Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2021 Screenwriters

By Mikel Fair

The seventh edition of the Oregon Short Film Festival will took place on Thursday February 25 through Sunday February 28, 2021 at the Sunshine Mill Winery And Drive-Up Theater 901 E 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058 presented by Film Festival Circuit. The official selection laurels, award finalist laurels and award finalist certificates are publicly available on Google Drive. (LINK) This page is dedicated to the short screenplays and teleplays that were selected by the judges. If you are looking for the list of films and videos for the Winter 2021 season click here. All screenplay and teleplays were submitted via FilmFreeway. Please check out our FilmFreeway waiver code list and save 20% on future film festival submissions.

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Oregon Short Film Festival Award Certificates (Winners & Finalists) Logo, Laurels & Event Photos - Link To Google Drive -

Winter 2021 Award Winners

  • Best Comedy Screenplay - Air Kiss, Written by Gio Forlenza (New York)
  • Best Comedy Teleplay - Rennies, Written by Daniel Roche (United States of America)
  • Best Dark Comedy Screenplay - Baby Teeth, Written by Layla Merritt (United States)
  • Best Dark Drama Screenplay - The Hope Chest Has A Secret Drawer, Written by Laura Frenzer (New York)
  • Best Drama Screenplay - A Lasting First Impression, Written by Kayla Romanowski (New York)
  • Best Experimental Screenplay - Mismatch, Written by Bernhard Riedhammer (Germany)
  • Best Fantasy Screenplay - Dr. Apples® Pilot- The Journey, Written by Dr Apples (Georgia)
  • Best Horror Comedy Screenplay - Issue Zero, Written by Neil MacKay (Canada)
  • Best Horror Screenplay - Zasha, Written by Margarita Zhitnikova and Jeffrey Weber (New York)
  • Best Horror Teleplay - Teeth, Written by Wi-Moto Nyoka (New York)
  • Best International Screenplay - Dog Eyes, Written by Helena Aguilera (Mexico)
  • Best Relationship Drama Screenplay - Broken, Written by Lori Bachynski (Canada)
  • Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay - Lenny's Luck, Written by Colin Pierce (California)
  • Best Science Fiction Screenplay - Men of Moosehorn, Written by Sam Robotham (Washington, D.C.)
  • Best Teleplay  - Uprisings, Written by Candice Delevante (New York)


Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2021


2021 Official Selections And Award Finalists

The following screenplays and teleplays were read and rated by our panel of judges. Each of these submissions and have placed in the top 30% of scorecards and have been named Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2021 Official Selections. Every screenplay and teleplay in this competition are 60 pages or less.


37 Best Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists


38 Best Comedy Teleplay Award Finalists


39 Best Dark Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists

  • A Guy Walks into a Bar, Written by Gio Forlenza (New York)
  • Baby Teeth, Written by Layla Merritt (United States) - WINNER
  • Bugtussle, Written by Derek Sitter (Oregon)
  • Squeak, Written by Maureen Aitken and Barbara Lhota (Illinois)
  • The Revver, Written by Kelly S Moothart and Mike Hanson (South Dakota/Missouri)


40 Best Dark Drama Screenplay Award Finalists


41 Best Drama Screenplay Award Finalists


42 Best Experimental Screenplay Award Finalists


43 Best Fantasy Screenplay Award Finalists


44 Best Horror Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists


45 Best Horror Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Chum, Written by Henry P. Gravelle (Massachusetts)
  • New Moon 5280, Written by Dean Harakas (Colorado)
  • Stew, Written by Henry Peter Gravelle (Massachusetts)
  • The Birthing, Written by Scott Barbella-Landy (New Jersey)
  • Zasha, Written by Margarita Zhitnikova and Jeffrey Weber (New York) - WINNER


46 Best Horror Teleplays Award Finalists

  • Downwinders, Written by Mark Donnell (United States)
  • Teeth, Written by Wi-Moto Nyoka (New York) - WINNER


47 Best International Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Faces In The Shadow, Written by Christophe Ledard and Loïc Cazes (France)
  • Sugarcube, Written by Matthew McCracken (Australia)
  • Dog Eyes, Written by Helena Aguilera (Mexico) - WINNER


48 Best Relationship Drama Screenplay Award Finalists


49 Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay Award Finalists


50 Best Science Fiction Screenplay Award Finalists


51 Best Teleplay Award Finalists


52 Official Selections (Rated in the Top 30% Overall)

Oregon Short Film Festival History

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  4. Oregon Short Film Festival 2019
  5. Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2020
  6. Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2020
  7. Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2021 (Feb 25-28)


Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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