Suicide Prevention Documentary Film By Mia Mullarkey

By Mikel Fair



A Suicide Prevention Documentary Film

Throwline, is a suicide prevention documentary film directed by Mia Mullarkey. This film is from Ireland is a 2017 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Official Selection. Our judges feel that this film has excellent visuals and a creative musical score. Even more, Mia Mullarkey has captured the story of a group of ordinary citizens that have taken action to help prevent suicides in Kilkenny, Ireland. At the screening, our audience was inspired by this story and mesmerized by the personalities of these concerned citizens. Watch the trailer for this film, which has been very successful on the Film Festival Circuit about Suicide Prevention.



Synopsis: Throwline by Mia Mullarkey

"A group of taxi drivers in Kilkenny, Ireland, join together to form a suicide prevention group. Uniquely positioned to patrol the night, the drivers keep vigil over the city's streets and bridges and offer help to those who feel forlorn."

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Director's Statement: Mia Mullarkey

"Moved by how many people were being rescued, I embarked on filming Taxi Watch in action. To capture the driver's world at night we had a special car roof mount built to counteract the bumps of the road. Cameras were also attached to the bonnets and doors of cars to create an immersive visual experience. My main goal when creating the film was to reveal the deep kindness of the drivers involved in Taxi Watch."




Interview with Mia Mullarkey

Q1: First of all, why submit to the Oregon Documentary Film Festival? “Throwline is an independent documentary so I was looking for festivals which support this kind of work.”


Q2: Is there any special meaning to the title? “Throwline. The title refers to a line thrown into water to rescue someone from drowning. This has a concrete and a symbolic reference to the film in that they drivers keep throwlines in their cars for emergencies and they also offer a symbolic throwline to those in need.”




Q3: Furthermore, why did you choose to tell this particular story? “I love stories about people who are immensely compassionate. Hence, when I heard about Derek's work I called him straight away.”


Q4: How did you fund this film? “I financed the film myself and don't expect to recoup the costs. I felt it was an important story and just started working on it straight away.”




Q5: Finally, what kind of audience reaction are you getting to this film? “The best thing that has come out of this film is that people approach me and the taxi drivers. Certainly after watching it to tell us about their experiences of suicide. Whether it's personal mental health stories and also stories about the loss of a loved one. I am grateful that, the film allows people to open up and talk. Another great thing to come from the film is that people offer to support Taxi Watch. Above all, I can see that they are deeply moved by the work.”

Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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