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Withoutabox Shutting Down Operations October 30, 2019

Withoutabox Is Shutting Down?

Withoutabox has released a notice that they will be discontinuing their submissions service in October of 2019.  The exact notice reads as follows:

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FilmFreeway, Festhome And Withoutabox Promo Codes For Film Festival Submissions

Save 20% On Your Film Festival Submission Fees

Would you like to save 20% on your submission fees via Withoutabox or FilmFreeway? Our Film Festival Circuit partner events are offering a 20% Promo Code that you can use for an unlimited number of[...]

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Film Festival Circuit Submission Fees For Films And Screenplays

Our Film Festival Submission Rates

All of our film festival events will be adopting the new standardized rate card, based on time and page length. Currently, there are festivals listed, that have rates posted, that are lower than this. When[...]

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Judges Notes Now Available For Films And Screenplays

How Do I Get The Film Festival Judges Notes?

Are you a screenwriter or filmmaker that would like some notes from the judges after they have reviewed your submission? Good objective feedback is so important. That's why we are making this service[...]

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