Portland Comedy Film Festival Summer 2021

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the film on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Portland Comedy Film Festival Summer 2021 competition. The event was a huge success with over 300 attendees in 4 days. Most of the films that screened have never screened live in the United States. We also had our live screenplay reading (LINK) featuring the Best Comedy Teleplay Award Winner "Frenemies" Written by Serena McIntire. The Sunshine Mill Winery And Drive-Up Theater once again hosted a great event for us.


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Summer 2021 Award Winners


  • Best Actor: Marc Sudac "The Other Wayne"
  • Best Actress: Tara Erickson "Prime Of Your Life"
  • Best Animated Film "Parent Like No One Is Watching" Directed by Grey Delisle Griffin (California)
  • Best Cinematography "Killing Evan" Directed by Taylor Landesman (New York)
  • Best Comedy Feature Screenplay "Thanks For the Memories" Written by Jackie Macgirvin (Missouri)
  • Best Comedy Film "Yellow" Directed by Brian Barnes and Matthew Merenda (California)
  • Best Comedy Micro Film "Atypical Morning, Directed by Navik Nanubhai" (Washington)
  • Best Comedy Short Screenplay "AIM!" Written by John Piotrowski (Illinois)
  • Best Comedy Teleplay "Frenemies" Written by Serena McIntire (Washington)
  • Best Dark Comedy Film "Remisivir" Directed by Bobby Barbacioru (Romania)
  • Best Dark Comedy Micro Film "Wet Mouth, Directed by Duncan Dickerson (Washington)
  • Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay "Little Starlets" Written by Yasmeen Albrahim (California)
  • Best Dark Comedy Teleplay "Pax Americana" Written by Tom Fox (California)
  • Best Director "Best Self" Directed by Alexis Wojcio (Washington)
  • Best Editing "How Not To Get Away With Murder, Directed by Tom Walsh" (New York)
  • Best Ensemble Cast "Park Day" Directed by Jenna D'Angelo (New York)
  • Best Horror Comedy Feature Screenplay "Alien Cheek Busters" Written by Craig Argo (California)
  • Best Horror Comedy Film "Do monsters eat kiwi?" Directed by Paweł Podolski (Poland)
  • Best Horror Comedy Micro Film "Desert Like a Witch" Directed by GG Hawkins and Arielle (California)
  • Best International Director "And Don't Forget to Subscribe" Directed by Jake Nielsen (Australia)
  • Best International Feature Screenplay "Murder Included, Written by James Oliver" (United Kingdom)
  • Best International Film "Trial by Combat" Directed by Daniel Wolf (Germany)
  • Best International Short Screenplay "What About Bianca?" Written by Toph Whitmore (Canada)
  • Best Mockumentary Film "BROASIS - A film about a Band" Directed by Louis Djalili (England)
  • Best Mockumentary Micro Film Festival "Farewell Mr. Baker" Directed by Kathryn Schott (California)
  • Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay "Comeback In Vienna" Written by Marc Baron and Richard Wolf (New York)
  • Best Romantic Comedy Film "Double Exposure, Directed by Daryl Getman" (New York)
  • Best Romantic Comedy Micro Film "Breaking Up With Corona, Directed by Grant Busé" (Australia)
  • Best Romantic Comedy Short Screenplay "Delayed" Written by Stanley Eisenhammer (Illinois)
  • Best TV Episode "Suddenly Single in the Suburbs, Directed by Denise Parella and Eric Francis Melaragni (Pennsylvania)
  • Best Web Series Episode "One Brick Shy: Episode 1 "Randy", Directed by CeCe O'Neill (Missouri)
  • Best Web Series Micro Episode "The Mick Chronicles" Directed by Roger Aylward (Ireland/Connecticut)
  • Funniest Music Video "LMPIP - A Father's Odyssey" Directed by Ryan O'Connell (Arizona)
  • Most Original Concept "LOLI" Directed by Fernanda Tapia (California)


Portland Comedy Film Festival Award Certificates (Winners & Finalists) Logo, Laurels & Event Photos - Link To Google Drive -


Summer 2021 Award Nominations


Best Actor Award Finalists

  • Joe Glad in "Deadweight" Directed by Jason B. Skipper and Bryan Scheele (Oregon)
  • Mar Sudac in "The Other Wayne" Directed by John-Paul Nickel (California) - Winner!
  • Mo McRae in "Rock A Bye Baby" Directed by Monique Sorgen (California)
  • Ryan Webb in "Night of the Karens" Directed by Ryan Webb (Oregon)
  • Zachary Krueger "The Printer" Directed by Zachary Krueger


