Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017

By Mikel Fair


Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Film Selections

The 2nd Portland Comedy Film Festival event took place on May 17-20, 2017 at the Avalon Theatre in Oregon. This film featured 50+ short comedy films and videos from the film festival circuit

  1. “Braquage Serenade” Directed by Guillaume De Ginestel (Paris, France) - Watch the Trailer
  2. "Bwown Bugg"
  3. “Cauliflower” Directed by Natasha Straley
  4. “City of Angles: Episode 2” Directed by Quinn Jackson
  5. "Crass" Directed by Micah Troublefield (South Carolina)
  6. “Deep in the Artist” Directed by Ryan Mowery (Portland, Oregon)
  7. “Doomsday Ready” Directed by Mark Jackson (London, UK) - Watch the Trailer
  8. “Downward Dogs” Directed by Dillon McManamy  (Toronto, Canada)
  9. “Drive-Thru” Directed by John Jennings
  10. “Five Star Service” Directed by Chris Parisi (San Francisco, CA)
  11. “Flipped The Script” Directed by Frankie Ingrassia
  12. “Fratino” Directed by Stanley Sievers (Chicago, IL)
  13. "Full House Rap" Directed by Ali Alkhafaji (Austin, TX)
  14. @EffingWebSeries Directed by Alec Cohen
  15. “Get Staffed!” Directed by Pier van Tijn
  16. “Giraffe” Directed by Janne Schmidt
  17. “Grocery Store Action Movie” Directed by Matthew Campbell (Vancouver, Canada)
  18. Groundhog Day For a Black Man” Directed by Cynthia Kao
  19. “Hit” Directed by Katie Cheline
  20. “Honor Council” Directed by Scott Simonsen
  21. “How to Get Girls” Directed by Omri Doriani and Zach Fox (Philadelphia, PA) - Watch the Trailer
  22. “I Killed Them Both” Directed by Stanley Sievers
  23. “Ingenue-ish” Directed by John Stamos
  24. “Jihadi Street” Directed by Yulia Fomenko
  25. “Knife Fight” Directed by Miguel J. Soliman
  26. “Lenses” Directed by Becca Roth & Laura Goehrke (Brooklyn, NY)
  27. “Message in a Bottle” Directed by Alex Staggs (Los Angeles, CA)
  28. “Morning After” Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch (London, UK) - Watch the Trailer
  29. “My Delivery Guy” Meghan Weinstein, Roger Lieu (Los Angeles, CA) - Watch the Trailer
  30. “NAMCAR Night Race” Directed by Lance Khazei - Watch the Trailer
  31. “New Roommate” Directed by Victor Yerrid - Watch the Trailer
  32. “obSETHed: Memorial Day” Directed by Zack Matzganis
  33. “Oh Baby” Directed by Rory Rooney
  34. "Off Book" Directed by Directed by Robert Bruce Carter
  35. “Ouija Sex” Directed by Mondo Ghulam (United Kingdom)
  36. “Pick A Hostage” Directed by Dino Castelli (Long Island, New York)
  37. “Pineapple Love” Directed by Jonny Havey (Colorado)
  38. “Prepared” Directed by Elizabeth Eckert-Ross & T Scott Ross
  39. “RJ Gets a Booty Call” Directed by David Hoff (Santa Monica, CA)
  40. “Roger” Directed by Brendan Cleaves
  41. “Sarah Chong Is Going To Kill Herself” Directed by Ella Jones (London, England) - Watch the Trailer
  42. “Sleep” Directed by James Templeton
  43. “Smooth Talk” Directed by Zachary Isenberg
  44. “Språkfrågan” Directed by Niklas Lindgren (Helsinki, Finland)
  45. “Summer Camp” Directed by Shaleah Wagner
  46. “The Artist” Directed by Neal E. Fischer
  47. “The Ballboy” Directed by Shannon O'Hara
  48. “The Living Statue” Directed by Ana de Lara (Vancouver, CA)
  49. “The Love Suckers” Directed by Jim Politano - Watch the Trailer
  50. “The Olympians” Directed by Jeffrey Tomaszewski (Portland, CT)
  51. “The World's First Twurkey!” Directed by Joel Erkkinen
  52. “Trash Day” Directed by Kurt Schneider & Keenan Wetzel
  53. “You're Alive” Directed by W. Alex Reeves


Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Award Winners

  1. Best Animated Comedy Film - The Olympians, Directed by Jeffrey Tomaszewski (Connecticut)
  2. Best Actor - Seth Coltan in "obSETHed: Memorial Day" (California)
  3. Best Actress - Frankie Ingrassia in "Flipped the Script" (Los Angeles, CA)
  4. Best Cinematography - Yash Khanna, Cinematographer for "How to Get Girls" (Philadelphia, PA)
  5. Best Comedy Short Screenplay - GCC Strong Written by Keegan Moore (Fort Worth, TX)
  6. Best Dark Comedy Film - Jihadi Street, Directed by Yulia Fomenko (New York, NY)
  7. Best Director - Cynthia Kao for Groundhog Day For a Black Man (Los Angeles, CA)
  8. Best Editing - Alan Wagner and Lance Khazei for "NAMCAR Night race" (Los Angeles, CA)
  9. Best Ensemble Cast - Honor Council, Directed by Scott Simonsen (Los Angeles, CA)
  10. Best Feature Film - How to Get Girls" Directed by Zach Fox and Omri Doriani (Philadelphia, PA)
  11. Best Feature Film Screenplay - American Hero Written by Mikhael Bassilli (Los Angeles, CA)
  12. Best Micro Short Film Award - Groundhog Day For a Black Man, Directed by Cynthia Kao (Los Angeles, CA)
  13. Best Mockumentary Film - The Ballboy, Directed by Shannon O'Hara (Los Angeles, CA)
  14. Best Music Video  - Prepared (preparing for audition season) Directed by Elizabeth Eckert-Ross & T Scott Ross
  15. Best Oregon Film - Deep in the Artist (Portland, OR)
  16. Best Original Music - Cameron Washington in "Five Star Service" (San Francisco, CA)
  17. Best Short Film - Pineapple Love, Directed by Jonny Havey (Colorado)
  18. Best Supporting Actor - Peter Carlone in "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Vancouver, Canada)
  19. Best Supporting Actress - Jess Gabor in "Honor Council" (Los Angeles, CA)
  20. Most Original Concept - Drive-Thru, Directed by John Jennings (Chicago, IL)
  21. Single Funniest Moment - Get Staffed! (United Kingdom) 


Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Award Finalists

"Best Supporting Actress" Award Nominations

1) Jeanna Gallagher in "Doomsday Ready"
2) Sonya Eddy in "OH BABY"
3) Isabella Laughland in " Sarah Chong is Going to Kill Herself"
4) Fran Patterson in "The Living Statue"
5) Jess Gabor in "Honor Council"


Portland Comedy Film Festival Official Screenplay Selections
  1. “Addicted to You” Written by Mike Cochnar
  2. “Admission Impossible” Written by Diane Uniman & Marla Cukor Camins
  3. "American Hero” Written by Mikhael Bassilli
  4. “Beasts Undiscovered” Written by Jeremy Dehn & Catherine Dale
  5. “Don Appetit!” Written by Jay Stamatisan Hedenberg
  6. “Dragslist” Written by Karen Tengwald
  7. “Jan Air” Written by Wendy Stetson
  8. “Love in Kilnerry” Written by Brian Hedenberg
  9. “Maybe Shower” Written by Lex Lybrand
  10. “Pageant Dad” Written by Liam Healy
  11. “Pyramid Scheme” Written by Diane Uniman
  12. “Red Ink on Steel” Written by Jim Thibault
  13. “Stacey” Written by Steve Hanisch
  14. “Stupid Girls” Written by Dustin Boland
  15. “The Bold Testament” Written by Jason Petrovitch
  16. “The Brothers Pornovsky” Written by David Bertoni
  17. “The Mayor” Written by D.G. Stern
  18. “VietCom” Written by Steve Hanisch
  19. “Anatomically Modern Human for President” Written by Amanda Martinez (New York, NY)
  20. “Designated Father” Written by Wali Mbekeani
  21. “Fetish” Written by Ian Wilson & Danny Malin (Canada)
  22. “GCC Strong” Written by Keegan Moore
  23. “On-Set Upgrade” Written by Dean Qureshi (Canada)
  24. “Paper Sunday” Written by Rachel Napolitano (Columbia, SC)
  25. “Perceptions” Written by Ian Wilson
  26. “Pickled Red Herring” Written by Jim Norman (Weaverville, NC and Plantation FL)
  27. “The New Girlfriend” Written by David Samuels (New York, NY)
  28. “The Romantic Scene” Written by Jagan Badvel (Parsippany, NJ)
  29. “We're Bros. Right?” Written by David Samuels (New York, NY)
  30. “Witch Hunter” Written by Ryan Somohano (Los Angeles, CA)
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