sanchez, India Smith (California)
  15. Crop Dust, Directed by Thomas Nicol, Andrew Gleason (Illinois)
  16. CUT, Directed by Adam Van Dyke (California)
  17. Dankula, Directed by Matthew Schwartz (Georgia)
  18. Daydream, Directed by Richard Ramirez (Texas)
  19. Daylight Savings, Directed by Kaylyn Bosh (Georgia)
  20. Death And Tacos, Directed by Isaiah Acosta (California)
  21. Demons, Directed by Daniel Lopez Nelson (Sweden)
  22. Don't Forget To Subscribe, Directed by Alastair Clayton (United Kingdom)
  23. Down The Drain, Directed by Grey Smoley (New York)
  24. Escape Room, Directed by Bessy Adut (California)
  25. Exhibit Man, Directed by Trevor Mirosh (Canada)
  26. Fanatico, Directed by Hannah May Cumming (Oregon)
  27. Food Cart, Directed by Lucas Longacre (Oregon)
  28. Fred Needs A Friend, Directed by Turner Munch (California)
  29. Ghost Tours (of Québec), Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  30. Ghost Turd, Directed by Charles Ward (Australia)
  31. Ghosted, Directed by Stacie Gancayco-Adlao (California)
  32. Gift from the Abyss, Directed by Matthew van Ginkel (Canada)
  33. Good Girl, Directed by Wesley Alley (California)
  34. Happy Father's Day, Directed by Travis Darkow (Washington)
  35. Harry, Directed by Jenni Sproul (Arizona)
  36. Haunting The Haunted, Directed by John Gigrich (Minnesota)
  37. Hazel, Directed by Sara Eustáquio (California)
  38. Her Seething Hollow, Directed by Angela Sanner (Pennsylvania)
  39. I Bind You To Me, Directed by Felipe De Vecchi (Canada)
  40. I Woke Up Screaming, Directed by Vincent Gargiulo (California)
  41. I'm Sorry, Directed by Gabriel Galand (Canada)
  42. It Crawled In Through The Window, Directed by Isaac Ruth (California)
  43. Je Crie En Mangeant, Directed by Jordan Ros (Oregon)
  44. Jessie, Directed by Mark Terry (Georgia)
  45. Killing Time, Directed by Jason Wilkinson (Oregon)
  46. Lobisome, Directed by Juan De Dios Garduño (Spain)
  47. Luna, Directed by Ross Williams (Washington)
  48. Meat Trailer, Directed by Yasmin Neal (Georgia)
  49. Melvin And The Microphone, Directed by Chris Youngless (California)
  50. Messed Up, Directed by Lucé Tomlin-Brenner (California)
  51. Muerte, Directed by Harold Fisch (Texas)
  52. Nitelife, Directed by Gabriel Theis (California)
  53. Occupied, Directed by Michael Austin (Ohio)
  54. October 31st, Directed by Laurel Taylor (Alabama)
  55. Old Mrs. Jenkins, Directed by Taryn Hough, Thomas Norman (California)
  56. Once Bitten..., Directed by Pete Tomkies (United Kingdom)
  57. Pages, Directed by Shaan Couture (France & New York)
  58. Petra, Directed by Andreas Avgousti (Cyprus)
  59. Porcelain Stare, Directed by Robin Rippmann (Switzerland)
  60. Ramona, Directed by Nicole Harris (California)
  61. Resident Hazard, Directed by Chaou Said (China)
  62. Reunion, Directed by M.r. Fitzgerald (Ohio)
  63. Samantha, Directed by Sebastian Ponton (Canada)
  64. Self Defense, Directed by Zach Bradley (Illinois)
  65. Shhhh, Directed by Mordechay Jonathan (Israel)
  66. Side B, Directed by Vanessa V Williams (Washington)
  67. Slice, Directed by Hari Ramakrishnan (United Kingdom)
  68. Stories From The Unknown, Directed by Rodney Roldan (New York)
  69. Sunday Driver, Directed by Justin Lee (California)
  70. That Very Special Night, Directed by Mark C. Pollock (Pennsylvania)
  71. The Cervidae, Directed by Andriy Zayets (Ukraine)
  72. The Hunted, Directed by Giancarlo Orellana (New Jersey)
  73. The Inside, Directed by Michael Tuthill (Maryland)
  74. The Leshiy, Directed by Benjamin Anderson, Sawyer Purman (New York)
  75. The Man In The Mirror, Directed by Zack Burkett (Georgia)
  76. The Silent Stay, Directed by Christine Doyle (New Jersey)
  77. The Sound, Directed by Katrina Brede, Jason Connelly (Washington)
  78. The Tablet, Directed by DS Westwood (Canada)
  79. The Taste Of Blood, Directed by Matias Searle (Chile)
  80. The Tattooist, Directed by Michael Wong (China)
  81. There's Nothing in the Shed, Directed by David Axe (South Carolina)
  82. Thirst Trap, Directed by Steve Flavin (United States)
  83. Trick Or Treatment - Healing Old Wounds, Directed by Dan O'Brien (California)
  84. Units., Directed by D.J. Walker (Washington)
  85. WEEJI, Directed by Allisyn Arm, Bryan Morrison (California)
  86. Xombie, Directed by Steven K Jackley (Oregon)
  87. #YouToo, Directed by Bjorn Pinxten (Belgium)
  88. Zombie Debt, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California)
  89. Zombied, Directed by Matthew Van Vorst (New Jersey)