Best Actress Award Finalists

  • Christina Marie Leonard in "The Ex" Directed by Neil D'Monte (California)
  • Kerry Stauffer in "Fraternalings" Directed by Liam Parry (California)
  • Nikki Estridge in "Don't Make it Awkward" Directed by Nikki Estridge (Tennessee)
  • Tara Erickson in "Prime of Your Life" Directed by Craig Tovey (California) - Winner!
  • Vivien Benitez in "Sky Dancers Grown Up" Directed by Ra Dreyfus (California)


Best Animated Film Award Finalists

  • Deluxe Motion, Directed by Mathieu Handfield (Canada) - Winner!
  • Parent Like No One Is Watching, Directed by Grey Delisle Griffin (California)


Best Animated Film Micro Award Finalists

  • Dr. Pig, Directed by Joe Heinen (Oregon)
  • Head in the Clouds, Directed by Matt Bissett-Johnson (Australia)
  • The Shut-in, Directed by Eric Lieu, Maxine Curva and Jira Udomsri (Australia) - Winner!
  • Something Lake, Directed by Jesse Cote (Canada)
  • The Barking Lot, Directed by Debi Bradshaw and Sean Bradshaw (California)


Best Cinematography Award Finalists


Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Bad Rock Star: The Adventures Of Jimey Zainer, Written by JJ Oz (California)
  • Mid Lakes, Written by Kirt Kelby Barrett (Washington)
  • Revenge on MDI, Written by Paul Gordon (Colorado)
  • Shane and Ivy - We're Eloping to Vegas, Written by Sandra Gregory (Arizona)
  • Thanks For the Memories, Written by Jackie Macgirvin (Missouri) - Winner!


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Snake Oil, Directed by Remy Archer (United Kingdom/California/Nevada)
  • Summer, Directed by Anna Belmonte and Nick Czerula (New
  • Hampshire)
  • Super Bois, Directed by Jon Mancinetti (California)
  • The Hit, Directed by Jason A. White (California)
  • Yellow, Directed by Brian Barnes and Matthew Merenda (California) - Winner!


Best Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Atypical Morning, Directed by Navik Nanubhai (Washington) - Winner!
  • Burgled, Directed by Gedaly Guberek and Reuben Guberek (California)
  • M.A.F.I.A., Directed by Frances Chang (Georgia)
  • Pit Stop, Directed by Cody Lee Brown (Minnesota)
  • The White Bag, Directed by Allen Bronstein (California)


Best Comedy Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • AIM! Written by John Piotrowski (Illinois) - Winner!
  • Argie Berman, Written by Suzy Stein and Fernando Perez (Arizona)
  • Page Nine, Written by Henry S Brown, Jr. (Washington)
  • The Blue Project, Written by Sean Chell (Texas)
  • The Morning After, Written by Oona Helena Koivula (United Kingdom)



Best Comedy Teleplay Award Finalists

  • Back in Business, Written by Jim Norman (Florida)
  • Frenemies, Written by Serena McIntire (Washington) - Winner!
  • Losing the Plot, Written by Nicola Morris and Rupert Bogarde (United Kingdom)
  • Ms. Behaving, Written by Nicole Lenart (New York)
  • What's Your Sign? Written by Isobel Bradbury (California)


Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • And No One Mourned, Written by Ky Rogers (South Dakota)
  • Lily of the Valley, Written by Isaiah Mouw and Mark Botts (Texas)
  • Review, Written by Jonathan Zarantonello (California)
  • The Evening, Written by Alan Harrington (Canada) - Winner!
  • You're Killing Me, Written by Johnny Bragg (North Carolina)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Bits and Pieces, Directed by Lindsay Stidham (California)
  • Flush Lou, Directed by Madison Stewart Leonard (California)
  • Illegal Cigarette Commercials, Directed by Tom Tom (New York)
  • Purgatory, Directed by Nadyja von Ebers (California)
  • Remisivir, Directed by Bobby Barbacioru (Romania) - Winner!


Best Dark Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • 180 Seconds, Directed by Perry Strong (New York)
  • Door to Door, Directed by Tom von Dohlen (Georgia)
  • In Plane English, Directed by Brian Plonka (Oregon)
  • Interview, Directed by Rob Pugliese (California)
  • Wet Mouth, Directed by Duncan Dickerson (United States) - Winner!


Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Earth 2020, Written by Diana Lee Woody (California)
  • Everybody Dies in the End, Written by Toph Whitmore (Canada)
  • Family Dinner, Written by Hannah Aslesen (Georgia)
  • Hard As It Gets, Written by Darren Haskins (Nevada)
  • Little Starlets, Written by Yasmeen Albrahim (California). - Winner!


Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Award Finalists

  • Little Poison, Written by Chad Solomon (Tennessee)
  • Gospel According to Admin, Written by Grace Fetterman (California)
  • Pax Americana, Written by Tom Fox (California) - Winner!
  • Saving Skies, Written by Stephanie Pellicane (Virginia)
  • VoiDead, Written by Karina Kalaydzhyan (California)


Best Director Award Finalists

  • Best Self, Directed by Alexis Wojcio (Washington) - Winner!
  • Mambo Italiano, Directed by Ralph Odierna (United States)
  • Present Company, Directed by Tara O'Sullivan and Conor O'Sullivan (Virginia)
  • Tempted, Directed by Stanton Stephens (Washington)
  • Two Detectives, Directed by Joe Bowden (Oregon)


Best Editing Award Finalists

  • Brass Ring, Directed by Zachary Ross (Illinois)
  • F News, Directed by Wendy Pennington (United States)
  • How Not To Get Away With Murder, Directed by Tom Walsh (New York) - Winner!
  • Pleasant Valley Drive In, Directed by Brian Zahm (Illinois)
  • The Leak, Directed by Adam Meilech (Arizona)


Best Ensemble Cast Award Finalists

  • 20 Red Balloons, Directed by Sarah Howard (California)
  • Art Appreciation, Directed by Frances Chang (Georgia)
  • Kaiba The Kidd, Directed by Ben Morris (Missouri)
  • How's Your Day?, Directed by Lizzy Rudakas and Clark Pavlik (Illinois)
  • Park Day, Directed by Jenna D'Angelo (New York) - Winner!


Best Horror Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Alien Cheek Busters, Written by Craig Argo (California) - Winner!
  • BFFs Never Say Die, Written by K. Jennifer Ilagan (Connecticut)
  • The Moron, Written by Kevin J. Howard (Washington)
  • Total Hack, Written by Caleb McDonald (New Jersey)
  • Vermin, Written by Chris Warner (Connecticut)


Best Horror Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Do monsters eat kiwi?, Directed by Paweł Podolski (Poland) - Winner!
  • Kalley's Last Review, Directed by Julia Bailey Johnson (California)
  • Night of the Living Date, Directed by Nicholas Coker (Alabama)
  • The Occult Son, Directed by Patrick Murphy (California)
  • Night of the Karens, Directed by Ryan Webb (Oregon)


Best Horror Comedy Micro Film Award Finalists

  • Desert Like a Witch, Directed by GG Hawkins and Arielle (California) - Winner!
  • Office Buddies, Directed by Coley Campany (Georgia)
  • Operation: WhiteBoy, Directed by Kasey Weldon-Salas (California)
  • Skateblood, Directed by Maxime Laurin (Canada)
  • The Monster, Directed by Dan Sinclair (California)


Best International Director Award Finalists

  • A Handful of Toenails, Directed by Tristan Winter (Australia)
  • And Don't Forget to Subscribe, Directed by Jake Nielsen (Australia) - Winner!
  • Bogart, Directed by Sam Ely (France)
  • Rent do, Directed by Gavin Michael Booth (Canada)
  • Sugar Crash, Directed by Liat Glik (Israel)


Best International Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • A Cozy Little Town, Written by Edward Hicklin (Canada)
  • Carmen Leaves Michigan!, Written by DeAntre Henderson (United States)
  • Murder Included, Written by James Oliver (United Kingdom) - Winner!
  • Oscar's Group Home, Written by isaac Ballesteros Barba (México)
  • The Imbalance, Written by Naomi Lisner (Australia)


Best International Film Award Finalists

  • Planet Nature World: Muskoka, Directed by Josef Beeby (Canada)
  • Trial by Combat, Directed by Daniel Wolf (Germany) - Winner!
  • The Ball of Light, Directed by Nick von Schlippe (United Kingdom)
  • Under Pressure, Directed by David Labrecque (Canada)
  • White Noises, Directed by Thomas Soulignac (France)


Best International Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Emergency Exit: A Utopia spec script, Written by Shane Walsh-Smith (Australia)
  • The Pink Pig, Written by Euan Mitchell (Australia)
  • Trial by Combat, Written by Elliot Newton (Germany)
  • What About Bianca? Written by Toph Whitmore (Canada) - Winner!


