Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2021

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the film on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2021 competition. Due to social distancing restrictions worldwide, most of these films have not been screened at a live screening in the United States. 75+ International Horror, Horror Comedy, Dark Science Fiction, Dark Animation, Experimental Films and more. These films average 4-6 minutes each and have been hand  selected by the Oregon based judges. 


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Please joins us at the Sunshine Mill Winery And Drive-Up Theater 901 EAST 2nd Street The Dalles, OR 97058 for the screenings on July 16-17, 2021. Tickets are priced at $36 per car, per day. The full schedule and event tickets are now listed on Eventbrite.


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The following films and videos represent the top 30% rated by the judges, regardless of individual category.


Summer 2021 Official Film Selections

  1. ...And Then the Darkness, Directed by Andrew Huggins (North
  2. (Con)dimented, Directed by Sarah White (United States)
  3. 4, Directed by Dylan Garcia (United States)
  4. A Fresh Start, Directed by Brittney Michelle Shepherd (California)
  5. Abbygail Was Here, Directed by Keaton Smith (Texas)
  6. Beautiful Day, Directed by TJ Marchbank (California)
  7. Berserk, Directed by Mairin Hart (California)
  8. Birth, Directed by Ozlem Altingoz (United States)
  9. Black Ice, Directed by Chris Goodman (United Kingdom)
  10. Bordo, Directed by Dor Pe'er (Israel)
  11. Broken Trail, Directed by Davis DeRock and Karen Elizabeth (Kansas)
  12. Come è entrato (Within), Directed by Matteo Ciotola (Italy)
  13. Deliver Me from Evil, Directed by Jonas Stewart (California)
  14. Detrimental, Directed by Mikael Roth (Sweden)
  15. Don't Cry, Directed by Arthur Payne (California)
  16. Dont Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night, Directed by Matthew Quaid
  17. Door to Door, Directed by Tom von Dohlen (United States)
  18. Even Monsters Can Be People, Directed by Kevin Gater (Sweden)
  19. Face Mask, Directed by Daniel Allen and Adam Huber (Missouri)
  20. Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket, Directed by Chris Friend (California)
  21. Glitch, Directed by Sara Caldwell and Walter Gorey (United States)
  22. Hare Hunt, Directed by Ken van Mierlo (Netherlands)
  23. Hold Your Breath, Directed by Kameron Gates (United States)
  24. Horror Movie Dad Insurance, Directed by Sarah White (New York)
  25. Immersion, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  26. Iniquity, Directed by Roger Peters (Texas)
  27. Jack The Radio: Creatures, Directed by Justin Zimmerman (United States)
  28. Keep Closed At All Times, Directed by Herman Kerner (United States)
  29. Killing Art, Directed by David Wittkower and Greg Martin (United States)
  30. Kinks, Directed by Jayden Creighton (Australia)
  31. Kyle, Directed by Joseph LaGuidice (United States)
  32. Let’s Play, Directed by Steve Wollett (United States)
  33. Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn, Directed by Raymond C. Lai (United States)
  34. Look what you have done !, Directed by Monica De Almeida
  35. Mashed Potato Face, Directed by Joseph Graham (United States)
  36. Mayonnaise, Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  37. Movie Night, Directed by Matt Rosenblatt (Texas)
  38. Murder For Dummies, Directed by Meredith Red (United States)
  39. Nature Crawls, Directed by Vseant Nath (United States)
  40. New Flesh for the Old Ceremony, Directed by Elizabeth Rakhilkina (United States)
  41. Night of Morbus, Directed by Shane Ramirez (United States)
  42. Night of the Karens, Directed by Ryan Webb (Oregon)
  43. Nightfall, Directed by Jake Sanders (California)
  44. Paranoid, Directed by Mikael Roth (Sweden)
  45. Perfect, Directed by Jeremiah Kipp (New York)
  46. Playing with Spiders, Directed by Rylan Rafferty (United States)
  47. Razor Tail, Directed by Mr. Salad (Oregon)
  48. Reclamation, Directed by Trevor Hagen (United States)
  49. Relentless, Directed by Eliezer Hernandez (Florida)
  50. Routine, Directed by Russ Emanuel (United States)
  51. Script, Directed by Piero Cannata (Italy)
  52. Shoot Em In The Head, Directed by Maxwell Miller (United States)
  53. Silly Simon, Directed by Johnny Skinner (Arizona)
  54. Split, Directed by Joanna Deja and Łukasz Deja (Poland)
  55. Stairway to Hell, Directed by Ricky Santos and Tania Chow (United
  56. The Cookbook, Directed by Nikhail Asnani (United States)
  57. The Ex, Directed by Neil D'Monte (California)
  58. The Man Who Loved Flowers, Directed by Jacob Ewing (Arizona)
  59. The Rage, Directed by Steven DeRock (Canada)
  60. The Relic, Directed by J.M. Logan (California)
  61. The Serpent's Nest, Directed by Alice Maio Mackay (Australia)
  62. The Sum of Several Sticky Situations involving Salami Sticks, Directed by Oli Stening (Australia)
  63. The Virus, Directed by Lorinda Hawkins Smith (California)
  64. The Wolf, Directed by M.r. Fitzgerald (United States)
  65. Tinder Tango, Directed by Cecilia Robles (United States)
  66. Two Graves, Directed by Luc Jacquemetton (California)
  67. Umbilical, Directed by Luc Jacquemetton (California)
  68. Under The Surface, Directed by Trevor Hagen (United States)
  69. Vagary, Directed by Larry Rosen (United States)
  70. Veg Out: A Horror Comedy, Directed by Nate Carroll (United States)
  71. What Happened To Claire, Directed by Richard Chuang (Canada)
  72. What's Yours, Directed by Sean Kelly and Amy O'Neill (United States)
  73. Wich, Directed by Anthony Williams (Illinois)
  74. Woke, Directed by Paul Kirby (United States)


