Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2021

By Mikel Fair

The eighth edition of the Oregon Short Film Festival will take place on Sunday August 29th, 2021 at The Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202 presented by Film Festival Circuit. The official selection laurels are publicly available on Google Drive. (LINK) All film, video, screenplay and teleplay submissions were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submissions. The official OSFF Shirts, Sweatshirts and clothing are now available in our online store. The Oregon Short Film Festival is a great opportunity to network with others in the Film and Television Industry. Please join us for our next virtual networking meeting co-hosted by Mikel Fair, author of the Film Festival Submitter’s Handbook. If you are interested in attending the OSFF in the future, or to get updates, please join our emailing list. Tickets are now available on FilmFreeway. (LINK)


August 29, 2021 Event Schedule (Link To Tickets)

  • 2:00p Filmmaker Outside Check-in Opens. Outdoor photos.
  • 2:30p Theater Doors Open for seating/networking
  • 3:00p Awards Presentation
  • 4:00p Film Screenings Session 1
  • 6:00p Q&A
  • 6:30p Intermission & Networking
  • 7:00p Film Screenings Session 2
  • 9:45p Wrap


Director Sam Felman


Summer 2021 Award Finalists


Best Action Film Award Finalists

  • Falling Sparrow, Directed by Justin Wang Powell (Texas)
  • Resignation Day, Directed by Adam Brashaw Adam Basil (United Kingdom)


Best Animated Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Doobie Run, Directed by Jenna Wallace and Annalena Barrett (California) - Website
  • Elsewhere, Directed by Morris Callegari (California)
  • Her Resolve, Directed by Marissa Dingman (Oregon) - Website
  • Pickled, Directed by Jingyu Zhang (California) - Website
  • Yuluu, Directed by Fatima Kried (United Kingdom) - Website


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Joining Call, Directed by Ash Blodgett (California/Ohio) - Website
  • I Need His Blood For My Poisons, Directed by Sean Parker (Oregon)
  • Once Beautiful Woman, Directed by Frankie Guerrero, Jr. (California)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists


Best Dark Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Don't Jump, Directed by Kathryn Schott (California)
  • Home For Dinner, Directed by Tim C Johns (Oregon)


Best Dark Drama Film Award Finalists

  • Come Home To Me, Directed by Gavin Bradley (Oregon)
  • Defenseless, Directed by Javier Augusto Nunez (California)
  • I Bit the Lemon, Directed by Scarlett McCartney-Hill (United Kingdom)
  • Rottweiler, Directed by Jonny Powell (United Kingdom) - Website
  • The two missing hours, Directed by jean claude thibaut (California)