Best Mockumentary Film Award Finalists


Best Mockumentary Micro Film Award Finalists

  • All The Laughs Comedy Awards, Directed by Chris Barnes (United States)
  • Behind the Banjos, Directed by Shannon DeVido (Pennsylvania)
  • Farewell Mr. Baker, Directed by Kathryn Schott (California) - Winner!
  • Happy Birthday, Carol, Directed by Sean Abplanalp (Oregon)
  • Pro PG, Directed by Cameron J. Kidd (Canada)


Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Beyond the Wild Blue Yonder, Written by John Rischmiller (Minnesota)
  • Exes And Ohs, Written by Isobel Bradbury and Isabella Vergun (California)
  • Comeback in Vienna, Written by Marc Baron and Richard Wolf (New York) - Winner!
  • Silly Willy, Written by Magda Pazdej (United Kingdom)
  • The Sidekick Rules, Written by Chris Warner (Connecticut)



Best Romantic Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Double Exposure, Directed by Daryl Getman (New York) - Winner!
  • Finding Mr. Right, Directed by Elizabeth Jane Findley (Idaho)
  • Nothing's Original, Directed by Dani Barker (Canada)
  • Plenty of Fish, Directed by Joel Santner (United States)
  • The Dump, Directed by Neil Holland (California)


Best Romantic Comedy Micro Film Award

  • Braces, Directed by Jason Rosenblatt (Oregon)
  • Breaking Up With Corona, Directed by Grant Busé (Australia) - Winner!
  • Come on, Shake Your Body Baby, Do the Conga!, Directed by Tom Hipp (Kansas)
  • Pandemic Episodes, Directed by NaTonia Monét (New York)
  • Swiped, Directed by Edward J Douglas (Canada/Germany)


Best Romantic Comedy Short Screenplay Award Finalists

  • Delayed, Written by Stanley Eisenhammer (Illinois) - Winner!
  • Ex Cops, Written by Toph Whitmore (Canada)
  • Fig Jam, Written by Frank J. Avella (New Jersey)
  • Margot & Henry, Written by Anthony Santino (New York)
  • Pretty Piranha, Written by Tom Bragg (New York)


Best TV Episode Award Finalists

  • Grinding Doubt, Directed by Alexandra Ann Spieth (Pennsylvania)
  • Hot Snacks - Pilot, Directed by Anna Mae Gordon and M. Louis Gordon (New Jersey/New York)
  • Pretty Metal, Directed by Mikhail Tot (Ohio)
  • Saint of Lost Causes, Directed by Alex Zauner (California)
  • Suddenly Single in the Suburbs, Directed by Denise Parella and Eric
    Francis Melaragni (Pennsylvania) - Winner!


Best Web Series Episode Award Finalists


Best Web Series Micro Episode Award Finalists


Funniest Music Video Award Finalists

  • Follow Back Girl, Directed by Matthew Schwartz (United States)
  • Hot Flush - Big Hair, Directed by Erling 'Duke' Gronhaug (Australia)
  • LMPIP - A Father's Odyssey, Directed by Ryan O'Connell (Arizona) - Winner!
  • My Man in Red, Directed by Michael Carpenter (Australia)
  • Tucker's Song, Directed by Will Bricca, Alec Rosinski, Jacob Rosinski and Nate Schreyer (Pennsylvania)


Most Original Concept Award Finalists

  • Daisy & Daddy, Directed by Philip Asta (California)
  • Instagram Psychic, Directed by Matthew Teister and Alexa Jaeger (Illinois)
  • LOLI, Directed by Fernanda Tapia (California) - Winner!
  • My Addiction, Directed by Daniel Wilson (Maryland)
  • speaking. Directed by Nich Esposito (California)


Portland Comedy Film Festival Award Certificates (Winners & Finalists) Logo, Laurels & Event Photos - Link To Google Drive -


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Summer 2021 Official Film And Screenplay Selections

The following films, videos, screenplays and teleplays represent the top 30% rated by the judges, regardless of individual category.

