Oregon Short Film Festival Spring 2022

By Mikel Fair

The Spring 2022 edition of the Oregon Short Film Festival is screening May 28-29 at the 5th Avenue Cinema near downtown Portland presented by Film Festival Circuit. The official selection laurels are publicly available on Google Drive. (LINK) All film and video submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. The judges are still working on the award nominations for each category and will be announced soon.


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Spring 2022 Official Selections

  • A Feast That Never Comes [6m], Directed by Maria Juranic (United States)
  • A Sober Dance, Directed by Owen Hurrell, Ed Kitchen (United Kingdom)
  • A Spark of Madness, Directed by Adam Castillo (United States)
  • Absolution, Directed by Jeremy Applebaum (United States)
  • American-istan, Directed by Ali Godil (Oregon)
  • Archie, Directed by Michael Morris (United States)
  • Bear With Me, Directed by Nick McLean (New Zealand)
  • Beyond, Directed by Florenta Nicoleta Vatavu (United Kingdom)

  • Blinded, Directed by Jim Morton, Jesse James (United States)
  • Bus Driver, Directed by Amar Singh Sethi (United Kingdom)
  • Clarence Cuts Loose, Directed by Jimmy Cork, Tyler Silbey (Florida)
  • Crazy For The Blonde, Directed by Mark Clauburg (New York)
  • Crush On You, Directed by Jimmy Ling (Oregon)
  • Delivery Failed, Directed by Montgomery Sutton (New York)
  • Desolate, John, Directed by Jared Dante Wangenstein (Oregon)
  • Discontent, Directed by Tiffany Kim Stevens (California)
  • Don't Cry, Directed by Linzy Attenborough (United Kingdom)
  • Don't Fall Asleep, Directed by Elizabeth Jane Findley (United States)
  • Dopamine Fast, Directed by catherine johnson (Oregon)
  • Eugene Does Not Want to Work for Milkshakes, Directed by Jezer
    Serafica (United States)
  • Fast Tracks, Directed by Annette Frahm (Washington)
  • Fine Flow Wines, Directed by Ricky Barca (Oregon)
  • First Day, Directed by Suzanne Weinert, Julia Barnett (Texas)
  • Gary, Directed by Doug Cox (California)
  • Guilt Trap - A Psychological Thriller, Directed by Christopher Reed (Oregon)
  • Hogger, Directed by Stephen Robert Koepfer (United States)
  • It’s OK to not be OK, Directed by Andrew White (Missouri)
  • Jeff Hilliard - Consensual, Directed by Jeff Hilliard, Joey Danger (California)
  • King of the Cosmos, Directed by Gabrielle Jane Bullard (Australia)
  • Labor of Love, Directed by Hannah Rosalie Wright (Iowa)
  • Learning To Fly, Directed by Charlie Alberto IV (New Jersey)
  • Lennon, Directed by Jason Leighton, Elliot Frahs (California)
  • LMFT, Directed by AJ Young (California)
  • Lost Dog, Directed by David Li (Canada)
  • Lucky Undies, Directed by Sam Silverstein (California)
  • Maybe Next Year, Directed by CJ Colando (United States)
  • Mislead, Directed by Steve Perkins (Oregon)
  • Missed Interpretation, Directed by William O'Boyle (Ohio)
  • Monomyth, Directed by Thomas Scott Holland (Canada)
  • October Eleventh, Directed by Damian Gonzalez, Jeremy Weinstein (California)
  • Over & Over, Directed by Walter Temple (Arizona)
  • Paradise, Directed by Justen Noll (Oregon)
  • Partizan, Directed by Raymond Antonio Hill (Oregon)
  • PDX on French, Directed by Kayla Banda, Christopher Reed (United States)
  • Real Heroes Don’t Die, Directed by Roman Mitichyan (California)
  • Record Highs, Directed by Beryl Allee (Oregon)
  • Roses, Directed by Raza Rizvi (United States)
  • Royal Jumble, Directed by Shelly Russell (United States)
  • Run Through It, Directed by Yasmeen Magar, Emma Josephson (Texas)
  • SABINA: Prey for the Hunter, Directed by Nicole Ruth Starrett, Marcus
    T. Thomas (United States)
  • Saint Rasputin, Directed by David Wagstaff (Oregon)
  • Saving Faith, Co-directed by Randy Messersmith (New Mexico) and Jordan P Jordan (Texas)
  • She's An Instagram Model, Directed by Keith Orlando Harris (California)
  • Silverspot: The Flight To Recovery, Directed by Julia Johanos,
    Samantha Derrenbacher (Oregon)
  • Sniffing at the Park, Directed by Rebel Meraki (United States)
  • Spring Blood, Directed by Ben Haynes (Oregon)
  • Tanked, Directed by Duncan Rudd (United Kingdom)
  • That Sucks, Directed by Dominic Del Bene, Craig Billmeier (Oregon)
  • The Arrest, Directed by David Li (Canada)
  • The Broken Road, Directed by Andrew Kivett, Stephen Radley III (United States)
  • The Ladder, Directed by Emilio Miguel Torres (Washington)
  • The Laughing Woo Woo, Directed by Amir Youssef (California)
  • The Neighbor, Directed by Rachel Riley (California)
  • The Opener, Directed by David Yama (Washington)
  • The Scenario, Directed by Evan Richards (United States)
  • The second skin, Directed by Tamara Alekseeva, Alik Peroshkier (St. Petersburg)
  • The Star-maker, Directed by Matthias Falvai (Canada)
  • The Unmentionables, Directed by Lance Lucero (United States)
  • The White Rock, Directed by Maxime Laurin (Canada)
  • This Coulda Been An Email, Directed by Maya Table (Texas)
  • thoughts, Directed by Kevin Hanzlik (Oregon)
  • Tomorrow, Directed by Spencer Halverson (United States)
  • Tsunami, Directed by Joel Shafer (Missouri)
  • Welcome, Megan, Directed by Lily Richards (California)
  • Where Do You Go?, Directed by Luke Borsten (Oregon)
  • YAHTZEE!, Directed by David Bonderoff (New York)


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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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