CROWDFUNDING: Fast Film Funding Formulas In COVID-19

The Demand For New Film Content Is Rising: During the COVID-19 recovery, film and television productions have virtually ceased. For the last few months, filmmakers have had more time to develop screenplays, budgets, pre-production strategies, business plans and network, like no other time in our history. Running a successful campaign to fund film production through crowdfunding has never been more important. That is why I reached out to one of the most successful crowdfunding filmmakers and entrepreneurs in our industry. Klaudia Kovacs also known as "The Crowdfunding Queen" is the real deal. I invited her to help give our filmmakers and screenwriters a better understanding of how successful film crowdfunding campaigns work. There will be a Live Q&A to give you personalized attention and answer additional questions you may have. Space is limited, so please take advantage of EARLY REGISTRATION to reserve your spot for this live webinar event on May 14, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm PST. All attendees will receive a .pdf after the event with a basic summary and other supporting information on this topic.

*If you are unable to attend on this specific date, the entire video will be available on-demand to those that register by Thursday May 14, 2020 at 11:30am PST*

During the webinar, you will find out industry secrets for Film Crowdfunding:

  • How To Run A Truly Successful Campaign With Ease.
  • How To Attract A Big Crowd To Support You With All The Money You Need.
  • How To Ask For Financial Backing With Zero Fear And Utmost Confidence.
  • How To Make An Effective Crowdfunding Video To Ignite Abundant Cash Flow
  • How To Lead Your Entire Process Like A Rock Star (Even If You've Never Done This Before)
  • How To Be A Marketing Mogul That People, Companies And Entire Communities Want To Support

Klaudia Kovacs The Crowdfunding Queen


Who Is Klaudia Kovacs?

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My name is Klaudia Kovacs also known as the THE CROWDFUNDING QUEEN. I  engineered and teach a leading "how-to" crowdfunding coaching program, FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS.

I was a struggling artist when I crowdfunded $1.7 million for my first movie, Torn from the Flag. This film participated in the Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary” category and has been presented to the United States Congress. I’ve been crowdfunding and showing others how to do it ever since and today I’m also a Film & Theater Director with 35 awards under my belt.

If you feel frustrated and/or hopeless because you don’t know where to find the money for your project, you’re in the right place! I will show you, through crowdfunding, how to locate your donors easily and produce abundant cash flow for your venture.

When I first moved to America I was making $5/hour and struggled for a decade while waiting for someone to give me an opportunity, but it never came. At one point I went from feeling completely disheartened to deciding to take matters into my own hands: I refused to stop until I crowdfunded $1.7 million for my first movie. That successful campaign finally made me a respected Hollywood Director and I’ve crowdfunded many other projects ever since!


Webinar Registration Dates and Rates

  • Webinar Event Date: Thursday May 14, 2020 @ 12:00pm - 1:30pm PST.
  • $50 Early Registration: Expires Tuesday May 12, 2020 @ 11:59pm PST
  • $55 Final Registration: Expires Thursday May 14, 2020 @ 11:30am PST
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This event has passed. All attendees will receive a .pdf after the event with a basic summary and other supporting information on this topic.


Mikel Fair


Webinar Sponsored By Mikel Fair And Film Festival Circuit, LLC

Mikel Fair, webinar sponsor is the founder of Mikel is a director of 8 film festivals in Oregon and Texas. Mikel is also the author of the ebook "Film Festival Submitter's Handbook," which offers tips and guidance for filmmakers package and prepare their creative work for submission on the Film Festival Circuit. The cost of attending this live webinar is $50 USD.

"During the COVID-19 recovery, demand for film and streaming content has continued to rise, but production has slowed. This has created an opportunity for independent filmmakers to get financing for their productions. This is what filmmakers have been asking me in the last few months."

  1. Creating a short film took a lot of resources, how do I find the resources to do a feature?
  2. Other than my personal bank account and debt, how do people get their feature films funded?
  3. I have investors that seem interested, but they won't write the check, what am I doing wrong?"
  4. I've heard that crowdfunding is "hit and miss" do you recommend doing that for independent film?

A future guest at our Film Festivals, will be industry professionals like Klaudia Kovacs. A person that has gone through the entire process, from words on a page to a full blown 1.7 million dollar documentary film budget. Thanks to crowdfunding. Use this event to gain valuable information that will help you build a strategy to fund your next film production." - Mikel Fair

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