Official Selections

  • 1 Out of 8, Directed by Jacqueline Kennedy (New York) - Website
  • 2001, Written by Jagger Waters (California)
  • A Dance With Gunter, Written by Michelle DeLateur (Idaho) - Website
  • A Machine For Boredom, Directed by Marc Cartwright (California) - Website
  • A Midwinter Nightmare, Directed by Kristina Hampton (Canada) - Website
  • Abby and Emily Go To Palm Springs, Directed by Hellin Kay (California) - Website
  • After This, Written by Kaitlyn Clare (California) - Website
  • Again and Again, Directed by Court Ross (Oregon)
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Directed by Zeppelin Zeerip (Utah)
  • Alone, Directed by David Over (Washington)
  • Another Highschool Sitcom, Written by Sarah R de Leon (Oregon) - Website
  • Arachnarche, Directed by Emma Jordan (United Kingdom) - Website
  • Aturdir, Directed by Ruth Mataya Gango (Oregon) - Website
  • Blinded, Directed by Cecilia Choi (California)
  • Bliss ~Swerve~ Music Video, Directed by Nao Sakamoto (Japan)
  • Conductor, Directed by Royce Leii (New Mexico)
  • Continuum, Directed by Calum Hotchkiss (Canada) - Website
  • Death is Only a Stranger Once, Written by Larry Collins
  • Did You Lock The Door?, Directed by Harry Valentine (California) - Website
  • Discharge, Directed by Dillard Brown (California)
  • Disturbing Silence, Written by Mark Heath Howard (Illinois) - Website
  • Dreams From The Edge, Directed by Ericka Nicole Malone (Nevada)
  • Drip, Written by Henrietta Biayemi (California)
  • Empty Seat, Written by Miriam Goi (Italy)
  • Everything's Heavy, Directed by Jason B. Skipper (Oregon)
  • Expedition 37, Directed by Maggie Colligan (New York)
  • Falling Sparrow, Directed by Justin Wang Powell (Texas)
  • Fig Jam (Script), Written by Frank J. Avella (New Jersey)
  • Final Vows, Written by Tim Wesemann and Josh Herum (Missouri)
  • First Note, Directed by Ziyao Susan Xie (California) - Website
  • German Ridge, Written by Oliver Palmer (New York)
  • Have You Tried..., Directed by Roger Aylward (Connecticut)
  • Hold, Directed by Jonathan Blagrove (United Kingdom) - Website
  • I Am Here, Written by Francisco Solorzano (New York)
  • Identification, Written by Larry Collins (Texas)
  • If I Tell Them, Directed by Oliver Sutro (Colorado)
  • In Between Lands, Directed by Laura Griffin (Ireland)
  • In Case We Get Found, Directed by Sarah Young (New York) - Website
  • Into The Darkness, Directed by Susan Bohl (Texas)
  • Killing Time, Directed by P. Patrick Hogan (California) - Website
  • Kindred, Directed by Ali Kurr (United Kingdom)
  • L'Agrodolce Vita (The Bittersweet Life) Lingua inglese con sottotitoli in italiano, Directed by Nick Hugh McCann (United Kingdom) - Website
  • Late Boomer, Directed by Lee Anderson (Oregon)
  • Late Night Swim, Directed by Collin Chute (California)
  • Lemons, Directed by Danny Lewis (Florida)
  • Message From the Future, Directed by Dano Johnson (United States)
  • Murder For Dummies, Directed by Meredith Red (United States)
  • My Family Trees, Directed by Roshi Givechi (New York)
  • Nanakorobi (Seven Falls), Directed by Glenna Burmer and Gaby Breiter (Washington) - Website
  • Northwest 21st, Written by John Martins III (United States)
  • Not Worth Killing, Directed by Eric M. Ivey (California) - Website
  • Over and Out, Written by Callie LeClaire (Minnesota)
  • Permission, Written by Joe Capucini (California)
  • Posies, Directed by R.H. Stavis and Katherine Fisher (California) - Website
  • Razor Tail, Directed by Mr. Salad (Oregon) - Website
  • Refuge, Directed by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)
  • Resignation Day, Directed by Adam Brashaw Adam Basil (United Kingdom)
  • Ruby Days, Directed by Noah Wong (Massachusetts)
  • Saving Faith, Written by Randy Messersmith (Arizona) - Trailer
  • Scratched, Written by Cedrick A. Nichols (Virginia)
  • Second Story, Directed by Michael W. Dodge (Oregon) - Website
  • Security Plan, Directed by Jeremy Evan Taylor (Oregon)
  • Sentris, Directed by Ian Harrington (California) - Website
  • Takilma Stories, Directed by Philip Lauri and Steven Oliver (Michigan) - Website
  • The Black Stonefly, Directed by Cody Lewis and Marc Rotse (Oregon)
  • The Familiar, Written by Carrie Specht (California)
  • The Lesson, Written by Kimberly Kalaja (New York) - Website
  • The Lost Wife, Directed by Patrick Crellin (Isle of Man) - Website
  • (The Making of) Please Don't Make Me Play Piano Man, Directed by Steve Nerangis (Virginia) - Website
  • The Petrified Florist, Written by Richard Levine (North Carolina)
  • The Wick, Directed by Sabine Crossen (United Kingdom) - Website
  • There’s Nothing You Can Do, Directed by Ryan Terk (Canada)
  • Tucker's Song, Directed by Will Bricca, Alec Rosinski, Jacob Rosinski and Nate Schreyer (Pennsylvania)
  • Unhappy in the Nicest Part of Town, Written by Madeleine Weatherhead (New York)
  • Volcano, Directed by Yutong Lu (China)
  • Weightless Screenplay, Written by Diana Diaz (Canada)
  • Windswept, Written by Deric Olsen (Canada)
  • Windy, Written by Todd Sorrell (Hawaii)
  • You Can't See Through Me, Directed by Tim Roth (California)
  • ZAP! Directed by Philip C. Sedgwick (Arizona) - Website


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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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