Sex Bomb, Directed By Michael Gene Conti

By Mikel Fair


One Brave Man Must Step Forward

Sex Bomb, Directed by Michael Gene Conti (California) is a comedy film that has been selected by the  Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018 and Portland Comedy Film Festival Fall 2018. Synopsis "The blood starts pumping when a rough-neck SWAT team faces off against a ticking time bomb that only one of them has the "equipment" to defuse." This film has screened at the top comedy film festivals on the Film Festival Circuit worldwide.


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Director's Biography: Michael Gene Conti

Michael Gene Conti is a serious filmmaker who happens to make very silly videos. He grew up in West Haven, Connecticut and like so many before him, moved to Los Angeles and became a shameless multi-hyphenate. Prior to "Sex Bomb" Michael created and co-wrote the Hulu series "Spooked" with Felicia Day for Geek & Sundry and Bad Hat Harry. His writing has been featured on MTV and Funny or Die. His acting credits include the Ghost House Pictures web-series "Devil’s Trade”, the NBC pilot "Culdesac", “Prom Queen" from The CW and a slew of his friends well-intentioned passion projects. Michael also co-founded the sketch comedy troupe Cardboard Helmets and produced multiple shorts and stage shows. He’s currently studying at Groundlings and performing stand up comedy at The Comedy Store and other clubs around LA regularly.



Director's Statement: Michael Gene Conti

"Sex Bomb" began as an excuse to grow a ridiculous seventies mustache, but soon took on a life of its own and blossomed into one of those intense action movies we all loved of as kids... a gritty look at a rough-neck SWAT team who must put it all on the line to save the city they're sworn to protect... Oh, who are we kidding? We just thought it’d be funny to see a bunch of macho cops argue over which one of them has to stick their junk into a ticking time bomb. "Sex Bomb" was intended to be a delicious cocktail of comedy, sweaty action, dashing good looks, and varying penis sizes. We hope you enjoy it.



Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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