  1. A Boat Time, Directed by Jim Ford (New Jersey)
  2. A Fistful of Coins, Directed by Chico Noras (Portugal)
  3. All Shook Up, Directed by Matthew Ramsaur (North Carolina)
  4. An Adjustment, Directed by Andrew Bourne (Florida)
  5. Animal Work, Directed by Zak Marrinan (Australia)
  6. Bag Your Face, Directed by Keith Eyrich (Vermont/Pennsylvania)
  7. Ball Deep, Directed by Patrick Cassir (France)
  8. Best Friend Parody, Directed by Kaili Y. Turner (United States)
  9. Betty & Teddy, Directed by Kendra Ann Sherrill and Adam Gaulke (Washington)
  10. Bits and Pieces, Directed by Lindsay Stidham (California)
  11. breatHHelmet Presents: "Oh, Los Angeles.", Directed by Matt Dean (California)
  12. Broad Appeal S2E2 Next Stop Toronto, Directed by Cory Gibson (Canada)
  13. Carpool, Directed by Elana Pisani (California)
  14. Chad, Directed by Benton Cockerell and Clinton Howard II (Texas)
  15. Changing Lanes, Directed by Carl Hansen (California)
  16. Chimpsters, Directed by David Bryan (United Kingdom)
  17. Clamps, Directed by Zachary T. Scott (Texas)
  18. Class, Directed by Enzo Cellucci and Ash McNair (New York)
  19. Clean My House, Directed by Ben Knibb (Australia)
  20. Close Shave, Directed by Michael Mercadante (New York)
  21. Colour Blind, Directed by Tai Hara (Australia)
  22. Consumer Burger, Directed by C. W. Johnson and Jr. (United States)
  23. Dad Lounge, Directed by Timothy Barry (California)
  24. Dead Girl, Directed by Lloyd Briggs (Texas)
  25. Deadman or (The Sudden Concern for a Eulogy), Directed by Matthew Quaid (California)
  26. Death Stone, Directed by Margina Sisson (California)
  27. DO NOT WATCH!, Directed by Jordan Wolfe (Arizona)
  28. Drama Mama, Directed by Simon Kienitz Kincade Emily Ann Zisko (Massachusetts)
  29. Duck World, Directed by Alex Grybauskas (California)
  30. Early Shift: The Remnant, Directed by Josh Lunetta (California)
  31. Fertile, Directed by Bianca Poletti (United States)
  32. Flush Lou, Directed by Madison Stewart Leonard (California)
  33. Friends Like These, Directed by Scott Pawley (California)
  34. Friendship in the Time of COVID, Directed by Jamie Aronson Tyus (Arizona)
  35. Gargantua vs. the Robot, Directed by Kevin Veatch (Washington)
  36. Harmonia Solid, Directed by Jake Hart (California)
  37. Help Wanted (Schitt's Creek), Written by Karina Kalaydzhyan (California)
  38. Hero, Directed by Jayson martin (Massachusetts)
  39. High Strung (The Dookie Incident), Directed by Taya Walter (Canada)
  40. Hookers, Video & Cheap Motels, Or: How To Save A Marriage, Written by David Bardos (California)
  41. Hot Flush - Legwarmers, Directed by Erling 'Duke' Gronhaug (Australia)
  42. How Does That Make You Feel?, Directed by Philip Clyde-Smith (United Kingdom)
  43. How to Make it in Hollywood: Our One Million Subscriber Special, Directed by Kyle Bart Reid (California)
  44. Hung, Directed by Andre Shahjanian and Nico Velez (California)
  45. Hungry, Directed by Laurel Brady (Canada)
  46. Illegal Cigarette Commercials, Directed by Tom Tom (New York)
  47. In Home Quarantine, Directed by Zoltán Janovics (Hungary)
  48. In My Head, Written by Abby Keller (Illinois)
  49. It's German Time, Directed by Sean Brady (New York)
  50. Just a Hunch, Directed by Tim Jim Lin (California)
  51. Killers Inc, Directed by Graham Peak (United Kingdom)
  52. Let's Make a Movie, Directed by Dave Farese and Stepen Vanderpool (California)
  53. Let's Talk About Farts, Directed by Greg Runnels (United States)
  54. Like Father, Like Son, Directed by Jeff Walsh (Texas)
  55. Loonatoona, Written by Shockadelic (Australia)
  56. Lost Keys, Directed by Peter Sapira (Massachusetts)
  57. Man Drops Dead, Directed by Jason Phillips (California)
  58. Master Bassist, Directed by Alexei Pacholuk (New Mexico)
  59. Message From the Future, Directed by Dano Johnson (New York/Texas)
