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Oregon Scream Week Winter 2018 Event Recap

Oregon Scream Week 2018 Official Selections for Film

The twelve (12) judges of the Oregon Scream Week 2018 Horror Film Festival have announced 52 short film official selections that screened in Portland, Oregon on Friday and Saturday, February[...]

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Horror Film Thursdays 2018 Recap


What Is Horror Film Thursdays?

Horror Film Thursdays is a monthly horror film screening in Portland, Oregon. Feature films and short films in the Horror Film and Horror Comedy Film Genre have screened. This event started at the NW Cannabis[...]

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Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Fall 2018 Event Recap


What Is Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival?

Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival is a theatrical screening event in Portland for independent horror films. Oregon Scream Week: Horror Film Festival also recognizes exceptional[...]

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