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I Would Like To Contact Some Of The Filmmakers And Screenwriters From Your Festival. How Do I Do That?

I get this message almost every day from attendees, distributors and other filmmakers that have attended our Film Festivals. Usually, I forward them a public website or social media link from the FilmFreeway Submission Form that you fill out. We do not give out email addresses and phone numbers from our submitters. But guess what? A lot of submitters list websites with non-working URL's, Social Media profiles that they never check or nothing at all.  I recently wrote a short book, film festival website tips and advice for filmmakers that are submitting their creative work to the Film Festival Circuit. A small investment, goes a long way. Do yourself a favor. Download this book and avoid common mistakes that filmmakers make every day when submitting to Film Festivals. Strengthen your submission and get ahead of  thousands of filmmakers that are submitting their work on FilmFreeway. Below, is the first paragraph of Chapter 10.

30 Page eBook: Film Festival Submitter's Handbook by Mikel Fair (LINK)

Chapter 10: Your Film’s Website, Is Its History And Point Of Contact

"Does anyone care about film websites anymore? I was having a conversation with a friend and filmmaker in the Middle East recently. He has been a writer, director and producer in the film industry for at least 15 years. He has been associated with 35 different films, with a bunch of awards, nominations and selections. His films range from 3 minute short films to 120 minute feature films. I looked him up during our conversation and asked him “why don't you have a website, linking all of these amazing accomplishments?” He replied, “In my country, we don't make websites for films anymore. It is a waste of money.” I was stunned silent for a moment. He filled in, “But I have some links I can send you, others, uh, we have some tweets about films and I have a resume too, but IMDb lists only half of them, it is not reliable. I have a common name and there is some confusion. I will email you links and some .pdf files.” I didn't hear from the guy for a month." - Would you like to read more? Download the Film Festival Submitter's Handbook now!

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This eBook Is Out Now!

30 Page eBook: Film Festival Submitter's Handbook by Mikel Fair (LINK)

My name is Mikel Fair and I have written this 30 page ebook to help filmmakers strengthen their submission when submitting to Film Festivals. This guide is based on my experience, starting in 2008 as a Film Festival Director that has watched, rated and reviewed more than 5000+ submissions of all genres from over 100 countries. There are several mistakes that filmmakers are making on a daily basis that I can help you avoid. I explain in detail, about how the packaging and editing of your submission can have a direct effect on how many festivals that your film is accepted to. Priced under $10 US, I have made this book affordable for everyone and will email you any new versions that we release until January 2021. Please read the first chapter for free! ( LINK )

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