  60. Mind Made Up, Directed by Julian Stern (California)
  61. Morning Joe, Directed by Jason Vigotsky (New York)
  62. Murder For Dummies, Directed by Meredith Red (California)
  63. My Dinner With Werner, Directed by Maverick Moore (Texas)
  64. My Third Eye, Written by Anna-Kristina Kolber and Benjamin Scott (New York)
  65. Name Calling, Directed by Dean Mathers (Australia)
  66. Nazi & The Jew | The Uber Ride, Created by Carlos Nath and Sean Brady (New York)
  67. No Hug Policy, Directed by W. Cody Nelson (Canada)
  68. Not That Famous, Directed by Maureen Maloney (Colorado)
  69. Once Upon a Time in a Spaghetti Western, Desperado Cowboy
  70. Shoot-’Em-Up Moving Picture Cinematic Feature Film, Written by Steve
    Hanisch (New Jersey)
  71. OPERATION - For Adults!, Directed by Becca Marcus and Kellan Breen (New York)
  72. Overcaterers Anonymous, Directed by Wayne Tunks (Australia)
  73. Paint Me If You Can, Written by Kenneth R Conner (New York)
  74. Parkour Is Easy, Directed by Andrea Ross (Canada)
  75. Perris Mueller's Life Off, Directed by Jay Wasley (Nevada)
  76. Pickleballs! - The Movie, Written by Daniel Edward Beeman (California)
  77. Preggnancy, Directed by Josef Maxwell (California)
  78. Purgatory, Directed by Nadyja von Ebers (California)
  79. Quick Fix, Directed by Alexandra Lemay (Canada)
  80. Real Laws in Real Places, Directed by Liz Samuel (New York/New Jersey)
  81. Remisivir, Directed by Bobby Barbacioru (Romania)
  82. #richieneedsawife, Directed by Rich Devaney (New York)
  83. Roman Pilgrim - The Tale of Wishful Creek, Directed by Anny Slater (Australia)
  84. Samurai Sword, Directed by Stanley Sievers (United States)
  85. Seven Dreams, Directed by Kira Bursky (Philadelphia)
  86. Shafted, Directed by Nicholas O'Brien (California)
  87. Sisters, Written by Sophie Pearl Spiers (California)
  88. SOMM, Directed by Joey Hamburger (Minnesota)
  89. Supply&Demand, Directed by Glenn A McBride Jr (New York)
  90. Taming Holden Caulfield, Written by Virginia Austin (Illinois)
  91. That Thing You Did, Directed by Stefan Kuchar (Canada)
  92. The Adventures of Kam & Adam: The Great Printer Fiasco, Directed by
    Katie Nahnsen (California)
  93. The Chickenator, Written by Max Lehman (New Jersey)
  94. The Conclave, Written by Edward Hicklin (Canada)
  95. The Cooking Challenge, Directed by Paul Longley and James Longley (United Kingdom)
  96. The Desperate Woman's Guide (to meeting a man) - Pilot, Written by Alexander Julian III (North Carolina)
  97. The Grown-Up Mermaid, Directed by Jason Eksuzian (California)
  98. The Main Guy & the Other Guys - P-A-R-T-Y-H-A-R-D-D-D, Directed by Erling 'Duke' Gronhaug (Australia)
  99. The Maroon Bomber, Directed by Joshua M. Thomas (California)
  100. The Path to Glory, Directed by Steve Banta (California)
  101. The Ritual, Directed by David Har'el and Diana Cabuto (California)
  102. Towel boy, Directed by Milton Ng (Canada)
  103. Trippin, Directed by Daniel Wilson (Maryland)
  104. Two Weeks Notice, Directed by Melanie Thompson (United States)
  105. Waiting for Gina, Directed by Victor Villar-Hauser (California)
  106. We Got Divorced, Directed by Natalie Metcalfe and Danny Nash (Canada)
  107. What We Do in the Shadows "Mummy's Curse", Written by Jessica
  108. Sproge and Andrew Sproge (California)
  109. What You Do Best, Directed by Richard Spitaletta (New York)
  110. Whiskey Ginger-Pilot Script, Written by Alan Kelly (New York)
  111. Wig, Directed by Malcolm Thorndike Nicholson (New York)
  112. Wipe, Written by Edward Hicklin (Canada)
  113. Wire Orgy, Directed by Taryn O'Connor (New York)
  114. Wytch Craft, Directed by Polly Pierce (Canada)
  115. You're Doing Great!, Written by Sharon Spell (New York/Mississippi)


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