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By Mikel Fair

We had an opportunity to catch up with Timothy Blackton. He is the Director of a fun independent short film entitled, "Techs." A refreshing and hilarious comedy on the Film Festival Circuit coming out of the Northwest USA. The first live screening is at Portland Comedy Film Festival Fall 2020 where it earned a Best Comedy Film Award Nomination.

Techs Tim Blackton SQ

Tagline: "Behind the Scene of the People Behind the Scene"

Director's Bio: "Timothy is a 1992 graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Stage Management. He has been working in the corporate theatre-a/v environment. Where he Produces, Directs and Manages Live Event/Productions for such clients as Nike, Cole Haan, KFC, Converse, North Face, Adidas & Freightliner among others. Outside of the all creative production fun, Timothy skis, golfs, hikes, and camps (all very NW). He is based in Portland, Oregon."

Director's Statement: "My goal is to encourage the audience (people choosing to be there) to have a good time (to laugh, smile, wince) because life outside is just hard enough. I want to give them a world that they would love to be part of. Something with honesty, wit, and humanism. With that, I am not above playing to the lowest common denominator. 'cause listen - we all put on our leather gear one hand cuff at a time."


Techs BTS 01

Interview with Timothy Blackton

Hi Timothy! Thanks for doing this interview! We absolutely loved TECHS and are incredibly excited for the premiere of it this weekend at the Portland Comedy Film Festival!

Q: What and/or who were your influences that led to you making this film?

A: "If given the option, I’m going to choose comedies over dramas. I grew up listening to Steve Martin, George Carlin comedy albums. Pretty offbeat for an eight year old kid. Which led to films like The Jerk, Sleeper, Airplane and Saturday Night Live on TV. I performed stand up for a few years back and have a deep respect for that medium and what it offers. Laughter. TECHS is influenced by filmmakers such as Christoper Guest, Judd Aptow, and Larry David."


Techs BTS 02

Q: The film sports a really well-developed script and some characters audiences may find relatable, especially if they’ve been in the characters’ position before. Was the film based on any real life experience at all?

A: "Absolutely. All of it. I worked in event AV for 20+ years. Crazy stuff happens. The goal with TECHS is that everything has a strong base in reality and actually happened (to varying degrees). This keeps it grounded and relatable."

Techs BTS 04

Q: How long from pre-production until the end of post-production did it take to complete the film?

A: "Too long (LOL). When you are begging, borrowing, and stealing to make a shoot happen on no budget it can take years. This took years. From the Facebook post that inspired the story to today….eight years."

Q: Do you have any fun or interesting stories about the making of this film? Maybe an experience on set?

A: "Being such a small crew with limited availability, the second chapter (Communication Breakdown) was shot on the hottest day in August 2017. Besides acting, directing, & producing, I was very self conscious of how much I was sweating and how does my shirt look?!? It’s little details sometimes. (LOL)"


Techs BTS 05

Q: What were your biggest challenges while making the film?

A: "Finding a good editor! That was the biggest struggle. I didn’t connect with Travis until very late in the process. What a relief, as he brought a wealth of talent to finish the project."

Q: Do you have any plans for future projects, and is there anything already in the pipeline coming soon?

A: "COVID’s make it challenging to shoot but I’m writing another comedy short (about marriage), prepping pitches, and in pre-production for a YouTube car reveal video. Lastly, contemplating making a feature. Something along the lines of Reservoir Dogs meets Waiting for Godot..."

Q: What is the one thing you hope audiences take away after watching TECHS?

A: "I come from the school of that life is hard enough. If an audience member spends time watching my content, I want them to relate to the characters, be entertained and bring a smile to their face."

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Q: We’re really excited to see what you do next! Is there anything you'd like to promote or anyone you'd like to give a shout out to?

A: "Me too! (LOL)  Nothing to promote but big ups, mad props, & huge thanks to a very talented cast and a really smart crew. And thank you Portland Comedy Film Festival for premiere and finalist status! Quite a nice boost at a needed time."

Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

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