What Is The Georgia Documentary Film Festival?

The Georgia Documentary Film Festival is a theatrical screening event in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to screen independently produced documentary films from around the world at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema every year.


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Georgia Documentary Film Festival Submissions Are Now Open!

Are you a documentary filmmaker that is interesting in screening your film or docuseries in Atlanta, Georgia? We've made a commitment to screening the best documentary films from around the world. We are looking for excellent storytelling, compelling interviews, fresh topics, good production value and stories that will keep our audience engaged. We screen our films at the best theater in the city of Atlanta, Landmark Midtown Art Cinema on a Sunday, so that it's easier for our filmmakers to travel. In our second year, we are accepting films that are between 1-30 minutes in length including credits in order to give as many filmmakers opportunities to screen as possible. Please visit our FilmFreeway page listing for more information about our categories and submission rates.  

Georgia Documentary Film Festival Tickets


Georgia Documentary Film Festival 2018 Official Selections

Please join us on Sunday October 14, 2018. Tickets are available for the Georgia Documentary Film Festival 2018 screening event. This is an opportunity to see 20 of the most interesting documentary films on the film festival circuit. Join us for Q&A and meet several of the filmmakers that are traveling to Atlanta for the event.

  1. "#FAFATL" Directed by Sean Osorio (Georgia)
  2. "9546 km." Directed by Sergio García Locatelli (Peru)
  3. "A Battle We Can't Afford to Lose - Breast Cancer" Directed by Shihyun Wang & Der Bao Chen (Taiwan)
  4. "Alex" Directed by Larissa Loeffler (Georgia)
  5. "Beyond The Wall" Directed by Jay Root & Todd Wiseman (Texas)
  6. "Brothers" Directed by Randy Kerr (Washington)
  7. "Disaster Man" Directed by Laura P. Valtorta (South Carolina)
  8. "Fate of the Mustang" Directed by Hyatt Mamoun (Georgia)
  9. "Find Fix Finish" Directed by Mila Zhluktenko & Sylvain Cruiziat (Germany)
  10. "JACOB | A Stream of Youth and Talent" Directed by Justin Dobson (Georgia)
  11. "Just My Cup of Tea" Directed by Jade Fovargue (United Kingdom)
  12. "Keep Looking Up" Directed by Christopher Anagnostopoulos (Greece)
  13. "M.V. Superficial, A Few Things About Murphy Village, South Carolina, USA" Directed by Elisabeth Blanchet & Francois Moura (France)
  14. "Sharp" Directed by Diana Gorin (Georgia)
  15. "Tailor" Directed by Calí dos Anjos (Brazil)
  16. "The Garden Girls" Directed by Chris Lee Holloway (Georgia)
  17. "The Korean Farmer" Directed by Marshall Lee (Tennessee)
  18. "The Organic Part" Directed by Alessandro Padovani (Italy)
  19. "Throwline" Directed by Mia Mullarkey (Ireland)


Festival Director: Caroline King

 Hi, I'm Caroline King, Director of the Georgia Documentary Film Festival 2018 event. In our first year, we received an amazing 185 documentary film submissions. There were so many films with great stories, interesting people and historical research that we received. We are excited about the 20 films that we will be screening on Sunday October 14, 2018 and hope that you will have time to join us. Please watch the trailers below to get an idea of the films screening.

Caroline King Bio:

Caroline King was born and raised in the south graduating from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts majoring in Musical Theatre in 2006. Shortly after she moved to Chicago, IL where she learned and performed improv and sketch comedy at iO, Second City, Comedy Sports and Annoyance comedy theaters. She has been based in Atlanta, GA since 2015 when she discovered her love for writing, acting, podcasting and film making. She is the creator of Bitch Beer Podcast, a podcast that interviews people in the beer industry and spreads the word of craft beer to beer lovers at all levels of knowledge. Caroline is also the creator of "Church Wives" an award winning mockumentary about women in Southern church society. Touring the film festival circuit with her own film made her realize how much she loved the experience that film festivals have to offer and decided to join the team to help spread the love that she felt at every festival she attended with her own film. Her goal is to make Atlanta, GA a prime location for film makers around the world to showcase their films and screen plays. We have such a wonderful and constantly growing community of film makers and she knows that attracting film makers from all over the world is only going to make it stronger. Caroline King is also the director of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, the Georgia Shorts Film Festival and Horror Films In Hotlanta.

 "#FAFATL" Film Trailer 

"Beyond The Wall" Film Trailer 

"M.V. Superficial, a few things about Murphy Village, South Carolina, USA" Film Trailer 

"Fate Of The Mustang" Film Trailer 

"Tailor" Film Trailer 

"The Garden Girls" Film Trailer 

"Throwline" Film Trailer