Texas Short Film Festival April 2022

By Mikel Fair

This page is dedicated to the films and videos on the Film Festival Circuit that have been selected for the Texas Short Film Festival April 2022 competition.

Live screening event date: April 30, 2022

Location: Slab Cinema Arthouse at Blue Star Theater, 134 Blue Star, San Antonio, Texas 78204.

Submission Categories include:

Action, Animation, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Dark Drama, Documentary, Experimental, Relationship Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Horror Comedy, Mockumentary, Music Videos, Romantic Comedy and Science Fiction.

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April 2022 Official Selections And Award Finalists

Each of these films and videos rated in the top 30% of all submissions and have been named official selections by the judges. All films that are official selections will screen live at the event regardless of award nomination status.


Best Animated Film Award Finalists

  • Apology, Directed by MURAT C YAĞBASAN (Turkey)
  • Earth³, Directed by Antoine Morineau (France)
  • Object of Life, Directed by Jack James Parry (Australia)
  • Soul Office, Directed by Ryan Loughran (United Kingdom)
  • Thou Shalt Dance, Directed by Abtin Yaghmaian (Iran)


Best Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Dear Lady Joan, Directed by Jared B Callan (Tennessee)
  • Manly Men of the Mountains, Directed by David L. Anderson, Charles
    Cruz (Washington State)
  • Performance Improvement Plan, Directed by Caitlin Hollis (California)
  • The First Man, Directed by Nicholas Coker (Alabama)
  • Why I Love Cornhole, Directed by Nick Criscitello (New York)


Best Dark Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • A House Divided, Directed by Rob Goldman (Arizona)
  • Between Solitude and Loneliness, Directed by Brian Nestor (Virginia)
  • Holy Mary, Directed by Marco Zappala (California)
  • The birds, Directed by Giorgi Tkemaladze (New York)
  • Two Oranges & A Lemon, Directed by Allison Beda (California)


Best Documentary Film Award Finalists

  • Bleeding Through Taboo, Directed by Jen McAuliffe (New York)
  • Delayed But Never Denied: Juneteenth 2021 - Cleveland, Texas , Directed
    by Gordon Scott Williams (Texas)
  • FuturePhobia, Directed by Henry Dane (Massachusetts)
  • Larry Moon Boots, Directed by Luis Eduardo Villamizar (Florida)
  • Uncaught, Directed by Paul Kelly, Shabbir Ghadiali (New York)


Best Drama Film Award Finalists

  • Cabarrus, Directed by Andrew Huggins (North Carolina)
  • Entropy, Directed by Dan Chen (New Jersey)
  • Over & Over, Directed by Walter Temple (Arizona)
  • Saving Faith, Co-directed by Randy Messersmith (New Mexico) and Jordan P Jordan (Texas)
  • Vinnie's Voices, Directed by Marc Bowen Kornblatt (Wisconsin)


Best Experimental Film Award Finalists

  • Faustian Gamble, Directed by Thomas Moore (Tennessee)
  • Legacy, Directed by Pamela Falkenberg (Texas & Illinois)
  • Ocaso, Directed by Lorenzo Junyent (Argentina)
  • Teleportation, Directed by Cassio Tolpolar (Georgia)
  • The Fruitful, Directed by John Collins (Ireland)


Best Horror Comedy Film Award Finalists

  • Horror Anonymous, Directed by Jim Harkins (United States)
  • Killer Brownie!, Directed by Igna L. Vacas (Spain)
  • New Christmas Slasher Teaser, Directed by Destiny Soria (United States)
  • The Foot Fetisher, Directed by Randy Zuniga (Turkey)


Best Horror Film Award Finalists

  • Midnight Cinema Hour, Directed by Lana Winters (United States)
  • Ostinato, Directed by Julie Fergus (New York)
  • Red, Directed by Jacob A Perkins (Colorado)
  • The Hunted, Directed by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (Texas)
  • The Terrible Old Woman, Directed by Troy Wayne Fortenberry (Texas)


Best International Director Award Finalists

  • Among the People, Directed by Jody Cleaver (Australia)
  • Carlota, Directed by Malu Solís (México)
  • Drop, Directed by James Thomas Cockrell (Scotland)
  • Refuge, Directed by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)
  • The Return, Directed by Primera Fila Teatro (Spain)


Best International Film Award Finalists

  • Close-Up: Antiporno, Directed by Kang Le (Taiwan)
  • Earth Is Home, Directed by noomen noomen (Texas /Tunisia /Russia /Croatia /Iran)
  • The Farewell, Directed by Jimmy Castro (Venezuela)
  • The Idea, Directed by Emmanuel Alcalá, José Andrés Llanezas
  • Would Never Die, Directed by Shaun Hume (Australia)


Best Music Video Award Finalists

  • Bicycle (Not A Tricycle), Directed by Michael Brinzer (New York)
  • Najariyaa (The Vision), Directed by Abhishek Basu (india)
  • Sicak - The Lines On My Face, Directed by Eren Ozsan (Turkey)


Official Selections

  • A City of Rust, Directed by Omar El Araby (Switzerland)
  • Bears, Directed by Adam Miller (California)
  • Bern Notice - Miss Paloma, Directed by Aaron Brigman (Wisconsin)
  • Bootleg Beck and the Internet Pirates, Directed by Alec Castillo (Animated)
  • Coulrophobia, Directed by Nate Carroll (Missouri)
  • Dave Brakowski - Used Car Salesman: The Compendium, Directed by Richard Ramirez & Alan Freytag (Texas)
  • Devil's Lettuce, Directed by Joseph Russio (Pennsylvania)
  • Don't Fall Asleep, Directed by Elizabeth Jane Findley (Idaho)
  • Eat This, Directed by Eric Odland (California)
  • Everyone's a Critic, Directed by Amir Kadiev (New York)
  • Evie, Directed by Sandi Roberts (California)
  • Exchange, Directed by Barzan Rostami (Iran)
  • Gatico, Directed by José Guerrero (Chile)
  • Life is One-Shot, Directed by Hassan Mokhtari (Iran)
  • My Death Certificate, Directed by Rajith CR (India)
  • Roses, Directed by Raza Rizvi (California)
  • Sabla, Directed by Aashish Dubey (India)
  • Second Gen, Directed by Mike Madigan (Michigan)
  • Second Thoughts, Directed by Colin Dowse, Kaiden Thompson (California)
  • Snooze, Directed by Adam Collins (Ireland)
  • The Class Analysis, Directed by Webb Pickersgill (California)
  • The Confab, Directed by Paul Hartel (California)
  • The Dream Journey, Directed by Wen (Lisa) Dou (Florida)
  • The dream on the griptape, Directed by Lise Pautonnier (France)
  • The Gesture And The Word, Directed by Helen Alexis Yonov (California)
  • The Good Guys, Directed by Lisa Brenner (California)
  • The Kite, Directed by Martin Smatana (Slovensko)
  • The Rocker and the Puca, Directed by Trevor Courtney (Ireland)
  • The Sands of Time, Directed by James Hughes (United Kingdom)
  • The Souvenir, Directed by Bakhtiar Khalili (Kurdistan)
  • Vine, Directed by Robert Flowers (California)



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Mikel Fair

Mikel Fair

From 1999-2015 I worked on location in the television and film industry as a location sound mixer, production manager and field producer. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Today, I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, a US based company that manages international film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Our team is passionate about showcasing new independent films, videos, series episodes, screenplays and teleplays of all genres.

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