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Summer 2021 Official Screenplay Selections

  1. 10 Sinners, Written by David MacLaren (Canada)
  2. Affordable Housing, Written by Nyoka Affordable Housing (United States)
  3. All My Shades of Blue, Written by Lawrence DeGala (Nevada)
  4. American Mascot, Written by Isaac Ballesteros Barba (Mexico)
  5. Amnesia, Written by Thomas S. Normandy (United States)
  6. Backwater, Written by Andrew Wassom (United States)
  7. BeTwIxT, Written by Kathryn Orwig (United States)
  8. BFFs Never Say Die, Written by K. Jennifer Ilagan (Connecticut)
  9. Chimera, Written by Ashley Fell (Mexico)
  10. Chimes, Written by Jason Rice (United States)
  11. Come Closer, Written by Pierre Langenegger (Australia)
  12. Come Home Daddy, Written by ilse willocx (Belgium)
  13. Demonicon, Written by Sean Whitley and Shane Whitley (United States)
  14. Departing Seniors, Written by Jose Nateras (California)
  15. Disrupture, Written by Ross Morin (United States)
  16. False Shepherd, Written by Dawson Roebig (Florida)
  17. Gunga Din, Written by Jessi Thind (Canada)
  18. Inheritance, Written by James Howells (Canada)
  19. Judgement House, Written by Alan R. Baxter (California)
  20. Local, Written by Brandon M. Howell (Kentucky)
  21. Look Me In The Eyes, Written by Christa Cusack O'Neill (Canada)
  22. Make It 'Til Dawn, Written by David-Matthew Barnes (Colorado)
  23. Man in the Hat, Written by Phyllis Allison (Louisiana)
  24. Marianas Web, Written by Taylor Salotti (New Jersey)
  25. Meddle Like Hell, Written by Michael Mantsourani (United States)
  26. Millennium Bug, Written by James Howells (Canada)
  27. Mistry Cavern, Written by Todd Bronson (United States)
  28. Monster, Written by Kurt Choate (United States)
  29. My Uncommon Brain, Written by TD Heetderks (Michigan)
  30. Oh No, It's The End Of The World, Written by Caitlin Stedman (New York)
  31. Preyta, Written by Jerry Sampson (Oregon)
  32. Project 38, Written by Vincent Brando (Virginia)
  33. Sight Specific, Written by Peter Hardy (Georgia)
  34. Soma, Written by Ian Hand (United Kingdom)
  35. South Tower, Written by Jordan O'Neal (United States)
  36. Swine Heart, Written by Theresa Anne Carey and Bruce Stephen Brochtrup (Wisconsin)
  37. Tenants, Written by Maegan Langer (Utah)
  38. Tension In The Eyes, Written by Mike Dowdrick (United States)
  39. The Beast Beside Us, Written by Frank Maestas (United States)
  40. The Crucial Day, Written by Justin Jackson (United States)
  41. The Familiar, Written by Carrie Specht (California)
  42. The Guest House, Written by Luke Anthony Walker (United Kingdom)
  43. The Pastor's Only Son, Written by Ben Bonnema (United States)
  44. The Thing in Room 11, Written by Gemma Paul (United Kingdom)
  45. Their Father's World, Written by L. Andrew Cooper (United States)
  46. These Faces, Written by Jason Rice (New York)
  47. Transmontanus, Written by Mark A Donnell (United States)
  48. Twenty Years, Written by Riley Lister (Colorado)
  49. Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan, Written by Francesco Capussela (Italy)
  50. Unmasked, Written by Gina Andreoli (Pennsylvania)
  51. Vermin, Written by Chris Warner (Connecticut)
  52. Vodi, Written by Nath Milburn and Luke Baker (California)
  53. WOOF'D, Written by Michael James Daly (California)
Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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