Oregon Scream Week Summer 2019 Screenplay Official Selections

The following screenplays are rated in the top 30% of submissions.

  1. Abandon, Written by Carmen Mosley (South Carolina)
  2. At The Mercy Of Faith - Version 6, Written by Samuel Taylor (California)
  3. Bad Hair, Written by Richard Geiwitz (Maryland)
  4. Beware The Night, Written by Charles Michael (Oregon)
  5. Blink, Written by Will Buntin (Kansas)
  6. Capitol Plans, Written by David Strickland (Texas)
  7. Demon Inside Me, Written by Brandon Rutherford (California)
  8. Dog, Written by Kelly Parks (California)
  9. Don't Run, Written by Kirsten Stoddart (United Kingdom)
  10. Evil Human Beings, Written by Chris Abaya (Virginia)
  11. Evil Spirit, Written by Glenn Lissner (North Carolina)
  12. Fame Fatale, Written by Michael James Daly, Michelle Iannantuono (South Carolina)
  13. Haven, Written by Jimmie Rogers, Autumn Rogers (Georgia)
  14. Hunger, Written by Michael Haddock (Washington)
  15. In Town For A Bite, Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)
  16. Isle Of The Misbegotten, Written by Kyle Hintz (Illinois)
  17. Loon Lake, Written by Abraham Archambault (Washington)
  18. Mind Games, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  19. Monger, Written by David Axe (South Carolina)
  20. My Dead Clown, Written by David Rousculp (Indiana)
  21. Night Of The Living Hose, Written by Christian Foley (United States)
  22. Not Welcome, Written by Stephen Dunford (New York)
  23. Personal Demons, Written by Erik D. Harshman (California)
  24. Pipe Wrench, Written by Montgomery Haines (Oregon)
  25. Plague, Written by Tyler C Frech (California)
  26. Port Naut, Written by Christopher J. O'Bryant (Tennessee)
  27. Pray For Us, Written by Gregory Cusumano (California)
  28. Pretenders, Written by Anna Eichenauer (Germany)
  29. Raven Dock, Written by Sara Caldwell (California)
  30. Scotopia, Written by Tobias Ohlsson (Sweden)
  31. Seymour Crystal- The Worst Serial Killer On Earth, Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg (California)
  32. Smile, Written by Rachel Brewer (United Kingdom)
  33. Sofia's Eyes, Written by Jose Luis Anaya (Mexico)
  34. Something Special, Written by Ezekiel Sidwell (Arkansas)
  35. Sunshine State: Duende, Written by Kai Thorup (Georgia)
  36. Terrify, Written by Steven K Jackley (Oregon)
  37. The Boneyard, Written by M.r. Fitzgerald (Minnesota)
  38. The Last Zombie On Earth, Written by Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg (California)
  39. The Meat Eaters, Written by Danny Howell (Virginia)
  40. The Mirror, Written by Juan Alvarez Castello (Venezuela)
  41. The Monster Within, Written by Matthew Sheather (Australia)
  42. This Too Shall Not Pass, Written by Danny Boushebel (California)
  43. Three Stars, Written by William Waters (California)
  44. Visions, Written by Danny Howell (Virginia)
  45. We All Die At Sixteen, Written by Pierre Kakos (Canada)
  46. When Darkness Falls, Written by Arturo Portillo (New Mexico)

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